THE CW Network

I haven't seen any thread regarding the WB and UPN merger. This could be fatal to some of our favorite shows and favorite personalities on both networks (i.e. newsreporters...)

What are your thought? It is destined to fail?
What show do you want to see.

My Point of view:

First i think changes are good and those 2 networks really needed a big shape up.
If i was an employee of either network, i will definetely be worried for my job, or be concerned of being re-located somewhere else.

As far as the shows, Well, since they are changing, cancel 90% of the shows and bring back new ones. You know if they do, they are dummed to fail because since the nineteen, all new creations haven't being that amazing, some were ok. It seems that this generation of thinkers isn't up to par as to their grandfathers and grandmothers.

What should stay for me:
1-Gilmore Girls (well we know this will stay for sure)
2- Smallville (it is going ok)
3- America next top model (I am not so sure, if it will last that long though)
4- Everybody hate chris (definetely a yes, very fresh show)-boy do i miss steve urkel
5-Girlfriends ( i feel the end Though)

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