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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Charlie wonders how Eko knows of a plane that has been on the island for such a long time.

    Flashback shows Eko going to a church, where the small boy, Yemi, has grown up to become a priest. He wants Yemi to help him fly heroin out of Nigeria, and in return he'll give him money for vaccines. Yemi refuses.

    Kate gives sawyer a haircut.

    Charlie tells Eko that he was a good kid, an altar boy, until his brother got him hooked. But he wasn't intending to use the heroin in the statuette. They see a parachute in a tree, then find a priest's body on the ground. Eko recognizes it as the body of the man who saved his life.

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    Charlie recognizes scripture that Eko has carved into his walking stick. Wonders if Eko is a priest.

    A flashback shows that Yemi is Eko's brother. He wants Yemi to make he and his friends into priests so they can smuggle drugs, or else his friends will burn down the church. Yemi begrudgingly complies.

    Charlie is lost and can't find the Beechcraft. ("Lost". Get it? ) Eko makes him climb a tree. Suddenly the ground explodes. Charlie yells "Run!" but Eko remains still. It's the mysterious black smoke. Eko stares it down.

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    Oh, my heart is breaking for Ekko....
    Go Tigers!

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    Charlie spots the plane 1 km away from the tree.

    Michael tries to contact Walt on the computer. "Walt" responds and asks if Michael is alone, then says "they're coming back soon". Jack enters and interrupts the conversation. He tells Michael they will go look for Walt soon.

    Charlie and Eko find the Beechcraft.

    A flashback shows Eko and his pals, dressed as priests, loading the Beechcraft. Yemi drives up and tries to get Eko to leave. Then soldiers arrive and there's a shoot-out. Yemi is shot and pulled onto the plane. Eko is booted off before the plane pulls away.

    Back in the jungle, Eko finds Yemi's body in the plane. He's wearing a crucifix that Eko wore as a boy.

    Flashbacks show that the soldiers think Eko is really a priest.

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    I did the slo-mo thing during the black smoke, and there were images inside it, one of a woman...
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    Eko tells Charlie that the body is his brother. Eko gives Charlie a statuette to replace the one he broke. They burn the plane and Yemi's body and recite the 23rd Psalm. Eko tells Charlie he's really a priest.

    Hurley helps Libby build a shelter and I think I may see sparks there.

    Sawyer admires Kate's handiwork - thankfully his hair is still quite long.

    Charlie apologizes for lying, but Claire tosses him out anyway. Doesn't want him around the baby. Charlie goes off into the dark jungle and uncovers a hole where he has stashed several Virgin Mary statuettes. He adds the new one.

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    Well...that episode was definately worth the wait, eh guys?

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    Thanks Qboots!

    Excellent recap! My heart was breaking when Ecko (as a boy) shot the old man to spare his younger brother. What a sacrifice. What a horror, especially when you think that things like that have gone on in the past/go on today. People are cruel...It's almost unreal how cruel people can be.

    Anyhow, I am one of the people who like Ana Lucia's character (not like I'd want to be friends with her, but I like her on the show) and was happy to see Jin and Sun trying to befriend her at the end of the show. It tugged at my heart.

    Let's face it. I'm a schmaltzy mess tonight! OK, must think happy thoughts...

    Hey, are there any pigs in the blanket left? Or what did she call it...croissant dogs? Mmmmm...tasty!

    QBoots said: "Yemi's real name is Adetokumboh M'Cormack. He sometimes goes by Frederick McCormack."

    HOW DID YOU DO THAT? I remember seeing the name on the screen as it flashed by but there is NO WAY I could've spelled that by memory!!
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    aghh im so pissed my dvr didnt work. i was planning to do the slo-mo also but forgot to. maybe the black smoke is just memories.

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    what was the last word Walt was typing before Jack interupted Michael?
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