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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada Champ View Post
    Just for people who want to know: At the beginning dream sequence, when Eko's brother was inputting the numbers into the computer, all of the numbers and letters were all question marks for a reason. In dreams, most of the time, there are never letters or numbers. They never appear in dreams. I think it has something to do with the right side of the brain and the left side of the brain. When dreaming, one side (the side with visions and colours) is working differently than the other side (the side with numbers and letters).

    I dont remember the exact reasoning, but it was logical for the writers to make the keyboard all question marks, since it was an actual dream.
    I dreamt lottery numbers one night. I woke up and immediately wrote them down and played them, but I didn't win. So while we may not dream about then often, some people do dream them.

    ETA: Regular VHS tapes were in use in 1980. I even commented last night during the show: "we had a VCR like that, that was top loading" and we never owned a Beta machine. I think the writers really do go to a lot of trouble to get the stuff right about the items available in 1980 and there abouts for the bunker stuff.
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    What a great show! Except I missed some because my phone rang twice and I needed to take the calls. Oh well. Your recaps and discussion have been helpful. Thanks all!

    BTW - Locke will be on Live with Regis and Kelly on Monday morning. Tune In!
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    Just a head's up here......

    Michelle Rodriguez will be on Leno tonight.

    Hopefully, she won't be bounced off because the other actor on the show takes up the whole show.

    The other actor ....Tom Cruise!

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    so lets talk about this episode and some things in it...

    --we now know that the swan hatch has been watched 24/7
    --we now know that the #s getting pushed mean nothing (but eko doesnt believe so)
    --we now know what the ? is

    what we dont know:
    --why are dreams now playing into the island mysteriousness?
    --why was eko's brother in a wheelchair in locke's dream?
    --will eko/locke tell jack and others what they found...and if they do, will jack want to go back to review footage of what happened with henry? and if they do will michael then fess up or run away? (run away i guess since we saw him running in the preview)


    also forgot to add about Marvin Candle...he had a new name l;ike previously mentioned, but he also had his left arm and his eye was back...so was the arm and eye part of an experiment gone wrong or just faked?
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    at some point the swan hatch may have been monitored 24/7, but I don't think it has been since long before our Losties broke their way into the hatch. The plane that Boone fell to his death in was pretty much on top of the entrance to the hatch, wasn't it? Eko and Locke had to dig around to find the doors and then pry them open, so it seemed like no-one had been there in a while (and certainly no-one was sitting right there watching the set when they barged in, that we saw). That Nigerian plane has been lying in that spot since before the Swan hatch was opened in the finale of season 1 (and Desmond came running out of it, never to be seen again). The Pearl Hatch seemed abandoned. Maybe the Others have been sending folks over to periodically spy on the Losties in the Swan, but it certainly didn't look like they were manning it 24/7 (no partially written journals, no food, no signs of anyone living in it or going in or out of those doors). Of course there could be another entrance and the monitoring crew high-tailed it out when they heard / saw Eko and Locke banging on the roof.
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    Here's some more followup on the 'not being able to read in dreams' thing I was talking about. It seems some people CAN read in dreams, but then some other times they can't.


    And yes, for the record, I got it from an episode of Batman. But it's still a valid point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xjeff99 View Post
    --will eko/locke tell jack and others what they found...and if they do, will jack want to go back to review footage of what happened with henry?
    It would be cool if they could, but I doubt those monitors are actually recording anything. There would have to be someone there constantly to put in a fresh tape. And I agree with LG., the Pearl bunker looks pretty much abandoned.

    Quote Originally Posted by xjeff99 View Post
    also forgot to add about Marvin Candle...he had a new name l;ike previously mentioned, but he also had his left arm and his eye was back...so was the arm and eye part of an experiment gone wrong or just faked?
    I'd say the orientation film for the Swan bunker was faked. They were both dated 1980, and the dude is using 2 different names, so I think the arm/eye thing was phony.

    Another talk-show alert: tomorrow night (Friday) Jimmy Kimmel will have both JJ Abrams and Dominic Monaghan on his show.

    Quote Originally Posted by Canada Champ
    And yes, for the record, I got it from an episode of Batman.

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    Alrighty....a couple things....

    Click to see Spoiler:
    1. About the whole Marvin Candle/Mark Wickman thing....this is gonna sound cryptic, but...here goes. You have a Candle. You have a Wick. What's the last thing you need? The Flame. No...I ain't suggesting he's gay. I'm guessing that Candle/Wickman is on the island in the Flame station!

    2. Here's my theory for what happens in the last two episodes.

    Three Minutes: We learn that Michael actually DID get to see Walt, but only for three minutes, as the episode title so blatantly suggests. Afterwards, Zeke says to Michael "If ya ever wanna see your boy again, your gonna have to release the captive your friends have down in the hatch." Michael asks "What's his name?" and Zeke replies, hesitantly, "Alexander Widmore."

    Finale: Through the Desmond flashbacks we learn two things: 1. Libby's last name is Widmore and Kelvin's last name...is Inman (aka. the dude from Sayid's last flashback!)

    But these are just theories. Probably wrong. But awesome if true.

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    twiddler recent spoilers are proven that you are right (
    Click to see Spoiler:
    the actor who plays inman is listed for the finale as kelvin inman

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    Did anyone else think the black woman in the preview resembles the woman in the headkerchief in Eko’s encounter with the monster?

    My son says he saw the same target on the cover to Sawyer’s stash and on a poster over Eko’s shoulder on the wall in the airport.

    Lime + Lemon = Lymon. Old Sprite ad.

    So if Malkin researches his clients, what did he find that caused him to tell Claire that she must be the one to raise her baby?

    Apparently someone from LA paid Malkin to convince Claire to give them her baby. Some idle speculation on that:
    Spoilers have hinted that:
    Click to see Spoiler:
    There is a connection between Mr. Widmore of the construction and pharmaceutical industries and Desmond. Also that his daughter, Penelope, will use her $$ to get what she wants (a baby). Remember the pregnancy test Sun used was from Widmore Labs and it was asked ‘who travels with a pregnancy test?’ – well… someone trying to get pregnant.
    Now, the woman in Desmond’s photo is a dead ringer for the wife who wanted to adopt Aaron that first time (though Desmond was not the husband). Is Penelope Widmore married to Desmond and, thinking Desmond dead, either remarry or hire someone to pose as her husband in order to adopt Claire’s baby and when that didn’t work out, turned to the psychic? The LA connection works because Desmond was training/living in LA., but I don’t know why Claire HAD to be on that flight. Because it is the one that Penelope was taking? So what?
    If any of this is the case, then why was she so set on Claire’s baby? Is there some circle with Desmond/Jack/Christian/Claire? There is also the issue of Claire recognizing her at some point during the trip to LA.

    Convoluted, I know. Just like my mind.
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