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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Anthony Cooper (Locke's father) is played by Kevin Tighe. Dr. Candle (in the instruction video) is played by Marvin Candle. And he looked Asian to me. Maybe he's related to Jin. Maybe Jin was supposed to replace Kelvin.
    Q, I guess you realized by now I meant the man in the window. However, maybe Dr.Candle is related to Jin somehow...or Sun.
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    I was watching the previews for next week, and dude was talking perfect english

    i am going to watch the tape, i know i wasn't seeing/hearing things

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog
    Tonights dilemma: Hockey after a year off and Lost are on at the same time.
    I am recording Lost, but don't think I can wait to watch it. I did get to see the Championship banner raised in Tampa and Tampa score almost immediately, so maybe I can switch to lost and be satisfied with what I saw of the hockey game by then.

    Man, why do they do this to me?????
    Are you in Tampa??? I taped Lost and watched the game... Watching a win and seeing LOST - a win/win proposition!!!


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    Okay. Because of the baseball playoffs, I am just now watching Lost. What was that videotape thing all about. It looked like an orientation tape. Something about the place where they were was actaully a station and then there was an incident? But I couldn't really hear him all that well. What incident? It almost looked like it was for like an alternate world or something. I couldn't really tell though. Also, have they explained yet exactly why Jack and Sarah aren't married anymore? Okay, wait. Did I miss something? How the h-e double hockey sticks did Sayid and Hurley end up in the hatch?
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    I think the folks that Ana-Lucia is with are all survivors from the tail section. But they may have come in contact with "The Others" and are therefore very suspicious of strangers. Especially strangers with guns. Our boys will just have to convince them that they're really from flight #815.
    The only person that Ana-Lucia knows from the front of the plane is Jack - who she met before boarding the plane. Maybe one of the boys will mention Jack and that will help convince her they're on the up and up?

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    The tail section appear to be a nasty, dog eat dog type group. Spoiler
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Kristin said it is because the others killed off most of the tail section survivors.
    Anyway, they are ruthless, but I believe they were doing whatever it takes to survive the island and the others.

    I think we are talking two different Helen's for Locke - Katy S is the before accident love and phone talking Helen is post accident, maybe?

    Why didn't Desmond explain the snowman code? Where is he planning to run off to? Is there a back door off the island as well? Did he know this Calvin dude before the race? If Calvin had time to coax Desmond from a race, and join him in a dash through the jungle- back to the hatch, does that mean they are close to civilization?

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    Tonight's show was great. It had lots of information that, of course, leads to more questions, but that just makes it more interesting.

    I was hoping that Jack wouldn't hit the execute button, but of course, I knew that wouldn't happen. To me, it's insane to keep hitting a button without knowing why. It's much like at work, when a new employee asks a veteran employee why a procedure is done that way, and their response is "We've always done it like that."

    I was thinking these "others" would turn to be cannibals, but it looks like I was way off. Ana Lucia working with the "others" didn't surprise me much. I just had a feeling she hadn't survived on her own as she claimed.

    The story seems to be moving a little faster (yay!), and now with the changes that Jin claims are coming, it should be a lot more interesting. I suspected that Jin would eventually reveal that he spoke English too. Sounds like he kept the secret just like Sun kept her secret. Either that, or he is a very quick learner.

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    Re: Execute Button

    My prediction for the end of LOST:
    After many seasons, LOST winds down and the LOST survivors can't push the button..Someone falls asleep. They brace themselves for a nuclear explosion. Instead, it shoots off a flare and a rescue ship arrives. They never should have pushed the button. They should have listened to WALT: Don't push the button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justafan1
    Why do I have the feeling that this was SARAH in the picture?
    When my BF and I first saw the picture and Jack looking at it, he immediately asked me if that was Jack's girl. I went back to that scene and then paused it, and it sure as heck looked like Sarah to me. So we now know that Jack did go through with the wedding, but did Sarah leave Jack for Desmond?

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    I thought it was Sarah too, Jette.

    Thanks for that site, Kaky! The terms of use go back to a Disney page, so that's something put up by ABC for sure.

    Great episode! Jack is sure being a jackass these days with all the lecturing. I think he was right, though, that it's a social experiment. There was just too much mystery over why the person in the bunker needs to push the button, just a strong authority figure saying that it's of the utmost importance to enter the code. It reminds me of the Milgram experiments where people were shocking test subjects (except they only thought they were shocking them) and the lab-coated authority figure would tell them that the experiment MUST continue.

    Those were definitely polar bears you saw, whoever asked that upthread.

    Did I blink and miss anyone coming out of the door of the hatch? Somehow I never saw it.
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