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While the riot intensifies, Abruzzi and Sucre join forces. Michael must decide whether or not to save the life of Dr. Tancredi.
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Article Comments: As for when the actual prison break takes place, the producers won't reveal, but when it does happen, quite a number of people will get out and scatter across the United States, each with an individual end to their storyline -- one for hope, one for love, one for exoneration and one for truth.

There are going to be some people on this escape that should not be on this escape, and we want them to fail every step of the way," says Executive Producer PAUL SCHEURING. "And they will continue to slip through the gauntlet, and we will continue to want them to get caught."

So.. the show won't only be the making of the escape we actually get to see what happens after the escape, this show is looking better and better to me!