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Thread: "Threshold" - CBS Fridays

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    I've kept watching, waiting for them to ease past the initial new show jitters and become better, but that is beginning to look like it isn't going to happen.

    The show is not just less than stimulating, its becoming annoying. I don't care for the insertions of what someone must think of humor, it seems like they are trying to go in two different directions. If its supposed to be a thriller, highlight THAT. I did enjoy the "what next, Canadian Mounties?". Now that was funny, even though it highlighted one of the aspects of the show that is a turn-off for me.

    I'm not a tremendous fan of their governent coordinator dude, his voice pattern is a distraction and his clothing makes me wonder where he really ought to be; somewhere like a club I was thinking last night. I was relating to him and his way of thinking much more than empathy chick. They're victims, O.K., give there relatives a medal of freedom or something after you autospy their twisted alien infected bods. Save the empathy for the uninfected and treat the transformed like the threat they are.

    There isn't enough continuity between one episode and another. They had a reference to the youngster who should never breed getting married, but no mention of the other guys funeral and much more irritating, no followup on that piece of alien material that was unearthed a couple of episodes back.

    What can we expect though, when they can't trust the super duper secret to more than a fistful of disgruntled workers?

    Invasion was superior from the beginning and getting better; Threshold is just holding the fort till its replacement comes along. I'll still watch, too lazy to change the channel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWS
    Tonight they spent an awful lot of time on how the heroine wants to "save" the people who have gone over to the other side and her advisor person (the black guy..I don't know anyone's name) is discouraging her due to his experiences with someone (a kid?) who went the drug route. He doesn't seem to get it that she's also been infected... and maybe could crossover some time....
    Watched this episode with someone who knows computers and the like...he kept saying that the science was completely off. One can know too much!
    Charles S. Dutton aka Roc goes by "JT" on the show if i remember correctly

    I think he was saying the 16 yr. old was his son that got into drugs

    anyways, i axed the show last week but still watched it just incase, my opinion hasn't really changed though; although last nites episode was a little more watchable to me, but was still stupid

    i know it's tv but several parts of the storyline bothered me (as usual ) in the episode... The alien signal infected girl threw her BF? out a 2nd or 3rd floor window onto a car... he looked dead and normally you would assume so... they never said anything else about it then he appeared in a few scenes later in a hospital bed and acting like nothing seriously happened to him

    then not to mention that the "alien signal" infected cell phones and atm's and other electronics self probagating like a computer virus... then they set off an EMP over the whole city wtf?

    the sequence where Caffrey was dreaming of the girl telling her she can't stop it, then it actually happened was kinda interesting... kinda x-file 'ish

    but there are serious writing flaws in this show, and it's annoying

    It's like i posted earlier; are they just gonna chase somebody every week who is infected by mr. alien signal and take there blood and whatnot and lock em up at threshhold? they have to advance the story somehow maybe introduce aliens

    w/o seeing the previews for next week, I can assume that someone gets infected by the 'alien signal' ; Cafferey and co. finds them, somebody dies or head explodes, and yeah Caffrey, Kavannah, or one of the other members of the Threshhold team has some type of epiphany during the episode.

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    Join me in, i love this show! I never thought i would like a show like this.

    Edit : Count me in on the Ramsey love too. He cracks me up every ep with his attitude.
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    A laugh at, not with, stupid show. They ought to dress the cast as clowns and tar and feather the writers while they're at it.

    The serious moments don't balance out the stupidness, they highlight it. The show plays like it is being written by a commitee that doesn't bother sharing, they just turn in their respective pages right before filming, or so the uneveness would strongly suggest.

    "I can't dial with my ass" wasn't bad, though I would have shot him just because if he said that to me while I was agitatedly holding a revolver.

    OK, I can accept the alieness seeping into the woodwork, but twisting the freaking hands of the watch into boogyman fractal pattern? Give me a break!

    Threshold seems to be aiming for all time stinkerdom.

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    Oh, I really enjoyed tonight's episode. Plenty of Ramsey. I thought he was going to kick Lucas' ass when he found out Lucas was armed.

    And hey, if I'm willing to buy the idea that an alien virus can be spread from compact disc to human, I can buy the bending of the wrist-watch hands.

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    so, have we all come to a mutual agreement that the show sucks and isn't going anywhere

    i shake my head at the rediculousness like the watch hands, and still continue to watch this garbage... i must be a crackhead

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    I think Threshold is the best of the new alien invasions shows. It's got some very talented actors (Brent Spiner, Peter Dinklage) and many excellent plot possibilities to develop. I suspect they are not going to be able to keep it all secret for too much longer.

    At any rate, I enjoy the show and it's my lead-in to my must-watch "Numb3rs."

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    i thought it held promise, and then it started waning, and the last episode i would have to say is the best recently. however, i'm getting a little tired of the formulaic nature of the show. it's pretty hard to do otherwise, but if there was some way to carry things into the next episodes more i would really enjoy that.

    CBS was so anti-climatic though in saying that threshold was going to lose one of their own. Molly's mentor wasn't really "one of the threshold group". Thank gosh though.

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    Oh... that's what they meant.... I never thought of her as part of the group... jeepers.
    The muscle guy on the team, whose name escapes me, looks different recently. They didn't recast did they? He just looks less eye candy somehow.
    The thing that holds this show together and makes it worth watching is/are the "minor" characters like Ramsey and Lucas. The female star doesn't seem to do much at all except provide the explication that sets up the week's scenario. This is like watching Alias to see Marshall and what's his name, the big guy who used to be on Felicity. These people should be adding to the show, not being the show. They are either way better actors than the stars or are getting way better writing, or both, and it's unbalencing the show. Not that I want those guys to start phoning it in; instead they have to "fix" the alleged main characters so we aren't just sitting through their scenes waiting for Dinklage et al.

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    I'm really enjoying Threshold, it seems to be finding it's feet as it goes along. What I like the most, is that they follow through on the solution to their problems. That is, when the set off the EM pulse in Miami (I think it was Miami) to wipe the signal from the electronics. So many other shows would have done a last minute save the day type thing and not set it off.

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