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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by GingerLVNV View Post
    I cried like a baby when he got to see Walt, heartwrenching!
    Except I kind of think that Walt was playing along with The Others. It's just a strange feeling that his reactions seemed a bit odd. I think he willfully helped them manipulate his father.

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    nilesgirl - also Locke had that dream....

    also you can't say that Zeke said that they "needed michael" b/c of our guys having Henry Gale b/c like Klugh said, they only found that out recently (in between the 13 days earlier and 3 days earlier)...so there must be another reason.

    also....i believe this last episode shows one of two things...either the Others are playing pretend and that whole teepee act on the beach was faked just for michael and Walt was telling the truth, or there are really two sets of Others on the island...the castaway nomads on the beach with bearded zeke, and the scientists with Ethan and Un-Bearded Zeke (Twin possibilities????)

    ....your thoughts

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    I think that last night showed us that what Michael said was accurate - they're only in tents. However, those are some pretty darn sophisticated tents! When I think of tents, I don't think of large structers with doors. The description he gave may have been accruate in terms of rags and tents. But I don't think it was accurate in saying they were weak. They did a pretty effective job of taking him and Kate! So maybe it's not fair anymore to say he was lying. But I do think he was still being deceptive. Any why wouldn't he be? He's more than willing to trade Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley for Walt.

    But the list did prove that The Others were familiar with everyone before they got to the island, and have not just gathered information on them while on the island. No one on the island knows Sawyer's real name, but they knew it.

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    Michael flat out lied because he told Jack that "they didn't know I was there, they won't be expecting us" when in fact they had captured him and knew damn well he'd be coming back. Not that as a parent I wouldn't do the same thing *warning for anyone who takes a flight with me and my kids that ends up crashing onto Lost island* . . . Michael put as many "truth" looking elements into his story as he could (tents, hatch door, etc.) to try to make it look geniune when Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurely approach the camp and see the tents.

    My main question from that list was "why them" and not others. I'm sure we won't find that out. But we did find out that the others didn't instruct Ana Lucia while freeing Henry - that was probably just a bonus of them as they weren't a big fan of hers.
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    LOL I just thought of something funny/tragic. What if it had been Hurley that went into the hatch to get the blankets? Michael would have shot anyone who had walked into that room, just as a gut reaction. So, how would Michael have justified to the other castaways that they needed to bring Hurley's dead body with them to the Others? The Others said to bring those 4 and only those 4 people, so Michael NEEDED to bring Hurley's body with them. Would have made for some funny transport scenes I bet.
    Jack: "Michael, why are we carrying Hurley's dead body to the Others' camp?
    Michael: "They, uh, might be able to bring him back."
    Jack: "....oh ok."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veruka View Post
    But the list did prove that The Others were familiar with everyone before they got to the island, and have not just gathered information on them while on the island. No one on the island knows Sawyer's real name, but they knew it.
    Actually, it's certainly possible that someone ELSE on the island knows Sawyer's real name (remember all the wink wink connections). It's not de facto that they were familiar with everyone BEFORE the crash.

    But... I am toying with the idea that the foundation got wind of Walt's abilities BEFORE the crash (what ever happened to his mother, really?), and engineered the plane crash to get him to the island.

    We have been shown that Walt has something paranormal going on. Remember how the bird crashed into the window? (this seems like ages ago). And how he maybe 'invented' the polar bears?

    Maybe he pulled everyone on the plane together in some god-like fashion.

    I don't know. just ruminating ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justafan1 View Post
    That's exactly what I thought after watching. I think the producers are getting us ready for the fact that Michael will be killed in the season 3.
    I heard
    Click to see Spoiler:
    that the actor who plays Michael is not on contract as a regular for next year. So he will probably be in only a few episodes (if that many). I don't see how he could really live on the island after people find out what he did. And I think that getting rid (killing off? showing less?) Michael and Walt is the producer's way of dealing with the fact that the actor who plays Walt is aging much faster than Walt is/should be. But who knows? Maybe Michael and Walt will stay around and become regular players again.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    I wonder if Desmond is the person in the sailboat or maybe the show is bringing in new castaways and the sailboat is someone(s) who got "pulled" toward the island.

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    why does american idol air in canada?

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    I just watched last night's episode tonight, and actually prefer to watch it after reading QBoots re-caps . There were a couple of things I noticed...

    I immediately thought the sailboat at the end was Desmond's, although it was hard to tell if anyone was in/on the boat.

    When Zeke first captured Michael (13 days earlier), he yelled "don't...we need him" to the other guy. After Michael was captured, Ms. Klugh told Michael that there'd been a development (Henry being captured). Why did Zeke say they needed Michael? Was it so they get information about Walt? I ask this because Henry hadn't been caught yet when Michael was caught, so they didn't need Michael yet to get Henry back.

    Also...when Ms. Klugh told Michael that they'd let him and Walt go free if he brought them the four on the list - Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer - , and Michael said "then I want the boat", I took it he meant he wanted the boat that was used when Walt was taken, so he and Walt could try to pick up where they'd left off on the raft and sail away to freedom.

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