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Thread: What is your TV schedule?

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    Of course it changes often but my current list of appointment TV:

    Sun - Everwood Beginnings, American Dreams, Sopranos, Queer as Folk
    Mon - CBS comedies, CSI Miami
    Tues - Whoopie, According to Jim, NYPD Blue
    Wed - Soul Food
    Thur - ER
    Fri - George Lopez
    Sat - Brit Coms on PBS (Keeping up Appearanes, Vicar of Dibley, As Time Goes By)

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    Half the time, I forget what shows I wanted to watch and end up missing them, but my basic schedule is sort of simple:

    Sunday: Cold Case if it's not a repeat, Extreme Home Makeover if it's on and I remember and it doesn't interfere with anything else. Law & Order:CI got dropped from the schedule a month or so ago, I am officially and finally D'Onofrio'd out.

    Monday: Trauma on TLC unless it's a repeat, then usually TNT reruns of the original Law & Order. CSI:Miami got dropped because David Caruso got on my last nerve left over from D'Onofrio.

    Tuesday: the new Overhaulin' on TLC is the only thing I try to make sure I catch.

    Wednesday: nothing in particular, South Park at 9 when I remember.

    Thursday: SAS when I can stand it, then CSI and Without a Trace. This is the only night I really make plans to watch specific shows anymore.

    Friday: almost always just Comedy Central's Friday Night Standup lineup.

    Saturday: Cops on Fox, then used to be History International's crime lineup (but it got replaced), now MSNBC's Ultimate Explorer followed by the umpteenth repeats of their MSNBC Investigates series.

    Interspersed with those shows, I watch a lot of news talk shows, many of A&E's documentaries (Cold Case Files, American Justice, Airline, Family Plots, etc), stuff like Mythbusters on Discovery and Taboo on Nat'l. Geographic Explorer and then when I'm flipping channels, I end up watching HGTV and the TLC decorating shows.

    Whenever I get attached to a show, it gets cancelled, so I try not to watch too many dramas or network shows. I probably watch Fox News the most, then A&E, the History Channel, CourtTV, TLC, Discovery and then the networks.

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    Sunday - Alias, The Dead Zone (Whenever it returns )
    Monday - Real World/Road Rules Challange - The Inferno
    Tuesday - American Idol
    Wednesday - American Idol
    Thursday - ER
    Friday - Monk
    Saturday - Nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdobolina
    I'm with Fanatic....I watch WAAY too much TV. Yet I am still pretty damn productive! With TiVo that records 2 channels at once, I can at least eliminate commercials. Oh well, here's my schedule....
    Yes, I was almost embarrassed by how many shows I listed, but I do sit with the remote control and toggle back and forth between those that air at the same time. SOmtimes I will also knit, paint, or do my dishes...(my feeble attempt at not sounding so much like a brain-dead couch-potato)

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    I too have a rather large line up for the week.

    very systematic.

    but the most common shows are Will and Grace, Mad Mad house and American idol

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    right now..

    Sunday - Arrested Development, HBO movie sometimes
    Monday - Real World/Road Rules Challenge
    Tuesday - American Idol
    Wednesday - American Idol, King of Queens, South Park
    Thursday - Survivor, Without a Trace, MXC
    Friday - Best Week Ever on Vh1 if I remember
    Saturday - MadTV, sometimes a bit of SNL

    My favs are Survivor, Without a Trace, Arrested Development, and American Idol, - and MadTV on a good day.

    I have a habit of getting into shows that are destined to be canceled - past favs include The Mole 2 (first show in Fall 2001 to be yanked off I think, but it came back! but now it's canceled again), Push, Nevada (did ANYONE else watch this show? I think it may have been the first show canceled in the Fall of 2002. I hope it gets released on DVD some time because I still want to know what happened...), and the recently defunct Wonderfalls. This may mean bad news for Arrested Development

    and this summer Big Brother/The Amazing Race !
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    caught by the window MasterOfPuppets's Avatar
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    In a van down by the river!!!... watching the Canucks on my 3" TV
    Sunday - Simpsons, Trailer Park Boys, Ebert & Roeper

    monday - err... it used to be the O.C. but now they only show new eps on wednesday... but also Rick Mercer and Air Farce

    tuesday - AI, Law and Order SVU

    wednesday - I don't bother with the results show.. so just the OC

    thursday - Survivor

    friday - nothing

    saturday - Simpsons, SNL

    Hockey whenever it's on.... and usually MUCH while I'm on the computer

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    I'ii just stick to American shows otherwise very few people will know what I'm talking about.

    Favourite US shows

    American Idol
    Law and Order ..... all incarnations
    CSI ......... Las Vegas ( find CSI Miami's David Caruso quite creepy )
    Cold Case

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