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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Thanks hepcat!

    esmond sure has a state of the art washer/dryer! Looks like my Sear's kenmore HE3t or the Whirlpool duets. Where does this guy come from?? I don't know if he is an "Other", maybe he is the Others King - but there is no way that he is living on the island with all those creature comforts, and not have assistance from the Others. Whatever he is up to.

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    I don't know why, but I don't think Desmond's an Other. The Others looked so ratty and bedraggled, and he seems fit, well-fed and clean. You have to wonder why there were bunk beds in the hatch, though - he has a partner?
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    I just listened to the Walt audio - skeeeery! Gives me shivers to hear stuff like that.

    In my opinion, he's saying PRESS THE BUTTON... not DON'T PRESS THE BUTTON

    The second half starts with an odd sound, which could be interpreted as NO or ALL or THE

    then it finishes with BUTTONS BAD

    I'm leaning toward hearing it as "PRESS THE BUTTON/THE BUTTON'S BAD" which is actually a contradictory statement or possibly an argument between two people or two halves of the same conciousness. Smacks of Boone's radio conversation ("we're the survivors of flight 815/no we're the survivors of flight 815")

    Mostly, though, it just scared me!

    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    ETA: Ooh, someone sent me a link to a Lost fan's live journal. He has mapped out the hatch, and has a series of pictures to show why he thinks what goes where. (Someone spent a lot of time on this!) Worth a look.
    Nice link! There are some interesting points to be seen there, especially the stuff about
    Click to see Spoiler:
    throughout the episode. Now the question is WHY?!
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    okay I finally finished s1 episodes after 4 days of watching them. i noticed some things (i actually typed this all out and accidentally hit back button and lost it all and i really don't feel like typing it all back out)

    Jack's Tattoo on Left Shoulder. Every single shot of jack without sleeves on his shirt has his left arm in the camera shot. he always turns to his right when he's talking to someone exposing his arm and his tattoo to the camera. if you take a look at his tattoo and look at the symbol on the cabinet and desmonds uniform, it looks like one of the triangular pieces. maybe someone can decode or get a nice clear picture of his tattoo and we can examine it more clearly, including the chinese symbols also. There's got to be some reason they always show it.

    Desmond in the stadium. he ALWAYS had a smile on him, something is fishy with that and the whole "lift it up" thing, I think we are going to find out what that means on wednesday. Also, for people saying about his DNA on the water bottle, if you look, its a squeeze bottle and Jack does not put his mouth on it at all, so that theory has to be thrown out.

    Like someone else said about the God references, I think there are some STRONG relations to that in this with the virgin mary statues IN the episode of Claire having the baby. maybe something is up there, and if not, then the directors have really fooled everyone.

    That's all for now, I am absolutely pooped. i have only moved from my chair in the last few days to eat and to go to class. I think bed seems nice now. PLEASE let me know what you guys think about this. I'm really trying to get deep into this series since it is absolutely amazing and since i stopped gambling, this is my new addiction

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    I had thought maybe when Desmond gave Jack the drink it was more of something like a tracking device than to get a dna sample.That idea woke me from a sound sleep the other night. If Desmond is the "other king" he woudn't be all scruffy like the other "others". He would have access to all the good stuff like soap.

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    Whew... just caught up on all 10 pages. I had a couple of things to comment on - and instead of breaking up a bunch of posts - I'll throw them all in one.

    First, at the beginning of this series - JJ Abrahms made it clear that there would be nothing on the show that could not be explained by logic or commonly accepted explanations (I'm paraphrasing). So - not to pick on any of you - but when you come up with theories about stuff like aliens, clones, Desmond stealing everyones DNA and re-creating them on the island, secret tunnels that go to the other side of the earth, time machines, or other "unusual" explanations for things.... you are probably letting your imagination get the best of you. Sure, there are unusual things going on. But I think that we have already seen how things that seem completely unusual can have realistic explanations. Yes, it is odd that everyone seems/is connected.... but that is really not THAT unusual.

    Now, with that said... you definately have to suspend common belief to understand what all goes on with this island. Yes, the numbers are strange. Yes, we still don't know exactly what the mystery noise or the "monster" is. But, even with things that once seemed supernatural (such as a compass going berzerk), we now know that there can be a logical explanation.

    So, my only comment is that we (and I'm guilty too) shouldn't spend so much time looking for far-out explanations for what is happening.... and instead should try to figure out logical - real-world solutions for what is happening.

    (ooops... gotta run for a minute... i'll come back and finish this post in about 30 minutes)

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    By the way, on Jack's tattoos -- I heard a radio morning show host who loves Lost talking the other day, and either he was interviewing someone or saying he'd read this (I was getting ready for work and didn't catch it) that what's-his-name who plays Jack already had the tattoos, so they decided to work them in, and we'll gradually be told what they mean.
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    stuck on an island with creepy ferret faced Ben
    great theories ADKlove

    I hear "Press the button. no button's bad" but we went through the same confusion over Boone's plane transmission.

    I think Desmond was put there after his meeting with Jack. He knows the hatch territory very well, how to work the guns, etc.

    The periscope adds to the submarine theory.

    Did Desmond "fix" Locke's leg as well?

    Was Desmond collecting DNA from Jack and/or from everyone? Not that it's unusually for people to be in hospitals, but who was shown in a hospital? Locke(kidney), Hurley(mental),Boone(stairs), Michael (car accident), Claire (prenatal). Far fetched, I agree.

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    Some interesting things to note....(Got these from http://www.losthatch.com/episode_facts.aspx)

    - Jack finds Locke's shoes neatly placed in the tunnel just after entering the hatch. In many religions, shoes are removed when entering the "holiest of holy" places. Shoes are not to be worn when on holy ground. As a man of faith, Locke may see the hatch and bunker as holy ground.

    - The details of Sarahís car accident are revealed. Her car blew a tire, jumped the divider, and hit head on with an SUV. The fire department had to use the jaws of life to free her and she had a piece of the steering column stuck in her chest. This injury seems very similar to the one Edward Mars, the U.S. Marshal, sustained.

    - The two outer rows of Desmondís shower head contain 16 water nozzles
    There are 42 water nozzle openings on Desmondís shower head. A special emphasis is placed on this fact and they can easily be counted in the attached image. (http://www.losthatch.com/images/scre...hower_Head.jpg) There are two outer circles containing 16 openings and 1 inner circle that contains 10. Thus 16 + 16 + 10 = 42.

    - Desmond's blender has 4 prongs
    When Desmond is blending his fruit breakfast shake. The blender he is using has four prongs. A special effort is made to show this and accentuate that he is tossing a measuring cup, two cherries, and another slice of fruit. In all, he tosses a total of 4 items in the scene. (http://www.losthatch.com/images/scre...der_Prongs.jpg)

    - There are 4 articles of clothing spinning in Desmond's dryer
    There are 4 articles of clothing spinning in Desmond's dryer. A special emphasis is placed on this fact and we can see that the items are black, brown, white, and red. (http://www.losthatch.com/images/scre...r_Contents.jpg)

    - The numbers appear on a vial, CR 4-81516-23 42, that Desmond injects into his arm
    The numbers appear on a vial that Desmond uses to inject his arm.
    CR 4-81516-23 42


    Speculative medical definition of CR 4-81516-23 42:

    CR 4 = basic code
    81516= batch number
    -23 = min. storage temperature
    42 = the year

    - The number 42 is in Jacks' badge ID number in the hospital. The number appearing on the badge is 75426-67 (http://www.losthatch.com/images/scre...k_Badge_42.jpg)

    - There are 8 switches for orienting the mirrors in the hatch
    Desmond reaches up to a panel of switches that turn mirrors for looking through the tunnel. There are 8 switches on the panel. (http://www.losthatch.com/images/scre...r_Switches.jpg)

    - The number 8 can be seen on a table in Sarah's room. The number has been drawn on with a magic marker.(http://www.losthatch.com/images/scre...Hospital_8.jpg)

    - A chinese Feng Shui Ba-Gua Mirror symbol is seen in the hatch and on clothing
    The symbol is seen on a cabinet door, on coveralls that Desmond puts on, and on the wall of the bunker interior.
    The symbol is a Feng Shui Ba-Gua . A Ba Gua is one of the tools used in Feng Shui to help determine preferred locations for certain functions. Feng shui (Chinese geomancy) has been used for thousands of years by Chinese people to harmonize themselves to their environment and to create good fortune

    - Why are these images of the interior of the hatch reversed (mirrored)?
    Is this a continuity error, or something else? The image is important do to the many mirror references in this episode: mirrors in the hospital, mirrors in the bunker and bottom of the hatch shaft, the Feng Shui Ba-Gua is also called the "Feng Shui Ba-Gua Mirror", Walt's audio is "mirrored" (reversed).

    -Why does this watch show 11 14 (11:14 or 11/14)? The time of day Adam died was 8:15 AM. (http://www.losthatch.com/images/scre...Watch_Time.jpg)
    Adam dies in the hospital and the time of death is stated as 8:15 AM. As the attending nurse begins removing the neck brace the watch can be seen showing 11 14. It could be a date or an incorrect time.


    And, for entertainment purposes....

    (Warning: Pictures used contain spoilers for future episodes. Of course...some are altered, but that's not the point.)
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