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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickngirl View Post
    So my question is this- the island has "cured" Locke and Rose. Do you take this to mean that Sun's baby really is Jin's?
    Sun had a weird expression on her face as Jin was touching her belly. He was ecstatic that their baby was growing in there, and she looked a little apprehensive. I think his boys worked on the island (that wouldn't be any stranger than Locke being able to walk or Rose being cured), but that maybe Sun did have an affair and is worried that it's the other man's baby? As you can see, I'm not convinced and hope Sun never cheated on Jin...but maybe, just maybe...

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    PWS Us nitpicking? What would ever give TBTB that idea?

    Chickngirl, Florimel Thanks for straightening me out on the MS thing. I watched my Grandmother suffer from it for all my life and it never occurred to me that there were other types of it! Actually that was more helpful that you know...I've always feared MS. Grandma was totally alert her whole life, but slowly she lost all her functions, until at the end, she was paralyzed in everything but her head, so her vocal chords didn't work and she would have no way of comminicating to anyone about what she may want or like. You would just have to switch channels on the tv if she looked bored and watch for her face to light up when something interested her. So I do appreciate the info!
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    Oh Henry...

    The actor who plays Henry Gale is Michael Emerson (http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0256237/). For those of you who were fans of The Practice, he's the same actor who played William Hinks in 2000 and 2001. He was without a doubt THEE creepiest ever. I still think about his storyline and get chills. Extremely talented actor playing "Henry Gale" to the hilt. Perfect casting IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by poutymouse View Post
    cricketeen I just wanted to let you know that my avatar caption is a blantant rip off...But just wanted to give you props for the McDharmas two all boar patties post, way back a month or so ago. Loved it so much had to pay respect.
    Thanks, I appreciate that you appreciate my silliness.

    To all the recent Henry admirers: Welcome to the club - it was getting lonely in here! IMHO he is the best thing to happen to the show since Eko. Would love to see them interact again.
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    Ugh, another filler episode. More questions, no answers, and another 2 week "break". The writers, and the network, have really screwed up the show this season. I'm starting to not care.

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    Henry is to Lost as Tea Bag is to Prison Break. Hey, that would make a good SAT question!

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    emerson was also in saw. he was the guy who i think worked for jigsaw and kidnapped the detectives wife and daughter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilTwin View Post
    ...the Faux Henry's smirk when Locke was banging on the door asking him if he had really not touched the computer..and..The physic healer's reaction when he was about to touch Rose.
    I totally agree. Best two parts of this show. It was nice to finally get some good background on Rose and Bernard.

    I also liked the part when Rose sat next to Locke on the beach and Locke said "that Jack said his leg would take 4 weeks to heal". Then Rose said something like, "yeah, but you and I know it will be sooner than that." Indicating that she knows and agrees with Locke about the healing properties of the island.

    And yes, I would also have to guess that Jin's little soldiers have been performing well, so indeed, it could possibly be his baby Sun is carrying.

    It was good they finally showed there are other people on the island to help with Bernard's SOS sign. Too bad they didn't keep going though. As if they have lots of other things to do. Mind you, Rose said it was a "management problem" of Bernards. I wonder if that referred to something in his past that may resurface later on.

    It was cute to see Jack and Kate fumble around in the net before they shot themselves out of it. And Michael certainly doesn't look like he's done well at all during his time away.

    Henry sure is an evil little man, isn't he
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots View Post
    Also, when Naveen was on The View he mentioned that the cave scenes are shot on a soundstage in an old warehouse. There had previously been a mass murder there - 4 or 5 bodies - and someone did an exorcism for them before they started filming there. Yeesh.
    actually 7 people were murdered...the killer is in prison for life...@$$ couldn't even kill himself...was surrounded by cops in his car with gun to mouth/head and was talked out of it. even after has dad dismissed him or didnt bother with him (culture thing). it was xerox warehouse building. after murders they moved out and it stayed empty for a while besides holding storage during holiday season.

    everyone was surprised when all of a sudden lots of cars and activities were going on at he building site. and yeah they did the exorcism and blessing thing, etc. i guess its our cultural (hawaiian/asian culture mix) thing that everything has to be blessed.

    actually most people thought it was filming of nbc's defunct "hawaii" show that was filming there because initially 'lost' was on the other side of the island in nature surroundings. the builiding is the cave and pretty sure now the hatch site.
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    Not much happened this episode, the whole Rose/Bernard flashback could be condensed into 15 mins yet dragged on. Luckily I recorded so I could quickly finish watching.

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