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Thread: Season 4 Premiere "Lights Up" Pre-show thread

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    I'm sure poor Fred and Faith will have to suffer through the entire episode and into the next one as we've got a lot of ongoing plots to contend with (the riots) and I think descriptions for a future episode mention Faith's ailing husband.
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    Is Faith's apartment on an Indian burial ground? They just have lots of bad luck in that apartment is all.

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    Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! The night has come! Nine PM! Channel 4! All us TWits will be united by one sole purpose! Together we will laugh, we will cry, we will fawn over Bosco as he brings Faith's kids to the hospital; we will gag with disgust whenever we see Sully (though I think miamomma will disagree with this one ); we will sigh happily whenever we see Ty and Alex together; we will groan whenver we see Kim in a disheveled state; we will boo when Jimmy Doherty "graces" the screen; we will exhale with pity as Monte "Doc" Parker drives his bus, in his own little world; we will look upon Carlos in a new light --- and I hope we see at least one more episode with his daughter.

    We will do all these things, and many more, tonight, at nine o'clock, on NBC, Channel 4.

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