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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    It finally came to me what Libby had said to Hurley when they were discussing the washer & dryer. She said to him "keep it simple". At the time, it was directed towards Hurley, but then I wondered if it was a jab at those of us who read into things, perhaps a tad too much. Now in hindsight, I wonder if it was an indicator of where they really do know each other from, because in 12-step support groups, there is often reference to the KISS principle--keep it simple, stupid. Could Libby and Hurley have been in some kind of counselling group together, as some of you have suggested, maybe in the psychiatric hospital? Just thinkin', is all...
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    i have some slight evidence that makes me think libby is an 'other'....when she was talking to him, she said that he stepped on her foot and he was running onto the plane at the very last minute, with his headphones on, and what not.....but he didn't put his headphones on until he sat down, not while he was coming onto the plane................

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    What episode was that in? I would like to go back and watch it again to see what Hurley does when he gets on the plane. I have a feeling it didn't happen. Has anyone checked this out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bell View Post
    Jflo...i think you and i are one of the few here who likes the character of ana lucia...and think that michelle rodriguez is a pretty good actress. real life character of MR definitely questionable. but no one is perfect. but hopefully she owns up to her actions and straighten out her life because she does have a nice future ahead of her if she wants it.
    You can count me in on liking the character. Prior to her, pouty Kate was the strongest female character of the survivors.

    I hope she can straighten up her life so that the writers won't be forced to kill her off some island war.

    Quote Originally Posted by fougette View Post
    It finally came to me what Libby had said to Hurley when they were discussing the washer & dryer. She said to him "keep it simple". ....... I wonder if it was an indicator of where they really do know each other from, because in 12-step support groups, there is often reference to the KISS principle--keep it simple, stupid.
    Very interesting- thanks for the insight.

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    I like the character of Anna Lucia too. Sometimes they just need to replace the actor instead of getting rid of the character. Somewhere in Hollywood there must be a great Anna Lucia lurking about. She has shown she does not take this job seriously, and I feel she needs to be dealt with.

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    I have just started re-reading Lord Of The Flies, I read it in grade 6 or something. Wow the similarities are interesting.
    I love the show Lost, I like the AL character in the show, she adds something to the show I mean. I do think this actress has not learned her lesson. The show is going to continue to change and make us wonder, maybe they don't need AL, there are other characters on the island that they have not developed.

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    Holy Cow! I had no idea I was starting such a big discussion! See what I mean about her polarizing people? Here's my 2 cents (ok, 4 cents by now) -
    I do not like AL the character. She is snarly, mean and uncooperative, but that is the point. It is a big group of people, and ya' can't like everyone. That has been proven many times here in the FORT. Almost every character has their fans and detractors. My feeling is that the writers plan (planned?) to redeem her in this up-coming "war" business. She could then become an audience-acceptable love interest for Jack? I was willing to give that a chance, and when she finally smiled last week I thought - ok, here we go....
    But I don't care at all for MR the actress. I cannot separate her off-screen from her on-screen persona (my problem, but it is distracting for me). I do not think she is a good actress, because I haven't yet seen her do much but sneer. Totally unmoved during her cryin-at-the-river scene. I agree with Florimel that Sandra Oh's performance makes her character Christine (Gray's Anatomy) interesting and sympathetic, and I'd love to see the same of AL. If it means replacing the actress, Noreen, it's ok by me.
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    from Kristin at E! (cutting out the stuff that doesnt matter)
    Click to see Spoiler:
    From Hellen: Lost scoop! Give us something good--you've been ignoring this show lately.
    The readers who've been writing me hate mail asking if I secretly work for JJ Abrams might think otherwise, my love. But you know I'm happy to oblige, as it has been phenomenal (JJ, add $100 to that tab) the past two episodes. Okay, big, big, huge, huge stuff coming up with Claire and the baby. She has a flashback ep coming up, and in it, Aaron is going to take a turn. Claire is going to start remembering. She's going to go places. And you're gonna freak.

    From mey80: One word: Lost. Give us some scoop, I can't wait for next week for a new episode!
    I so feel ya! Okay, big scoop: There is another undergroundy-ish thing that is hatch-like but not a hatch. And inside it, there is an important clue to the Others. Yee! It's good. Also, Rousseau is back. I'm told Sayid will be seeing her again--and there's much more to her story.

    From Tm: Maybe I am the eternal Locketimist, but I still have faith in him. I've thought for a long time baby Aaron was the key to this whole thing, and I feel like Locke is Aaron's guardian/protector. At the same time, for whatever reason, I feel like Eko and Claire have a spark brewing. Maybe they can kick Bernard and Rose out of the love shack Sayid built.
    Locketimist? Love it! I'm also a card-carrying member, though, I think my judgment is clouded by how much I adore Terry O'Quinn in person. Did you see he rocked the diamond-studded flip-flops at yesterday's SAG Awards? (Which Lost won, by the way--hooray !) Anyway, here's what I know: The baby is muito importante (which any Brazilian will tell you translates into "Possibly what this show is all about"). And though I don't want anyone moving into a love shack with my beloved Eko (SexAAA), I, too, smell an EClaire in the making and can't help but be for it--if only for the name. Yum.

    From tapdawg: What signage was on the building on last week's episode of Lost?
    Ooh! Glad you brought this up. 'Kay, regarding the Easter Eggs last week, I can tell you that the signage on the building (one is a face, the other is a sign that looks to say "something or other construction") is an Easter Egg that will come up again. But the building itself might be significant as well--it is the same power plant that is on the cover of a Pink Floyd album. And based on what I know about the Others, there are definitely some overtones of Animal Farm (which that particular Pink Floyd album is about) that can directly apply to the Others. 'Kay, also, the other Easter Egg was on the Nigerian plane, which you could only see in HDTV, in the left side of the screen during Charlie's dream in which you see the dove...

    there ya go. i see a bunch of important info on that...anyone want to comment on it?

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    Does anyone else harbor any suspicions about Claire? We still don't know how she escaped after Ethan captured her or why she was let go if she was. The others seem to be all about the children, but they haven't yet gone after Aaron. I just wonder exactly what happened to Claire while she was missing.

    On a different note, I normally don't read Star magazine, but I heard there was something about Lost in this issue. Apparently, IF you believe what Star says, there are a number of heavy-duty squabbles going on among the cast.

    Cynthia Watros and Josh Holloway. She said he needs an acting coach and poked fun at his dark roots. He responded by reminder her she was a soap opera actress. I'm with Josh on this one.

    Cynthia Watros and Evangeline Lilly. Apparently Cynthia asked, in no uncertain terms, for some major plot lines at Evangeline's expense. They avoid each other like the plague. Once again, I'll vote with the original cast member.

    Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway. Apparently it was Fox who initiated the salary increased by complaining to ABC. Josh and several others felt they had been given their big break by this show and were grateful. They don't want to risk their characters being killed off because they complain about their pay. I vote for Josh and the others who are grateful for what they have been given.

    Matthew Fox and Terry O'Quinn: They got along well at the beginning, but then Fox began to try being the leader of the pack off screen as well as on. O'Quinn, who does not like being controlled, takes exception to this. I think I'm with Terry on this issue.

    The producers apparently think the fighting translates well in front of the cameras.

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    heh, eclaire, thats a funny name.
    well i guess that explains where rose and bernard were the entire time.

    btw susie i think hurleys fb was in numbers, which is on tomorrow.

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