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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots View Post

    I'd say the orientation film for the Swan bunker was faked. They were both dated 1980, and the dude is using 2 different names, so I think the arm/eye thing was phony.
    i was actually just thinking.....about the whole TWIN thing...maybe they are two different people, twins, and one is part of the experiment (candle with the fake arm/eye) and the other is part of the group that overlooks the experiment (wick)

    twiddler - very interesting ideas but i hope that doesn't happen exactly like that....i like being surprised and even though u said these are your theories, they sound like actual spoilers...so i hoipe that doesnt happen like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by cricketeen View Post
    My son says he saw the same target on the cover to Sawyer’s stash and on a poster over Eko’s shoulder on the wall in the airport.
    Probably the Oceanic logo.

    Lostlinks now has both the Canadian and American previews for the next episode:


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    It was an actual bullseye in the tent, but not sure about on the wall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog View Post
    Regular VHS tapes were in use in 1980. I even commented last night during the show: "we had a VCR like that, that was top loading" and we never owned a Beta machine.
    Same here, it looked a lot like that one, too! It cost a ton of money back then--I think now it'd be like $40! Beta tapes were actually a lot smaller than the VHS tapes...Then there were the 3/4 tapes (the ones that TV stations used to use for the news), which were even bigger and clunkier than the VHS tapes...At first, I thought the tape the inserted was one of those 3/4 tapes.

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    interesting episode...

    my first thought was that Locke and Eko would see the murder of AL and Libby on tape, but i guess that would be to easy.

    when you think things couldn't get weirder, Locke is having Eko's dreams for him

    i didn't completely get all the stuff about the "?" mark. We already realized back many episodes ago (the Eko flshback eps. specifically) that Eko coincidently crashed on the same island his brother crashed on smuggling drugs on that nigerian plane. The plane now leads them to another hatch that watches another hatch.

    oh, and was the whole thing with the girl that had a miracle all to set up the thing with Eko's brother and the dreams he is having now?

    where is Rouseau and Devin hanging out at?

    when Michael 'turned' in the previous episode, my logic told me that he was 'experimented' on. It makes sense since they had another hatch that looked like some medical facility. I don't think Michael went and killed them 2 ladies to get his son back as some kind of trade. He seemed like he wasn't in control, and Libby was an innocent bystander... he shot her as a reflex action.

    i am going to rewatch the episode in an hour or so, because i obviously missed alot of things that were mentioned by you geniuses here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiddler View Post
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Three Minutes: We learn that Michael actually DID get to see Walt, but only for three minutes, as the episode title so blatantly suggests. Afterwards, Zeke says to Michael "If ya ever wanna see your boy again, your gonna have to release the captive your friends have down in the hatch." Michael asks "What's his name?" and Zeke replies, hesitantly, "Alexander Widmore."
    Just to clarify this bit....I'm guessing that
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Fake Henry (Fenry) Gale is actually Alexzander Widmore

    Quote Originally Posted by lostonanisland
    twiddler recent spoilers are proven that you are right
    Click to see Spoiler:
    the actor who plays inman is listed for the finale as kelvin inman
    Woot! I'm right for once!

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    Click to see Spoiler:
    Kinda weird that Clancy Brown played Joe Inman in Sayid's ep and now he's listed as Kelvin Inman for the finale. Joe Inman was a special forces kind of dude - I can't really see someone like him getting sucked into sitting in a hatch pushing a button.

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    Click to see Spoiler:
    http://www.lost-media.com/modules.php?name=coppermine&fi le=thumbnails&album=1065
    lots and lots(41) pics of the finale. many of desmond appearing to be of him before the losties crashed(flashback), and our main lostaways in the jungle with guns shooting at stuff. they are most likely still making their way to the others camp cuz michael is with them and there would be no other reason for him to be outside with a hurt arm (mother jack would most likely not let him out of the hatch without a reason)

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    I first thought the psychic was admitting to being a fake, but then when the daughter was "right on" in telling Ecko about the message she received from the other side..... I started to think, that maybe he really is psychic, and just lied because he didn't want Ecko investigating the story on his daughter. ???

    I still want to know Libby's story - since
    Click to see Spoiler:
    is shown to be a key figure in the finale, I am hoping that they were a couple at one time, and she went crazy when he left and was never heard from again. If they don't tell us anything more on Libby backstory, then that will be my made up ending of what happened to her.

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    there is a spoiler about Libby towards the end of this link. The link is basically a recap of Wednesday night's show. I will put the last paragraph into spoiler mode.


    By LYNN ELBER, AP Television Writer Thu May 11, 10:13 AM ET

    LOS ANGELES - The embattled "Lost" band lost one more of its own while yet another bunker and more about the Dharma initiative came to light on the ABC drama.

    Spoiler alert: Those who have yet to watch Wednesday's episode are advised to stop reading.

    Last week's fatal shooting of Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) and wounding of Michael (Harold Perrineau) and Libby (Cynthia Watros) were discovered. Michael, the shocking culprit, pinned the attacks on "a guy" assumed to be the now-escaped prisoner, Henry Gale (Michael Emerson).
    Physician Jack (Matthew Fox) tried to help the mortally injured Libby, using her need for heroin to force Sawyer (Josh Holloway) to reveal the location of the drugs and the guns he had secreted away.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) followed a dream that commanded him to join Locke (Terry O'Quinn) in searching the island for the "question mark." The quest took the pair to a downed small plane that held the body of Eko's brother, a priest. Following Locke's own telling dream, Eko scaled the cliff above the wrecked plane and realized the craft punctuated a question marked etched in the ground. Beneath the plane was a sunken chamber. Smaller than the first one discovered, it looked like a couch potato's delight filled with multiple TV screens and easy chairs.
    But the screens were providing chilling surveillance of the airline-crash survivors back in the main bunker. An "orientation" tape found by Eko provided a few more tantalizing details about the mysterious Dharma.
    According to the tape, the small bunker dubbed "the Pearl" is a monitoring station used to observe "the activities of participants in Dharma initiative projects" who are unaware they are being watched. Those in the Pearl don't need to know the experiment's nature, the tape says. The find make Locke doubt the value of adhering to the ritual of punching a set of numbers into a computer but reinforces the task's importance for Eko.

    Libby dies with Hurley (Jorge Garcia) at her side, after gasping out "Michael" but no more.

    Click to see Spoiler:
    The character is gone but will not be forgotten, the series' producers told TVGuide.com, with more about Libby and her past to be revealed next season in the flashbacks that are the show's hallmark.


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