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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    I just saw this at scifi.com about Mr. Eko. Pay particular attention to the end where he talks about the characters of himself, Jack and Locke.

    Lost's Mr. Eko Reveals A Secret

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, the London-born actor who plays the mysterious Mr. Eko on ABC's hit series Lost, revealed to SCI FI Wire the directions he received in his pivotal scene—when he comes face to face with the island's monster—that may hint at the monster's true nature.

    "I mean, it was just like, they didn't say anything," Akinnuoye-Agbaje said in an interview at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour in Pasadena, Calif. Rather, the actor said, he was hammered with directions: "'And here it comes! It's coming! It's coming! ... It's going to take your soul out! He's looking at your mother! He's looking at your grandmother! ... He's going right into your deep, dark past! He's showing it all right in front of your eyes!' I'm, 'What?' And they're saying all of this in a split-second, and you've got to translate all of these emotions in one-point-two of a second. 'And now he's around you! Now he's in your back! Now he's coming up through your throat!' ... I was crosseyed by the time I finished it [laughs]."

    In the scene, Mr. Eko, one of the survivors of the ill-fated Oceanic Flight 815, encounters the monster, which appears to viewers as a billowing cloud of black smoke, in which flash images that appear to be scenes from Eko's past. "On top of it, you've got five cameramen with a big silver ball and a camera running at you, like, a hundred miles an hour," Akinnuoye-Agbaje said. "So I was scared, because he fell over a couple of times [laughs]. I was more afraid that he was going to hit me in the head with the camera than the damn monster [laughs heartily]."

    Akinnuoye-Agbaje, an actor of Nigerian extraction who has a master's degree in law from King's College, University of London, added that his character developed differently from what was originally conceived.

    "I think that the writers obviously brought this character in to be able to explore the more spiritual, mystical elements of the island," Akinnuoye-Agbaje said. "That's what they've told me about Eko. And, you know, they have the man of science, I believe, which is what Jack [Matthew Fox] represents. And then you have Locke [Terry O'Quinn], who's a man of philosophy, somewhat dark sometimes. And they wanted to juxtapose this man of faith against those. So it's like a pyramid. So that's where they originally perceived of him being placed. And I think beyond that, it's going to have to be an organic growth, because they watch how you interact, and then they see what comes from that. ... They have an idea, but who knows where it will end up?"

    For one thing, the writers ended up making Mr. Eko more of an active character. "I know they originally conceived of him as a very passive character," Akinnuoye-Agbaje said. "But ... taking the shirt off of a 6-foot-2 black man and putting a stick in his hand, it doesn't matter how passive he is, it's not going to give that image. And so they got with that and implemented it, rather than fight against it, into the character."

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    maybe locke locked (heh locke-locked) up the guns cuz maybe he is the mole among the losties and wants to prevent jacks army from attacking his others with those guns.
    though, i dont think there is anyway to get the guns from locke. he probably wouldnt tell them the combo if they asked for the guns, and if he was threatened, that wouldnt do anything cuz if u kill him ur still not gonna get the guns.

    and i was just thinking about something. when kelvin was in the swan alone, why did he need 20 or so guns?

    and also, i dont think the arrow is another station. cuz if each station has its own orientation video, then why was part of the swan video in the arrow bunker? wouldnt there be an arrow video in there if it was a dharma station and not a bunker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantGetNuf View Post
    If Libby said she was a Clinical Psychologist like Grimjack says then I think its a good bet that she was one of the doctor/nurses where Hurley was being treated. She might know hes a lottery winner and trying to establish a romance with him in case they ever do get rescued.
    Right, because whether she was a dr. or a patient Hurley's fairly memorable looking, so unless she were drugged to the eyeballs she'd recognize him with all the press he got on TV...the initial win and later the bad luck story. Poor Hurley if so! And didn't he tell someone about the Lotto win and they didn't believe him... so in a way that person could confirm it.

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    Well I finally got around to watching last night's ep (damn work), and I gotta say, it wasn't the best. There were some good points though:
    -Sawyer yelling out to Libby and then walking away, leaving Hurley all alone.
    -AL's and Jack's "Hit that" scene.
    -anything with Eko.

    What I didnt really care for though was the way Charlie, Locke and Claire were acting. All 3 of these people did things way out of character (Charlie acting all wiggy, Locke stashing the statues away and punching Charlie, Claire not caring about Charlie's dream, when she had a dream similar just before vanishing).

    Kate, Sayid, Michael, Sun and Jin were barely seen, but it's expected, due to the large cast size.

    Kinda thinking about it now, we got nothing last night on where Michael was, did we?

    And what was on that building? To me it looked like they were doing construction on it. Did they ever do construction on it? If so, that might lead us to get a good idea of the year.

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    I think it's funny that it was not such a great episode this time, but we seem to have plenty to talk about anyway! . I like the fact that we like a character at one time and then don't like them the next. That's what good writing is about. It keeps us tuning back in anyway! There has to be love, hate, character development, disappointment, hope, stuff that doesn't make sense, yet, different stories coming together...that's why it's number ONE!

    I also agree Libby may be a previous patient with Hurley. I find it strange that Locke kept the drugs as well, without telling Jack, or not destroying them. Mr. Ecko keeps us wanting to see more of him. He certainly has screen presence. And that line of A.L. to Jack about Kate was hilarious...never heard it put that way before. I think the painting show in Michael's home growing up was to indicate how important faith and religion was to them. And Michael having to "save" the family and being "special" is that he had talent. I could be very wrong there. But I was sad that Michael is being shunned by the group, however, I do understand their reasoning. The scene of him playing the piano on the beach was breathtaking. I'd love to do that in real life. Sawyer's nicknames are hilarious. As for a possible relationship with Locke and Claire, I agree...Ewwww.

    ArchieComicFan I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to noticing things on Lost..
    ... I'm pretty dull in the shed myself
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    Unless I was completely mistaken, did anyone notice the stuffed polar bears in the giant crib during the Driveshaft video shoot????
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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
    ... in Michael's home growing up was to indicate how important faith and religion was to them. And Michael having to "save" the family and being "special" is that he had talent. I could be very wrong there. But I was sad that Michael is being shunned by the group, however, I do understand their reasoning...
    ...ummm, I think you meant Charlie, right?...
    It's not having what you want; it's wanting what you've got...

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    Call me obsessed but I just spent the last 2 hours looking over all the transcripts for LOST since Season 1 and I now have a complete list of all the nicknames Sawyer has used for fellow strandees since the very 1st episode.
    I grouped them all together (all the Hurley one's together, etc...)
    Here they are: Sawyer nicknames:
    Lardo (for Hurley)
    Pork Pie (for Hurley)
    StayPuff (for Hurley)
    Pillsbury (for Hurley)
    Hoss (for Hurley)
    Jethro (for Hurley)
    Jabba (for Hurley)
    Doc (for Jack)
    Metro (for Jack)
    Jacko (for Jack)
    Saint Jack (for Jack)
    Dr. Quinn (for Jack)
    Hoss (for Jack)
    Dr. DoRight (for Jack)
    Sheriff (for Jack)
    Sweetheart (for Kate)
    Sweet cheeks (for Kate)
    The Mighty Huntress (for Kate)
    Freckles (for Kate)
    Sassafras (for Kate)
    Puddin’ (for Kate)
    Al Jerzeera (for Sayid)
    Omar (for Sayid)
    Captain Falafel (for Sayid)
    Mohammad (for Sayid)
    Boss (for Sayid)
    Chico (for Sayid)
    Sticks (for Shannon)
    Mr. Miyagi (for Jin)
    Chief (for Jin)
    Bruce (for Jin)
    Kato (for Jin)
    Sulu (for Jin)
    Chewie (for Jin)
    Amigo (for Charlie)
    Tattoo (for Walt)
    Short Round (for Walt)
    Kazoo (for Walt)
    Daddy (for Michael)
    Chief (for Michael)
    Mickey (for Michael)
    Boss (for Michael)
    Han (for Michael)
    Hoss (for Michael)
    Mikey (for Michael)
    Betty (for Sun)
    Mamacita (for Claire)
    Bluebeard (for Mr. Friendly)
    Zeke (for Mr. Friendly)
    Sister (for Ana-Lucia)
    Sweetheart (for Ana-Lucia)
    Cupcake (for Ana-Lucia)
    Rambina (for Ana-Lucia)
    Hotlips (for Ana-Lucia)
    Ponce de Leon (for Ana-Lucia)
    Shaft (for Eko)
    Mr. Clean (for Locke)
    Danielle Boone (for Locke)
    Hurley: (holding up a Jesus statue) I don't know. I thought there might be a prowler or something.
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    nilesgirl, you're obsessed. lol

    bbnbama, good find! i dont think thats been brought up yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fougette View Post
    ...ummm, I think you meant Charlie, right?...
    Oopsy I stand totally CORRECTED. Thanks. Watching too many shows with a character named Michael.

    nilesgirl Woweee! Outstanding work!
    Live simply ~ Love generously~ Care deeply~ Speak kindly

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