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Thread: Invasion

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I have a feeling we'll come to find out that the sheriff (William Fichner) is an alien deposited on a previous mission.
    There is definitely something going on with him. He had an odd reaction to the storm even before it hit, like he was expecting something other than a hurricane.

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    I prefered Invasion to Threshold after one episode, both visually and character wise.

    Blondie doc gal was reminding me annoyingly of (BB6) April at first, even her son want to see her split, safety considerations be damned.

    The generic cute little girl was a bit much at first, but better than a generic cute and heartwarmingly wretched little boy.

    My initial favorite character is drunken ET fixated brother-in-law. I expected him to be too much of a slacker to attempt roof repairs based on his earlier prioritizing of beer over more practical hurricane preparedness. I can appreciate his type believing in coverups about aliens and whatnot, but unless his ranger brother-in-law is more of a scientific marvel than his first impression indicates, I don't see the great benefit that is going to come from dragging a trunk full of slimy bones home.

    Science Ranger didn't instill too much confidence in me when he used his bare finger to get a little dab of slime to sniff. I wonder what the two of them were ingesting that made them figure it was all that smart going alien snark hunting all by their lonesomes at night. Hope that bite doesn't get infected (wink wink).

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    I liked this show! I agree that is it very similar to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but still fun to watch.
    The sherrif is very creepy, and it seems like he has total control of the town & what goes on.

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    Does anyone have any background info on the main characters-actors-wise? A lot of these people look familiar, but it's one of those "where have I seen them before?"

    I know the forest ranger was on some cop show and I saw the ex-wife in a movie with Timothy Hutton, but everyone else?

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    The Sheriff has been in tons of things...he played a blind guy in the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster, and he was in "The Perfect Storm" as Sully.

    The Forest ranger was on Third Watch? (I think)
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    Does anyone have any background info on the main characters-actors-wise? A lot of these people look familiar, but it's one of those "where have I seen them before?"
    William Fichtner (Sheriff Tom Underlay): most recently seen in "Crash," and "The Longest Yard," He also used to be on "As The World Turns" way back in the day

    Eddie Cibrian (Russell Varon/The ranger): most recently seen on "Third Watch". He's also done a couple of soaps ("Young & the Restless", "Sunset Beach")

    Lisa Sheridan (Larkin Groves/news reporter): has done a lot of guest spots on popular shows like "CSI", "Las Vegas" and "The Practice".

    Kari Matchett (Dr. Mariel Underlay): was on the miniseries "5ive Days to Midnight," opposite Timothy Hutton. She also did two seasons of "Nero Wolfe". She was also on a Canadian cop show called "Blue Murder".

    Tyler Labine (Dave Groves/Larkin's brother): like Kari, Tyler is Canadian He was on various tvseries including "Breaker High" and "Dead Last". Plus various movies such as "Antitrust," with Tim Robbins.

    Evan Peters (Jesse Varon): Most recently starred in the ABC series "The Days" as the cynical but witty teen, Cooper. He's also done many television commercials.

    Ariel Gade (Rose Varon): most recently starred opposite Jennifer Connelly in the feature film "Dark Water."

    Alexis Dziena (Kira Underlay/the sherrif's daughter): She guest starred on "Law & Order," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Witchblade." She has also done a few movies.

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    Thanks riblit. That helps keep me from taking half the season to figure out who everybody is.

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    I missed part of the premiere, but it looks like I'll get another chance: ABC will be re-airing the first two episodes Saturday from 8 pm to 10 pm.

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    Thanks for that info, Qboots, I was worried it would be "too late" to get into this show. Hubby is interested, but we missed all of it so far. Has it just been 2 episodes? Is tonight the 3rd?
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    That woman patient in the hospital, the one our main doctor was examining, looked liked the woman who was the lone survivor in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. If it is, nice cameo.
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