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Thread: How I Met Your Mother on CBS

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    I just read that this show got the go-ahead for the full season of 22 episodes. Hopefully they'll get a better writer along with that.
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    I hope they don't wait until the season finale for the mother to finally be seen but that's probably what will happen. We'll see the back of her head and have to wait until next fall to see her.

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    wow - i'm really surprised at how many of you don't like this show. my husband and i absolutely love it!

    which, more than likely, means that it will be cancelled.
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    I want to like the show, I really do. I have started watching it several times and each time I make it part way through and then wander away. Although this past episode of redating the ex girlfriend was pretty funny. But I still didn't finish watching the show.
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    I try to like this show too, but I just can't stand it.

    I like "Doogie"'s character but the main guy needs to tone down his acting a bit. I feel like I'm watching a play instead of a comfie tv show. Maybe because I can't relate to any of them? I don't know if they are going for a Friends type thing but I'm not enjoying anyone but Doogie.
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    I guess I am in the minority in that I like the show. While it may evolve into a show about the courtship, right now the show is about the angst in trying to find the one when you are ready to settle down and don't have anyone in your life.

    It will be interesting to see how the relationship between aunt robin and he works out when he meets his wife because there still seems to be some type of spark there.

    I think the relationship between hannigan and the freaks and geeks guy is pretty good and they should play it up more.

    Doogie is hilarious and unscrupulous so hopefully they will not have that episode where he actually has a heart because he does better without one in this show.

    All in all, I will keep watching to see how they all grow. I want to see how someone else screwed up their 20's *grin*

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    Anyone watching this show? This is a very good show and tonite's episode was great and it was funny.

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    I actually really like this show and hope it still has a good chance... my fav so far was one about 2 eps back when he first met Victoria at the wedding and they agreed to never see each other after that night even though they were obvious crazy about each other, it was great! I have tonights ep on my dvr but was flipping back w/ Deal or No Deal .. I entered the guess the case contest and guessed the right # but NO DEAL on the prize..

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyH0ur View Post
    Anyone watching this show? This is a very good show and tonite's episode was great and it was funny.
    I'm definitely not watching it. I hate it as much now as I did on September 26, 2005 -- the last time I posted in here.

    I've caught portions of it over the months and I just can't stand it.

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    It makes me so sad when my dear friend Pommie is wrong.

    This is one of the better sitcoms on the air right now.

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