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Thread: The Evidence on ABC

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    The Evidence on ABC

    I couldn't find a thread for this so I thought I'd start it. Did anyone catch the premiere tonight? Not bad. So good to see RE in something again. It was actually very intriguing. Like any good mystery, just when you think you have it all figured out, they threw something else into the mix. RE and OJ make a great team!!! I hope this show lasts for a long time.
    All in all, I really enjoyed it. 'Course I always enjoy seeing RE in something. He did a great job portraying a cop in Silk Stalkings and it seems like he's doing a great job playing a cop again. He was born to play a cop.
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    Yeah, I really like Rob Estes and Orlando Jones. I wanted to see if I could solve the crime, but right after Lost the only thing in my brain is Lost. So I was only paying half attention to it. And I didn't have an extra VCR to tape it, a couple of mine are broken. I'll try to fix one by next week. Maybe the next time Lost goes into reruns I'll be able to pay proper attention to this show.

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    I had no intention of watching, but too lazy to switch channel did anyway.

    I won't be fretting about trying to out guess the detectives with the clues provided, the last pertinent clue of this episode would indicate everyone would probably be on the same page about the same moment (assuming they aren't preoccupied with descending into shock).

    If the show is prepared to handle one of the stars so roughly in its premiere, I feel bad for what they must plan on doing to the bad guys. Or maybe it wasn't so bad being slashed and having a finger severed, seeing as the cop with murdered wife spoke of picking his partnerup in the morning like he would be ready for action. Must be regenerative powers lurking in that San Francisco fog.

    I liked seeing them actually on the streets of San Francisco at times rather than just pretending that they are. That diner on the wharf appeared to be the same one 'Dirty Harry' got his black coffee with sugar, waaay too much sugar during the "Go ahead, make my day" robbery in that flick where Sondra Locke when on an vengefull kill spree.

    Visually the airshots and breakaways remind me of Boston Legal, Ally McBeal and the like. Not good, not bad, just commenting. The song incorporation thing is something I'm growing accustomed to, but I hope they don't have the same sound every week on this show. That last song made my fingers start itching for the remote I never use.

    I suppose the cop's murdered wife's case will be at least a sub-element of this program at least initially, but the end of the episode implied to me that if that gal cop that looked like she ought to be hawking shampoo with her hair hanging out like it did when she was leaning in comfy close hoping to get comfy closer while pretending interest in a case wants to pursue him as potential pillow pal he won't brush her off out of hand.

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    ok, so Orlando Jones' own finger was "evidence" in this case because the knife used to slash him was the same one used to cut the woman's throat. But GOD, did they have to cut off his finger? Couldn't they have compared the knife striations to the cuts in his abdomen. thanks to this episode I will never ever buy a compass ring (not that I was really looking for one in the first place). Yuck! I saw that piece of "evidence" and spent the whole rest of the episode waiting for him to get it hacked off. Why didn't they canvass the area and find the original knife. It's not like you really want to leave that lying around a busy intersection anyway. And the way "the finger - evidence" was presented made it sound like they weren't re-attaching it, that it was kept in a bag somewhere to be presented as Exhibit 12 for the prosecution. That must be some sharp and big knife to lop off a finger in such a quick struggle.

    everyone on this show has issues. RE is in love with a ghost, haunted that he couldn't solve his wife's murder. OJ has a brother in prison - I'm sure that will come back early and often. RE needs to sell that house and move somewhere else already, someplace without a detached garage that can be used as a murdered wife shrine.
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    A murdered wife CASE shrine.... I also too lazy to change channel... enjoyed it, enjoyed the repartee between the stars and their relationship, which seemed very good, and more "intimate" than you see on a lot of shows...they really know each other's secrets and know each other well. The crime solving clues thing I think didn't make a lot of sense....the clues get shown at the start, but only appear in context as the show goes along, so I"m not sure how you could solve the crime ahead of the cops as the ads implied. But a good cop show anyway. Not must see, but enjoyable.

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    I SO love listening to Dracula listing Evidence at the head of each show! (okay, I know Martin Landau never played Dracula, but his delivery SO had that vibe on this show. And he DID play Bela Lugosi in "Ed Wood")

    The show DOES seem to be a big old bag of cliches, contrivance and bad acting though.
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