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Thread: Criminal Minds (CBS)

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    Criminal Minds (CBS)

    CRIMINAL MINDS is about an elite squad of profilers who analyze the country's most twisted criminal minds. (I love criminal profiling shows!) Cast is pretty interesting: Mandy Patinkin, Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, & Lola Glaudini. I really enjoyed the premiere, but the precarious ending made it look like there might not be an episode 2.

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    Never a dull moment! chrelsey's Avatar
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    I don't know, Q.

    My take on the last scene was that it was actually a flashback. They kept talking about him having been through something traumatic, that I thought involved either him getting shot or getting shot at. Also, they were referencing a case they had solved where the killer was someone shy, in his early 20's, drove an old beat-up truck, who stuttered . . .which fits the guy that was pointing the gun at him end the end.

    It will be interesting to see what it really meant!
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    You're so right, it probably was a flashback. I just wonder how Gideon is going to avoid being shot in the back.

    I hope Lukas Haas will reappear. I enjoy him.

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    I enjoyed it too and not just because of Shemar Moore

    I liked the mix of characters and think the show has a lot of potential.
    I'm assuming the Lukas Haas thing was a flashback as well.
    When he was lecturing at the beginning of the show he was telling the students about a criminal with a severe stutter.
    I believe that's the point he was talking about the stutterer, so that's before he got involved with the case we saw them solve last night and I assume he was giving the students examples of previous profiles he's worked on.

    I wopuldn't be surprised to see the Lukas Haas story play out as a back-story throughout the entire series.

    I'll definitely watch again.

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    I enjoyed it as well. Yum Yum Shemar Moore!
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    I really liked it too. I love Thomas Gibson and Mandy Patinkin. They were great together in Chicago Hope and they're great together in this show too.

    I also love the actress who plays Thomas Gibson's character's wife. She's Andy from Dawson's Creek.

    All in all, I hope the show lasts a long time.

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    I LOVED it. I didn't realize that stutterer guy was Lukas Haas. Very cool. I'm thinking that last scene will somehow be delevoloped down the line.
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    I really like the show but the way Gideon overpowered the stutterer seemed a bit contrived to me... Someone pointing a shotgun inches from my face, the last thing I want to do is making him mad by laughing at his stutter...

    I think this show has good potential, being so "cerebral" in a way, making you think, making you see patterns. It's like Numbers but with better actors...(mind you, I only watched a couple of that show and the mathematician grated me too much to carry on watching)...


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    I like Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson, but for me, the jury is still out on this show. Do we really need another CSI type show? I am starting to tire of the whole genre.

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    I like it. Mandy Pantinkin is always good, although he is a bit too dour at times. Gibson is a good second banana and I like the dark girl. However, my favorite is the genius whom I have never seen before. He is so geeky, he is almost a stereotype. Shemar is beautiful, even with his head shaved. Interesting concept, but I agree that it seems to similar to past shows.

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