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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    something popped up on www.4815162342.com ....
    someone found another zoomed in pic of the seapower station in the last episode. they said that an important thing is in the london skyline....take a look at this pic: http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/3223/untitled17bk.jpg
    i think it looks like a plane too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xjeff99 View Post
    she might have seen him walking around the beach that one episode where that music is playing and him stomping along the beach (hillarious by the way) of again just might have knowledge from other people or have seen him wear the headphones at the camp

    She would have already been "crashed" on the tailes side of the island, and would not have been able to see him walking around the island. But, I agree - Hurley was hilarious in the epi! Also, not too many people appear to be talking to the tailies, but that could be a wrong assumption on my part, based on the fact they haven't shown a lot of socializing between them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago View Post
    Sorry, Qboots!
    You better be sorry! I don't like that idea at all!
    Click to see Spoiler:
    I think it's about time Puff the Magic Monster had himself another snack. Either that or she could get drunk and fall off a high cliff. Either way, I'm good.

    Quote Originally Posted by SQUATMAN
    Jorge Garcia is on Kimmel next Tuesday
    Yup. Feb. 7. And on Feb. 8, Josh Holloway (Sawyer) will be on Regis. I don't think I've ever seen him interviewed. I wonder if he'll wear a shirt......

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    Lost superbowl commercial

    Anyone see it? LOVED it:

    Addicted to Lost. Wish I had taped it to watch it again.

    Now I will have that song playing in my head all night.
    Que me amat, amet et canem meum
    (Who loves me will love my dog also)

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    They had a Super Bowl commercial?

    Stupid work! I missed it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada Champ View Post
    They had a Super Bowl commercial?

    Stupid work! I missed it!
    Multiple commercials... often highlights of the past. My fav, and I'm sure I missed some, was of Locke and someone (Sayid? Eko? I forget) sitting down to watch a film (like watching the Dharma film) which is highlights and at the end Locke says I think we'll have to watch that again.

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    The super bowl commercial is replaying on abc.com wait a few seconds it should start playing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada Champ View Post
    They had a Super Bowl commercial?

    Stupid work! I missed it!
    Probably didn't get it anyways because us Canucks don't get the American commercials during the Super Bowl. If that's any consolation.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    What was Libby's exact quote about Hurley stepping on her foot and wearing headphones? Because if she said Hurley was wearing his headphones, and he had them around his neck... he's still wearing them, isn't he?

    This whole Libby theory smells like the fake plot spoilers that they handed out to internet people about Giles (on Buffy) in his return in season 7. The theory back then on the internet was that Giles was just The One because he never touched anyone... and throughout several episodes he never touched anything or anyone, and then someone (Buffy? Xander? Willow?) said "he never touched anyone! he's The One!" and they attacked him, but he WAS real, and everyone (characters, the internet people, etc) were shocked. Red herring.

    Lost did the same thing with Artz. Rumors got out that there were going to be new characters added, and the writers/spoiler-people made us believe Artz was one of them, and then they ... well, you saw what happened to him.

    So this feels the same, kinda. Like we're purposefully reading too much into it. Or reading too much into that AL rumor that's running around.

    I bet everyone was on the plane, and people start second-guessing everything, turning on themselves, etc. Poor little survivors

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL View Post
    Probably didn't get it anyways because us Canucks don't get the American commercials during the Super Bowl. If that's any consolation.
    Yeah. Damn Canadian regulations. Anyway, the video "Addicted to Lost" can be seen at Lostlinks. Earlier I thought I saw links there to other Superbowl commercials, but they're gone now.


    I spent the weekend rewatching some episodes and discovered something I never noticed before, although I’m sure others probably have. In the premiere episode last season, the pilot tells Jack: “6 hours in our radio went out, no one could see us. We turned back to land in Fiji, by the time we hit turbulence we were 1000 miles off course. They're looking for us in the wrong place.”

    This season, in episode 7 “The Other 48 Days” there was this conversation:

    Ana Lucia: They have satellites -- the black box -- we don't need a fire for them to find us.

    Cindy: Yes we do. Before the crash, the pilot said we'd lost communication; we were turning back. We were flying for two hours in the wrong direction. They don't know where to look.

    This tells me that they left Sydney, flew for 6 hours, turned around, flew the wrong way for 2 hours, then crashed. They were in the air for 8 hours.

    But later in the same episode, this conversation takes place, about Nathan:

    Ana Lucia: He wasn't on the plane.

    Bernard: What?

    Ana Lucia: We were in the air for 2 hours -- I didn't see him once -- not once.

    Was she so drunk on Tequila she mistook an 8-hour flight for a 2-hour flight? Or is this just another writer’s error? Or is there something fishy about Ana?

    Another inconsistency:

    Here’s a conversation from the first episode this season, “Man of Science Man of Faith”: (when Sarah was brought to the ER)

    Jack (to EMT): Tell me.

    EMT: Her tire blew, car jumped the divider, went head-on with an SUV.

    Nurse: Her BP's dropping.

    Jack: The pericardial's pierced. Was she driving?

    EMT: Yes, alone.

    Jack: Where's the driver of the SUV?

    (A man is wheeled in on a gurney.)

    EMT #2: Adam Rutherford, 57, chest trauma, no breath sounds.

    This tells us that Sarah was driving a car, Shannon’s dad was driving an SUV.

    But then in episode 6, “Abandoned”, we see this in a flashback:

    Sabrina: Doctor, my husband, Adam, how is he?

    Doctor: Your husband was in a head-on collision with an SUV. He suffered massive internal injuries. He stopped breathing at the site of the accident. I'm afraid we were unable to resuscitate him. I'm so sorry.

    So that suggests Sarah was driving the SUV. The writers need to pay more attention.

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