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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    I'm sticking with my Internist husband on the clonazepam...it wouldn't be used for schizophrenia except in some atypical case. So when Hurley hulks out again don't say I didn't tell you so.

    Haven't we learned that if its mentioned, theres a reason? A tenth of a second shot of a book on a desk started a feeding frenzy about the plot of said book. However I do like this theory that some marketing genius could make a fortune by mentioning this on a show like lost!

    " I need to get me some of that clonazapam"
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    Quote Originally Posted by madonniac View Post
    I mean why did he make the polar bears show up because I'm taking this as all this is happening in Hurley's mind.
    They were in his comic book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justafan1 View Post
    I KNEW I heard the sound! It remainded me some sound we heard in the hatch!
    Edit: I just rewatched the ep. The sound was clear when Hurley met David after he went away to the caves. When David hears the sound he started to run and Hurley follows him.

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    OK, here's something to mull over. For all I know, it's already been discussed but I've been following this thread for awhile now and I can't recall this specifically -

    A lot of points have been made that there appears to be a 'mechanical or magnetic' sound activating when the counters nears or hits zero.

    I recall before that the producers have indicated that we'll know before the end of season two why Flight 815 crashed.

    Could it be that this 'mechanical / magnetic' device is responsible for drawing the plane off course, interfering with its operations, significantly enough to cause the demise of the plane??

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    they said they will show how the plane crashed, not why. there is a difference. but it may be vice versa and they are showing why but not how. but that wont make sense. go figure.

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    So I guess I'm the only one who's been reading the Lost novels them, huh? Mmmm....

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    I just FINALLY got to see the episode. wow. I kept thinking when Hurley said he recognized her it was because maybe she was on staff (didn't she say she was a clinical psychologist?) at the mental hospital. It NEVER occured to me that she was a patient!

    I didn't buy the whole Dave thing pretty early on. Like others have mentioned, I thought of "A Beautiful Mind" and "Sixth Sense", so figured he was an hallucination.

    I REALLY don't know what to make of Libby being a patient. Do any of you think it's all in Hurley's mind? I tend to think it's not in his mind. I'm thinking maybe the Hurley/Libby thing is a weird coincidence like Jack at the hospital when Shannon's Dad died and Sayid on TV when Kate was with her dad. Ok, well maybe not coincidence, but the same type of deal.


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    Twiddler - what are the Lost novels? Can you explain, please? And what was with the strange look in Libby's eyes after we found out she was a patient and she was hugging Hurley? Maybe she fixated on him somehow when they were patients together. Is there a Libby background story coming up? As for the wasted food - I don't care if he has an addiction. Wasting that food was criminal. Wait, back to Libby. Wasn't her hair brown in the institution? Why doesn't she have roots showing?
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    maybe she is a clinical psychologist and shes undercover as a pateint to keep an eye on hurley without getting him suspicious of her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harvest View Post
    Isn't that Dorothy's uncle's name in Wizard of Oz? And he rides in on a balloon. Lol

    I thought it was a bowl of celery, but yeah, it looked like celery to me.

    I was surprised they had a "co-ed" loony bin at the end.
    The town I grew up in had a state run mental facility (since shutdown), but at one time it was the biggest employer in our town. The patients were coed and were allowed to mingle. Quite a few unplanned pregnancies among patients too because of this. But they did not separate the genders. That was only done in the case of violent offenders that had done "something". The regular patients were allowed to co mingle.
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