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Thread: What is your TV schedule?

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    Monday- King Of Queens, CSI Miami
    Tuesday- 8 Simple Rules
    Weds.- TAR, My Wife and Kids, Bachelor
    Thurs- Survivor, Friends, CSI, Push Nevada, maybe without a trace
    Fri.- Hack
    Sat- none
    Sun.- American Dreams

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    right behind you
    Originally posted by shersidhe
    hey cali,
    if it helps any... wb is re-airing all episodes of smallville and everwood on sundays.
    woo hoo!
    I like everwood too, but did you see this week? The whole "talking to his dead wife at the carnival" thing was a bit much.
    Don't get me wrong... I talk to my dead dad all the time, but I don't actually see him or have "conversations" with him
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    dallas, fer sure
    yeah, a bit bizarre, but in both episodes so far he carries on conversations with her.

    the way he copes with the loss of his wife reminds me a lot of "sleepless in seattle."

    did you see the first epi where the daughter said he had a distraught heart? awwwwwwww.... broke my heart.

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    After being a slave to my tv/vcr for the summer I'm finding my fall lineup pretty empty for tv watching, most of these aren't MUSTS but if I'm around it's what I'll watch...

    Monday: Fear Factor, Road Rules, Pet Psychic and Animal Precinct if I'm up late enough for the replays

    Tuesday: Real World

    Wednesday: TAR3 when it starts, Bachelor (recorded)

    Thursday: Survivor

    Friday: not a thing

    Saturday: Trading Spaces

    Sunday: not a thing as well, but if I happen do miss any of the MTV shows they usually are replaying, oh and ack! yes I do watch Anna Nicole

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    Here is my schedule:
    Monday: Boston Public (Premier starts in Oct.)
    Tuesday: Nothing ( Was watching AI)
    Wednesday: TAR3.
    Thursday: Survivor, Friends, and I might check CSI once in a while.
    Friday: Odyssey 5 (the season just ended) so nothing right now.
    Saturday: Nothing
    Sunday: Alias

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    FORT Fogey
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    Sundays: Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, Oliver Beene
    Mondays: my books
    Tuesday: American Juniors
    Wednesdays: Fame
    Thursdays: The Amazing Race
    Fridays: my books
    Saturdays: my books

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    Sunday: ER, Smallville, Charmed, Crossing Jordan, The X-Files,
    Monday: Mutant X (12am), ER (4am), Average Joe: Adam returns.
    Tuesday:Gilmore Girls, according to Jim, Less than Perfect
    Wensday: King of Queens
    Thursday: Friends, will and grace, The apprentic, ER
    Friday: (work)
    Sat: (work) possibly mad TV

    Plus every weekday i watch king of Queens and everybody loves raymond like twice a day.

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    Sunday: Alias, American Dreams, Law & Order C.I., The Practice, Malcolm in the Middle, Arrested Development, Crossing Jordan

    Monday: Everwood, Las Vegas, CSI Miami, The O.C., Airline, Average Joe, and 2 Canadian shows - This is Wonderland, and The Newsroom

    Tuesday: Navy NCIS, NYPD Blue, Judging Amy, Law & Order S.V.U., Smallville, Century City, 24

    Wednesday: The West Wing, Law & Order, Gilmore Girls, Kingdom Hospital, and a Canadian sitcom called Corner Gas

    Thursday: CSI, Without a Trace, ER, Tru Calling, Survivor, Mad Mad House, Wonderfalls

    Friday: Joan of Arcadia, Playing it Straight, Forever Eden, The D.A.

    Saturday: The District, High School Reunion, Hockey Night in Canada

    Of course this takes several VCR's to manage.

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    Sunday: Extreme Makeover: Home Addition, High School Reunion
    Monday: Average Joe: Adam Returns, Fear Factor (if new), The Inferno, Airline
    Tuesday: American Idol, Real World
    Wednesday: American Idol
    Thursday: Apprentice, Survivor, Pimp My Ride
    Friday: Playing It Straight (dont think it will be on anymore though), Forever Eden, Life With Bonnie, Hope and Faith
    Saturday: Tracy Morgan Show

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    Aliso Viejo, CA
    Monday: Fear Factor, Average Joe (for now, anyway)
    Tuesday: AI, Real World
    Wednesday: AI and whatever else is on
    Thursday: The Apprentice
    Friday: Joan of Arcadia, 20/20

    I don't really have a schedule for Sat and Sun.

    Every day I watch Days of our Lives and occasionally Dr. Phil. Whenever Dateline, 48 Hours, Primetime and Law & Order are on, I'll watch them as well.

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