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Thread: Party of Five

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    The soap opera in my head.

    Party of Five

    I guess if you decided to check out this post you are probably a fan. Just wanted to let you know that the Second Season was released on DVD on Dec. 20. I had pretty much given up hope after it didn't come out in November of 2004 as promised. On a whim I looked it up on Amazon.com today and was thrilled to see it is out there for our viewing pleasure!!

    PO5 had to be THE MOST REALISTIC non reality show ever made. The acting was dead on perfect, but what made the show shine was the writing. If there were more writers out there who were that good, I probably would have never gotten into Reality TV!

    Anyway, if you were a fan of the show, PLEASE go out there and buy the first two seasons! This the only way to ensure that the producers will continue to release the rest of the series!!
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    Maybe the fact that "Charlie" is on LOST persuaded them there was an audience. I'm not much of a DVD buyer, but it was a good show.

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    I had bought the first season when it first came out and was on the fence about buying the second season. Thankfully my sister bought the second season for me for Christmas. Rewatching it, I'm definately glad I purchased it.

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