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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostonanisland View Post
    btw susie i think hurleys fb was in numbers, which is on tomorrow.
    maybe that's why they are showing it, to show that libby wasn't on the plane...

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    hmmm, after when AL hit nathan and threw him in the pit, she told the other tailies that she didn't see him on the plane (didn't help that the fool was evasive on what he was doing). i know cindy the flight attendent said she didn't see him also. did libby say that also...before or after cindy? it would seem that she was "implying" that she was on the plane....but maybe she wasnt and jump at agreeing with AL & cindy. i think i just confused myself.

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    Will Hurley Get Lost in Love?
    by Matt Webb Mitovich

    ABC's Lost (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET) took another tiny step toward Housewives-like sudsiness last week when Hurley finally (thanks, James!) made his move with Libby. But is the most lovable castaway about to get his big heart broken? In between hosting poker games with his Lost buddies — "Beware of that aggressive Oahu police force!" we warned him — Jorge Garcia phoned TVGuide.com to talk about Hurley's present (and, of course, past) predicaments, his own Web savviness and the "monster" of a pet he has living with him.

    TVGuide.com: It's been a while since the season premiere but I have to ask, since you do play Hurley: How satisfied were you with the hatch reveal?Jorge Garcia: I was very satisfied.

    TVGuide.com: How and when did you first learn what was down there?Garcia: I didn't see the set until the first day I came to work [this season]. [Dog yelps in background.] In the script, there was a description of, you know, the blank computer screen and stuff, and I kind of figured that these things would all end up being inside the hatch, just from reading it.

    TVGuide.com: You must have almost felt as if you picked up the wrong show's script at first.Garcia: But that is a big Damon [Lindelof, series cocreator] thing, where he starts out with: "There's just a cursor.... Lost is supposed to be on now, right?" It says that right there in the action part of the script. He likes to write what the audience is probably thinking at that moment.

    TVGuide.com: It must be cool to no longer have folks pester you about "What's in the hatch?! What's in the hatch?!"Garcia: Yeah, it was definitely cool that they did a lot of hatch stuff at the beginning, to kind of take care of that.

    TVGuide.com: What are people asking you about these days?Garcia: Um... [Dog growls] most people say they like all the excitement that's been going on lately, and I in turn agree with them that the scripts are getting really good. Like, right after they meet "Mr. Friendly" [the bearded leader of the Others] and Jack says to Ana Lucia, "How long does it take to train an army?" — that was a pretty cool direction to go in. [Dog yelps]

    TVGuide.com: OK, I'm curious, what kind of creature have you got there?Garcia: I have a "dach-huahua," a dachshund-Chihuahua mix. And a neighborhood cat kinda poked her head in the cat door, so the dog's been....
    TVGuide.com: On edge? In attack mode?Garcia: [Laughs] Yeah, she's been "protecting" the house for like 15 minutes now.

    TVGuide.com: Are you a Web-savvy type, out there visiting the Hanso Foundation sites and stuff?Garcia: I check out the Fuselage, because the questions get posted to me and I can answer them directly. But as far as the other websites, I will listen to iTunes podcasts, where a lot of people talk about what's on the different sites and what Easter eggs they're finding....

    TVGuide.com: It must be wild as an actor to be a part of something bigger than what you're going to work five days a week to do.Garcia: Yeah, it's really interesting. [Laughs] It's cool.

    TVGuide.com: So what are we doing here with Hurley-Libby? Last week Sawyer egged him on to make his move. What is Hurley's reluctance?Garcia: Sawyer certainly succeeded, we saw that much! I guess Hurley is a little bit of a chicken. It probably took him a long time to ask out Starla [in the Oct. 12 "Everybody Hates Hugo" flashback], as well, even though he'd been crushing on her for a while. But he wanted to ask her before it got out that he'd come into money.

    TVGuide.com: Hurley couldn't have just gone up to Libby and say, "Hi, I'm worth $156,000"?Garcia: He can't. He's not a man of that type of action.
    TVGuide.com: How is Cynthia Watros as a leading lady for you?Garcia: It's great, she's a lot of fun.

    TVGuide.com: Did you two have a "get to know you" sit-down when you saw where they were heading with Hurley and Libby?Garcia: No. We knew it was coming after they had me help her build her shelter, but it wasn't like we had any specific conversations about it.

    TVGuide.com: Just watch — you kids will hit it off and it will be revealed that she's a mole for the Others and she'll go all evil on ya.Garcia: [Laughs] Yeah, who knows!

    TVGuide.com: Have you had the chance to do any stand-up comedy since you started Lost?Garcia: I have not, actually, but that was more of something I dabbled in than really pursued. It might be cool to do it again because now I'd get to play a better room than a coffee shop!

    TVGuide.com: What sorts of things did you riff on?Garcia: Well, that's the other thing. I'm on a Disney show, but I was a little more blue with my material.

    TVGuide.com: Do you still like the way Hurley fits into the canvas, kind of the happy-go-lucky guy?Garcia: I like it a lot. And one of the things that is interesting is that it seems like his relationship with Jack has changed a bit. Jack still looks out for him, but there's more of a standoff between them on occasions, which I think is very interesting.

    TVGuide.com: Let's talk about your massive CD collection. How massive is it? Garcia: It's getting bigger. My girlfriend's out of town this weekend, so I went back to ripping CDs onto the hard drive and stuff, and I have....

    TVGuide.com: Hundreds?Garcia: Oh, easy. The only way I measure it now is in iTunes, and it says my entire collection would last 91 days. I used to have them organized alphabetically on shelves, but when I knew I was moving [to do Lost], I took them out of the jewel cases, put them into sleeves to compress the space, and then shipped them all to Hawaii.

    TVGuide.com: Have you upgraded to a video iPod yet? Because then you could, like, watch downloaded Lost episodes.Garcia: The show gave us video iPods for Christmas, actually!

    TVGuide.com: The "big story" last week was how Lost's original cast members had been offered a raise. How might you spend yours?Garcia: I would never get this, but I've always wanted one of those automatic card shufflers like they have in Vegas, the kind that handle three decks at a time. We have poker games sometimes, and that'd be a great thing to have.

    TVGuide.com: You know, we need another Hurley flashback episode, to show us exactly how and why his friendship with Johnny (DJ Qualls) became fractured.Garcia: Right. There's definitely the possibility for future stuff to do with DJ. I know Damon has mentioned to DJ there's the possibility of other stuff later. DJ's into it because he liked coming out and being a part of it.

    TVGuide.com: So, you don't know for sure if you'll get another flashback episode this season?Garcia: I don't know for sure. I'm hoping for like, a mental-institution story. Let's do that story and find out what happened there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florimel View Post

    Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway. Apparently it was Fox who initiated the salary increased by complaining to ABC. Josh and several others felt they had been given their big break by this show and were grateful. They don't want to risk their characters being killed off because they complain about their pay. I vote for Josh and the others who are grateful for what they have been given.

    The producers apparently think the fighting translates well in front of the cameras.
    When the show Friends first became popular and the cast wanted raises, David Schwimmer sat down with the other main actors and convinced them that they had to stick together and insist on equal salary treatment for all. His feeling was that as an ensemble, no-one should get paid more than the others, that if someone did, it would cause resentment and problems for the show. At the time, he was the perceived "star" and had been offered more $$ than the others. He ended up with less, some of the others ended up with more, but there was no infighting over money. It was a smart, generous thing to do and the rest of them later said that they were grateful for his leadership.
    Lost has a bigger, more complicated cast, but they could learn something from that. Maybe a certain base rate for the regulars (had speaking roles x number of episodes), and varying per-episode amounts for appearances like Danielle, Zeke and for now, Rose and Bernard, etc... If their roles increase in regularity, they get folded into the base. If you're are important enough to have had a flashback episode, you get xxx amount added to the base, with a bonus for each additional flashback.
    Imperfect, but hey, I've only thought about it for 10 minutes. I'm sure they could come up with something agreeable with more time.

    If the producers think the infighting translates well to the screen, they should invest in acting lessons, not strife.

    maybe that's why they are showing it, to show that libby wasn't on the plane
    Sorry, was it Xjeff who posted this? I don't think they show Hurley getting on the plane in this ep. I'll spoiler this -
    Click to see Spoiler:
    I think "Numbers" has something to do with the next new ep "The Long Con". The Lotto girl was involved with Sawyer in his flashback. Maybe Libby will show up in the mental ward in the scene where Hurley visits the guy who gave him the numbers
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    Thanks for that Hurley interview Justafan1. My favorite bit of info was the possible return of DJ Qualls.

    And cricketeen is right - you won't see Hurley board the plane tonight. But they may have chosen that particular episode
    Click to see Spoiler:
    to show us "Lotto Girl" who is supposed to pop up again, and also to show us the psych ward which may or may not have a connection to Libby.

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    cricketeen, about those spoilers,
    Click to see Spoiler:
    I dont think Libby appears in Numbers. They shot the episode last January IIRC, and talks hadn't begun with the new season 2 cast members until the late spring

    But who knows, maybe they snuck something by us.

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    Another thought just came to me. Are the show's creator's in charge of which reruns get aired? Or is it the network schedulers? Maybe they don't choose the episodes by what makes sense to the upcoming storylines, but rather the episodes that got the highest ratings. I'll try and ask that question over at The Fuselage and see if I can get an answer.

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    Some reading material to pass the time....
    From Lostlinks:

    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

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    I'm probably slow here but is tonight's episode a rerun?

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    Yes it is PGM.

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