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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Thanks muggle!

    Me too. Probably because he showers. Those "Others" on the boat looked like they hadn't showered in years.

    Matthew Fox (Jack) was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, and said that the producers know we were all disappointed in the lack of answers last season, so we're getting a ton of info in the first 3 episodes this season.

    I am noticing more answers now as well. They are actually telling us some of it in various ways. The oceanic site (abc/disney owned) is disclosing info, the interviews coming have little tidbits, and I noticed that in the first hour when they recapped the Walt abduction scene; I was able to clearly see this time their were twins on board. Season 1 finale we did'nt see the resemblance which they indended for us to see. Even after Damon told us, I watched closely and could not see it, the faces were to dark. This time when the recapped that event, they must have chosen different footage or angles and it was clear; one had a moustache, the other did not but I could easily see it last night. They are being more clear about what they want us to "get" and I am really glad.

    My impression on the injection, is that one of the things it does is make them super powerful. There may be other reasons for it, even to keep them alive due to health/medical issures. But unlike Qboots, I think he is one of the Others - he would have trouble paying his energy bills without their co-operation.

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    I thought Locke and Kate were pulled down because they were using a cable (metal) and the magnet sucked it in. It was too powerful to be just a tug of war between Locke and Desmond. Kate is probably knocked unconscious momentarily. Locke kept assuring Jack she was ok. I wonder why Locke feels so strongly that the hatch is their destiny. I also think Desmond was already using those superhuman injections when he raced up those stadium stairs so fast. When did Jack see himself? Could someone spoiler some of what we know from other sites? I have a hard time following links sometimes (stupid computer).
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopy
    I thought scaling a large object (backwards!) was called repelling (sp?)
    Actually both are correct. Repelling is done by facing the "mountain/object" and pushing off. Belaying is usually done with a partner controlling your descent by rope.
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    It really sucks that I'm unable to view Lost 2 from where I am since its kinda like a 'delayed telecast' thing. They're still showing the first season although I've grasped the entire story and am trying to keep myself updated with everything about Season 2 Thanks to all that has provided information of any sort Appreciate it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikki_Brandon
    It really sucks that I'm unable to view Lost 2 from where I am since its kinda like a 'delayed telecast' thing. They're still showing the first season ...

    I'm so sorry. Where are you?

    addressing an earlier post:
    The hatch likely predates our friend Desmond based on the dated appliances and music and him running into Jack at the stadium.

    so, not only next week, but the following week's show will reveal a lot ?
    I'll prepare myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopy
    And what is with the "others" need for children/babies? The French woman said they took her son, which is why she stole the baby- in hopes that they would trade her son for the baby. I don't get it!
    Russo had a daughter,not a son. I had thought that maybe whatever Desmond was injecting had something to do with the magnets that where down there. Desmond has had quite a reaction from everyone even though he only has been in one episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lea
    Russo had a daughter,not a son.
    I thought she had a son which is why the early speculation of Ethan being her son came into play?
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure she had a son who was taken by "the others".
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    I thought she had a son which is why the early speculation of Ethan being her son came into play?
    Yeah, when we first met Ethan, we only knew that Danielle had a "child". It was during the first part of the season 1 finale that we learned that Alex was a girl. And also she was born a couple months after Danielle landed on the island, which would make her 16 years old.

    This led to speculation that she might have been the female on the boat that took Walt. Although that woman looked a lot older than 16 to me.

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    Well you never know, they might be doing aging experiments, which would explain the twins. Maybe there was originally just one twin (so it wouldnt be a twin then), but then say around the age of 20, this guy was cloned, and his clone was super aged to the age of the original.

    This could also explain what to do with Walt, because as a child, he'll age (or will at least look like he's aging) faster than the rest of the castaways (ah yes, puberty, one of nature's cruel tricks).

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