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Thread: What is your TV schedule?

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    It does look dumb. Might be due to the fact that Utt is so NOT scary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDHeninger
    I do have to wonder - what is the big attraction of Jennifer Garner? She's pretty and all, but I don't get why (nearly) every man falls all over himself to watch Alias?
    Well, she is a hottie....but the show itself is friggen unbelievable. Great ensemble cast and story line.
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    I watch so much TV already, I don't dare start watching Alias, although I have heard such great things about it...

    Well, my absolute must-see program was Six Feet Under, but we're not getting any new eppys here in Canada and I haven't a clue if it's started yet in the U.S. *taps foot impatiently*

    And since our satellite went out I haven't been able to see the Sopranos either and Sex and the City is finished AI3 is so awful I can't be bothered with it.

    So I'm currently down to Law & Order (all 3), CSI (only the original, not Miami), Survivor, and I'm half-heartedly watching the new Bachelor. *sigh*
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    Well, she is a hottie....but the show itself is friggen unbelievable. Great ensemble cast and story line.

    Okay, if you think she's a hottie, who am I to disagree? I guess she seems too masculine to me to be considered "hot". Maybe that's what I don't understand. I've seen a couple of episodes and was not all that impressed, but there is so much focus on her -

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    Sunday: Alias--my phone is turned off, door locked and a Do Not Disturb sign on the mailbox. This is the only show I drop everything and anyone for.

    Me, too...I don't have to tell my kid to go to bed anymore, she knows that when Alias is on, it's time for bed.

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    Sunday: American Dreams
    Monday: Antiques Roadshow, I Want a Famous Face
    Tuesday: American Idol, Showbiz Moms & Dads, The Osbournes
    Wednesday: American Idol Results, The Bachelor, Made
    Thursday: Survivor
    Friday: Nothing
    Saturday: Nothing

    I also frequently watch the Dateline, Primetime Live type shows if the topic is good. And throw in a little Baseball Tonight depending on the day as well as any Yankees games that are national.

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    Sunday: the occasional comdey (or two, or three)
    Monday: The Swan
    Tuesday: None
    Wednesday: The rerun of the previous week's Apprentice
    Thursday: Survivor, CSI, The Apprentice (when it was still on)
    Friday: Joan of Arcadia (sometimes)
    Saturday: Mad-TV

    I also watch the 10pm news on FOX on some days.
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    I watch way too much TV!

    Sunday: Charmed, Newlyweds, ER, CSI:Miami, The O.C
    Monday: Charmed, Smallville, Without A Trace, CSI
    Tuesday: Tru Calling, CSI, Law & Order:Criminal Intent
    Wednesday: Will & Grace (double episodes), Miss Match, Sex & The City
    Thursday: Charmed, Friends, Sex & The City, Cold Case
    Friday: Will & Grace, American Idol (including results!), Will & Grace, Las Vegas
    Saturday: CSI:Miami, Law & Order

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    I'm with Fanatic....I watch WAAY too much TV. Yet I am still pretty damn productive! With TiVo that records 2 channels at once, I can at least eliminate commercials. Oh well, here's my schedule....

    I try to watch any Cubs game that is on a national broadcast(ESPN, FOX, and WGN Superstation)

    Sunday:FOX-King of the Hill(new ep), The Simpsons(both eps), Malcom inthe Middle and Arrested Development.
    CBS:Cold Case
    WB:High School Reunion
    HBO: The Sopranos, Deadwood

    Monday:I usually do a little catch up watching on Monday.
    NBC: The Restaurant
    Spike:Oblivious-The game show you didn't even know you were on!

    Tuesday:FOX 24
    Comedy:Crank Yankers
    Bravo: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

    UPN: Star Trek:Enterprise
    FOX: That 70's Show
    (I feel like I am forgetting something?)

    Thursday:CBS- Survivor, CSI, Without a Trace
    NBC: Friends, Will&Grace, ER
    WB:Jamie Kennedy Experiment

    Friday:CBS-Joan of Arcadia
    WB:Grounded for Life
    Spike: CSI
    FOX: Forever Eden(If it's ever on again)

    Saturday:Saturday Night Live

    I have also started recording replays of "Beavis & Butt-Head" on MTV 2---wait, I thought Mtv2 was supposed to only be videos??? MTV3 can't be far behind!
    Last edited by mrdobolina; 04-21-2004 at 01:58 PM. Reason: I forgot High School Reunion!
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    Sun: Am. Dreams, Alias, Practice
    Mon: Nothing (Is Everwood on Monday? Sometimes I'll watch that.)
    Tues: Am. Idol, 24
    Wed: Am. Idol, West Wing
    Thurs: Friends/Will&Grace, Survivor (tape), ER
    Fri: Third Watch (tape)
    Sat: nothing

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