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Thread: Barbara Walters: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumi View Post
    Baa ba Waa Wa should retire

    didnt watch the show, just cant take her anymore.

    Her choices were pathetic
    My sentiments exactly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago View Post
    Dakota Fanning
    Jamie Foxx
    Condoleezza Rice
    Teri Hatcher
    Thomas Mesereau (Michael Jackson's attorney)
    Lance Armstrong
    Beth Holloway-Twitty (Natalee Holloway's mother)
    Tom Cruise
    Kanye West
    Camilla, Duchess of Cornwell (Prince Charles' new bride)
    I am curious exactly what set of rules that is follow to make someone "fascinating". I find 2 of the above people remotely interesting. The rest are so over exposed.

    Why is Tom Cruise on this list? I rather would have seen Katie Holmes. At least there has not been 3 dozen interviews with her in the last 30 days. I have yet to hear her utter a word of craziness that Tom Cruise can't keep from falling out of his mouth everytime he takes a breath. Even Nicole would have been alot better choice.

    Teri Hatcher? Good grief. Why not Marcia Cross? Teri Hatcher is so last year. And I am tired of hearing about stripper dancing...and seeing her having the shape of skeleton. Someone throw the girl a snack!

    Kayne West just gets on my nerves.

    Camilla? Ummmm... was Barbara invited to the wedding? Was this the payback for having gotten that invitation? Its not that I have the issue of her having been the uh... um... mistress of the pinhead of england... it just seems weird that she was choosen.

    But things could have been much much worse... they could have picked Paris Hilton again for the list. haha!

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    Camilla seemed like an odd choice.

    More and more, it's becoming a list of fascinating people that are willing to speak with her, than an actual list of fascinating people. I'm sure had they been willing to speak with her, anyone from the Jen/Brad/Angelina triangle would have made the list.

    But really, when is a tool like Tom Cruise going to opt out of the chance to bleat on about himself? Of course he'll continue to make this list.
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    Hmm... I would have been curious to hear what Camilla had to say.

    I still miss HRH Diana though

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