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If you go to and click on the rows 4 8 15 16 23 42 you can see a video of the second season. after you watch the video it will take you to the offical Lost site. Go back to the seating chart first and click on the Pre - Board Check In button. The name Ethan Rom will come up. Rearrange the letters to spell Other Man and you will see another video. after you do that you can try to make other words and names too, I haven't gotten that far yet. Ok so then go back to the offical site ( and click on the barcode on the bottom. Then type in theislandiswaiting and you will see a page of the script. It talks about Jack being tackled by a man that looks exactly like him. If that is where they are going with the show, then I think that the Walt Shannon saw was actually a mirror image of the real Walt, and that is why the Walt in the woods was speaking *backwards*. If you play it backwards, you can clearly hear Walt say "don't push the button. The button is bad".