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Thread: Nip/Tuck

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    Re: Nip/Tuck

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiz;3848332;
    Oh, okay, thanks. I was beginning to wonder if she had actually had surgery and if Matt was going to be in for a 'big' surprise. Well, too bad. I would have loved for Matt to have received a bit of poetic justice.
    Cristian was the one who was in for a big surprise. Ava's surgery wasn't quite complete and he was able to tell something wasn't all the way right down there (Matt wasn't) when he started having sex with "her."

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    Re: Nip/Tuck

    ^Too funny. I'm going to have to go back and watch the series from the beginning. I think I first started watching it when Connor was a baby and needed hand surgery.
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    Re: Nip/Tuck

    Matt is the way he is thanks to his self absorbed emotionally absentee parents. I always, always felt bad for him-I mean having Christian and Sean as `Dad' is a handicap in itself. He seems more lost and tortured than a jerk. But, he's also conniving because he learned from three of the best.
    I always thought of Christian and Sean as a married couple to be honest lol i mean the real love was between those two, not necessarily Julia. The way they interact the way Sean put up with the unredeemable qualities which made up Christians very soul. It's like Christian had this hold over Sean, from when they first met back in school. It's like a less deadly version of Leopold and Loeb. Sean allowed Christian to take him past morally acceptable boundaries, like burying a body in the desert. And Julia, a lousy mother (as Sean is a lousy father and Christian is just reprehensible). I was hoping the ending would be a bit less , I don't know, the whole goodbye scene at the airport-I guess it makes sense-it's sort of like an amicable divorce. And Matt, again, I never saw him as a jerk intentionally, he's partly a product of his environment- and the scene with Jenna sort of underlined that he was becoming like Christian and Sean, a lost cause because he was a boy who was abandoned emotionally, really neglected, by all the adults he depended on to navigate him to adulthood.
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