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Thread: A Buffy-less Buffy? Have Faith

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    jill, they haven't happened yet. they will lead up to her reappearance on buffy this season.

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    Faith on Angel

    Faith appeared on Angel in season 1. She had been in Sunnydale and awoke from her coma to seek revenge on Buffy. She did a body-swap thing with Buffy, and when Buffy swapped back, she escaped to LA to give Angel a hard time. She did lots of bad things in LA, apparently in an attempt to anger Angel enough to kill her, because she did not wish to go on living the evil life she had been leading, complete with feelings of guilt. Angel convinced her that he cared what happened to her, and talked her into turning herself in to the police for the murder(s) she had committed. Angel even visited her in jail once, at the end of an episode. That was the last we'd seen of her. A new Faith-the-Vampire-Slayer Show would rock, but I have read that Eliza has a contract with Fox for a new pilot called "Heroine."

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