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Thread: Smallville: Season 2 SPOILERS!

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    Smallville: Season 2 SPOILERS!

    source: http://www.smallvillenews.com/

    VORTEX (The second half of tempest)
    "Clark realizes a possible additional power while trying to rescue Lana! Jonathan discusses Clark's powers at length with someone for the first time. Lex's ties with Nixon, the bad reporter, are realized by the Kent's. Chloe and Clark discuss their relationship. Lana realizes something about Clark...that he is "different". The all important sheltered space ship that flew out of the Kent's cellar is shown to the tv viewer in an area that has ties to the very first premiere episode!

    Lex on his cell phone inquiring about Nixon. He's furious at Lex having learned about his connection with the tabloid reporter. Clark says, "My father was right about you." He heads into the woods to search for his father. Scene starts with Clark and Lex searching in the woods for Jonathan Kent who is missing.

    Lex (on his cellphone): Nixon, you still there?... (He sees Clark behind him.) Clark, I'm just trying to call the fire department to get some rescue team out here.

    Clark: No you weren't! (grabbing lex's cellphone)I heard you trying to talk to Roger Nixon. My mom said he was snooping around the farm today - and he was with my dad when the tornado hit.

    Lex: Clark, I didn't know Nixon was involved in this.

    Clark: Why should I believe you? You already lied about knowing him once! Lex hesistates to answer. That's the second time you hesitated today Lex! I'm starting to wonder if what my dad said about you was true.

    Lex: Clark, wait! You're tired and upset--

    Clark: DON'T try to turn this around on me! Are you really here to find my dad or to find Nixon?

    Lex: Do you even have to ask?

    Clark: I don't have time for this. I gotta find my dad!
    Scene ends with Clark running away from Lex.


    How does Clark Save Lana? TWO insider sources say that Clark enters the tornodo and flies up and saves Lana. Of course there is also the the other theory invented by several fans, that Clark runs in a counter clockwise direction to cancel the tornado and then catches the truck. Which ever one is true remains a mystery until Sept 24, 2002. But remember flight doubters, that semi flight, like floating, is not true flight, and it can leave Clark with the question of, "What just happened and how did i do that?"

    An unconscious Lana ends up in hospital after clark saves her but she revives quickly. Indicating that Lana did not find out about Clark. Lex decides to save his father Lionel, who is hospitalized and left paralyzed. Chloe forgives Clark for what he did, but still has doubts about their relationship. New love triangles form, which might include new additions to the cast. Martha is found sprawled out on the dirt floor by Clark. Jonathan appears to be missing with Nixon (it is rumored that Nixon dies in the tornado.) Death toll is eight people and twenty seven ppl are missing after the tornado"
    From Watch with Wanda:
    "A left over goodie from her speech with Al Gough: "Through the course of the season, the tornado puts everybody on a different trajectory. There's big surprises. We've sort of turned everybody on their ear."
    From zentertainment:

    "Lana survives the tornado, Duh! Clark might not have to run west at superspeed to reverse time to save Lana. Lana follows up her near death experience by putting her heart and soul into the Talon, she fixes up the stage at the cafe so that bands can play. ( Good way for the WB to sell even more music). Chloe will forgive Clark but their relationship will go back to being just friends. They will continue to solve Kryptonite-fueled crimes together. Lex will not find out Clark's secret in Tempest second half. Lex might save his father due to rumors about Redux. which say that Lex and Lionel battle over the fertilizer plant. But these are rumors at the moment."
    HEAT (Episode 2)

    "The name indicates the perhaps we will see a new power for Clark in the this episode. Well should I tell you clark seems to having problems causing fires with his new heat vision. Lex is going to marry a Desiree Atkins. She is the new HOT teacher for Smallville high. Lex asks clark to be his best man at the wedding."
    DUPICITY (Episode 3)

    "Clark wants to let Pete in on his secret. Martha and Jonathan are trying to talk him out of it. But as you know Clark is a stubborn boy. Aunt Neil has a man friend by the name of Dean Milford. Chloe and Lana actually have a sleep over. Seems like they are becoming fast friends. Pete and Clark are going to do some research together. Pete has something that Clark wants back desperately. Apparently Pete will be going to a press conference about it. Clark does not know what to do! The Freak of the Week is Hamilton. He tries to run people off of roads with his car and his persperation has an irridescent greenish hue. I guess Kryptonite has got to him too."
    RED( Episode 4)

    "Clark sees Red in this episode: in this episode Red Kryptonite plays an important role. Clark meets a girl at school called Jessie and sparks fly. It seems that Jessie and her father, Edward, are fugitives and a man named Palmer is after them. It also seems that Jessie and her father have a huge secret. Palmer claims to be a US Marshal. However, do US Marshals kill people? Clark confesses his feelings to Lana and asks her on a date. Lana talks of her jealousy about Jessie. Chloe has a chunk of Kryptonite (Red Kryptonite). Red Kryptonite has an effect on Clark which turns him evil. Our Clark is "The Freak of the Week" in this episode. This being one of his lines "I never knew how easy it would be to get what I want" Clark is after two disks that he wants desperately from Jessie's father, Edward. He will do anything to get them including killing for them, but Pete intervenes.

    Clark's libido is heightened by the Red Kryptonite as he is after more girls then just Lana, Jessie has caught his eye also. As a result, Lana and Clark have their first fight. Lana is not the only one Clark fights with. He soon finds himself in his first bar fight in which Clark kicks some serious butt. Clark has a motorcycle in this episode. It seems like Aunt Nell is getting married. And her new fiancee has a son by the name of Travis. So Lana gets that family she wants."
    NOCTURNE ( Episode 5 )

    "According to the dictionary, nocturne is either a dreamy piece of music or a night scene. Lionel is blind and needs an assistant. Martha to the rescue. She even reaches across his lap and fastens his seat belt. [I would not be surprised if Lionel is faking this whole blindness bit.] Lana and Clark meet a teen around their age one night. His name is Byron and he recites sonnets for Lana. Turns out his parents have been locking him in the basement for his own good. He was part of an experimental drug trail at Luther Corp years ago. All the children were dying. His parents had the local doctor fake their sons' death and have been keeping him locked up for his own protection ever since. The only friends he has are books. After Lana refuses to run off with him, he goes mad and wants Lionel to pay. A few new characters are introduced, Mr. and Mrs. Moore. Parents of a boy named Byron. It seems that there is no meteor rock freak of the week, but rather a normal freak. Lana and Byron seem to have this connection between them. Byron has been "dead' for 8 years, but he's back. It looks like Lionel and Lex are acting more like father and son here. Lionel seems as if he has lost his vision. Lex and Lionel look for Lionel's personal assistants to be Lionel's "eyes". Looks like Martha is the assistant that Lex and Lionel have found. Byron seems to have unbelievable strength due to a freak accident of some sort. Looks like this is going to be one interesting episode!"
    REDUX (Episode 6)

    From efanguide.com:
    "William Clark, Martha's father comes to town after many years of being away due to conflicts with Jonathan. Aparently He is a wealthy man. Clark wants to get to know his grandfather, but confilict with the family might not allow it.

    There is a pool scene in redux. They might just reveal a young Clark kent in a red pair of swim trunks, but you have to look behind trees and in the background.

    The freak of The Week in this episode is a student named Krissy Jameson who keeps herself looking 17 by sucking the life-force out of her classmates."
    From zentertainment:
    "Smallville High’s new principal, a fellow named Reynolds, has a history with Lex, and knows something about Lex that even Lex doesn’t know. (It involves Lex’s evil dad, Lionel.) Reynolds also makes mention of Clark’s “impressive journalistic skills” and encourages the superboy to start thinking about his future."
    LINEAGE (episode 7)

    "Some lady named Rebecca Dunlevy seems to claim that she is Clark's "biological" mother. Which we know isn't true since, well, Clark's an alien! Rebecca seems to have a connection with Lionel Luthor as well. Lana seems to have a struggle with her parents, her biological father? Supposedly this "father" of Lana is named Henry Small, a lawyer. Clark takes a DNA test. Lex and Clark are for the moment, brothers?!"
    Ryan (episode 8)

    "This episode brings back Ryan James (Ryan Kelley). Ryan is the object of Dr Warner's desires. The evil Dr has custody of Ryan and has put him in the Summerholt Research facility. Basically experimenting on his mind to find out about his powers. Clark, Chloe, and Pete find out about this and Clark goes to the facility to save Ryan, In the process he uses his superpowers to break Ryan out. Ryan thinks this is so cool. Clark, Ryan, the Kents, Dr Garner and Pete find themselves in the court room battling over Ryan. Pete's mom is the judge. It turns out that Ryan is sick, poor kid. He needs the special treatment of Dr Burton who is at that moment on a plane about to leave Smallville. Clark literally wears out the rubber soles of his shoes running to catch the plane. When he does, he uses his heat vision to stop it from taking off. Aunt Nell is encouraging Lana to leave Smallville. She wants her to go to the big city. Lana does not want to leave her friends and the Talon behind. Lex wants to expand the plant. He discusses this with the mayor, Tate, who by all accounts is a snake. He will only okay Lex's expansion if Lex agrees to support him financially in the next Smalllville Eeection. Lex has a few surprises in store for Tate. "Warrior Angel" Ryan's favorite comic makes another appearance."

    From Comic Con according to Gough:

    Red kryptonite appears (Episode Red)

    The return of the kid who can read minds.

    The return of wild Lana.

    Lex will become bad after awhile. they said it will be a journey.

    We won't see anyone in Metroplis probably ever so that means no tights and no flight.

    What about Whitney in Season Two?

    The word is that they there is NO intention of allowing Whitney to come back to the show EVER. While they do want Eric Johnson to return to the show for one episode, the current script they are looking at has Whitney being revealed as being dead. The person who would be returning as Whitney would actually be Tina, back to seek revenge against everyone who wronged her, shapeshifting into Whitney's form.

    Sources say that with the big success of the "Nicodemis" episode, next season, we will be seeing Lana's bad side again. This time, they are going to make Lana more erotic, but still stay within the frame of decency. Expect Lana to be wilder and more aggressive than she was in Nicodemis.

    From Sept 13th's issue Entertainment Weekly which interviewed Al Gough abouit Season Two:

    A quote from Al himself, "Look, up in the sky-it's a bird , it's a plane , it's the twister that touched down in last season's finale! " I know people were very concerned if Clark [Tom Welling] would recue Lana [Kristin Kreuk] says executive producer Alfred Gough. "I can safely say he does." Whew! Superboy faces a new challenge when he discovers red kryptonite, which can transform his personality. "That's what people are clamoring for - more kryponite," deadpans Gough, aware that Smallville was ripped on the Net for having too much kryptonite. Flashbacks reveal more about Clark's parents (John Schneider and Annette O'Toole). "We'll unlock family secrets," promises Gough. "I don't mean to get all Alias on you."

    From EW.com The no flight no tights motto remains. Almost everyone on the WB's second highest-rated series (after ''7th Heaven'') will return this fall. Executive producer Alfred Gough, who created the show with partner Miles Millar, shares a few hints on the in-the-works second season:

    Gough says Clark (Tom Welling) will gain a brand-new superpower this season, taking him one step closer to full Supermanliness. Since he's already manifested super-speed, super-strength, X-Ray vision, bulletproof skin, and a little bit of levitation, there aren't all that many options left: super-hearing, heat vision, or, lamest of all, super-breath. Or maybe he'll just start jumping really high -- like over tall buildings.

    Clark's super-libido will continue to be torn between brunette girl-next-door Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and perky blonde junior journalist Chloe (Allison Mack), Gough hints that Whitney's absence will be permanent but that Chloe isn't going anywhere, despite her dad's threats of moving to find a new job.

    From Watch with Wanda, Whitney is really gone, but he will visit now and again. Clark will start to pursue Lana again this season but there will be many obsticles. Chloe will be angry with Clark and rethink her relationship with him. There also might be recurring guest stars.

    Clark discovers a new power that not only increases his ability to help others, but also his chances for being discovered. Lex also gains new power, but of a different nature. In the fight to oust his father from Luthor Corp., he undergoes a sinister transformation that will warp his friendship with Clark.

    Clark and Lana do not hook up in season 2. This dialogue from “Redux” proves it:

    KRISSY: He’s kind of a hottie, isn’t he?

    LANA: Who? Clark?

    KRISSY: You should go out with him. You’re single now.

    LANA: Clark and I are friends. And I’m not single.

    KRISSY: Long distance relationships never work. Someone always strays. Usually the guy.

    LANA: Whitney and I are committed to trying."
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    That is so cool that you can find this stuff
    Thanks for a great read!
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    ah thanks!
    i love research!
    i love smallville!

    combine the two and spoilers you get!

    i'm glad you enjoyed!

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    Sweeeeeeet! I'm so psyched!!!! Only about 2 more hours left...

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