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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    An excellent start to tonight's ep with a shirtless Jin!

    Sayid appears to be digging a grave for Shannon, right next to where the castaways have their tents set up.

    In the hatch Jack is tending to a delirious Sawyer who asks "Where is she? I love her."

    Kate is up a tree gathering fruit and almost falls out. A beautiful black stallion appears in the jungle behind her.

    In a flashback we see Kate sitting on the steps of an old house out in the woods. A drunken Wayne comes home and she puts him to bed. She leaves on a motorbike and the house explodes behind her!

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    Next flashback shows Kate going to the diner where her mom, Diane, is a waitress. She gives Diane an insurance policy she took out on the house and says she's going away for awhile and that Diane shouldn't tell anyone she was here.

    Kate stays in the hatch to look after Sawyer and the timer while everyone else attends Shannon's funeral. (Everone except Ana-Lucia.) Sayid says a few words.

    In the hatch Kate tells Sawyer she hallucinated a horse. He wakes up and grabs her by the throat demanding to know why she killed him.

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    Jack and Locke go into the bunker and find Sawyer on the floor and Kate gone. The alarm is sounding and Locke fumbles while keying the numbers in, but he manages to hit enter just as the timer reads zero, and it promptly goes back to 108. (Damn.)

    Flashback shows Kate trying to buy a one-way bus ticket to Tallahassee, but the marshal arrests her. Diane gave her up.

    Michael asks Locke about the blast doors in the ceiling of the hatch. Locke is going to show Eko and Michael the Dharma film.

    Jack catches up with Kate in the woods and she kind of breaks down. He hugs her and says it will be alright. She kisses him passionately and then runs off. (Personally I think her biggest problem is sexual frustration. Anybody notice how calm Sun & Jin were when they came out of their tent?)

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    Locke, Michael & Eko discuss what may be missing from the film.

    Kate apologizes to Sayid for missing Shannon's service and asks if he believes in ghosts. He tells her he saw Walt in the jungle.

    A flashback shows the marshal and Kate driving at night in the rain. He wants to know why Kate killed Mom's drunken hubby. Kate won't say anything, other than the fact that Wayne never touched her. Suddenly they swerve off the road and crash. After a struggle, Kate pushes the marshal out of the car and drives off. She sees the black horse.

    Eko tells Locke a biblical story, then gives him a book they found in the other bunker. It contains a hollowed-out portion with the missing footage of Dr. Candle.

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    Hurley tries to make smalltalk with Jack. "So, Rose's husband is black. Didn't see that one coming." Then tells Jack he thinks Jack is angry at Sawyer. Something about "transferance" that he learned in the mental hospital.

    Flashback shows Kate visiting her Dad at a military base. He knows the authorities are looking for her. She wants to know why he never told her that Wayne was her real father. (She found this out while making a scrapbook of old photos.) Austen says he knew Kate would kill Wayne if she found out. Kate wonders why he didn't do it himself - Austen says because he doesn't have murder in his heart. He gives her a one-hour head-start before he calls the cops.

    Kate talks to an unconscious Sawyer. She thinks the ghost of Wayne is inside him. The reason she killed him was because she hated that she was a part of him, and therefore she could never be "good". Sawyer wakes up and, seeing that he is in a bunk bed, assumes they've been rescued.

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    Locke splices the film together and they see Dr. Candle saying not to use the computer to try and contact the outside world or for any other reason than to enter the code. Otherwise there will just be another "incident".

    Kate takes Sawyer outside the bunker to prove they haven't been rescued. He's liking how she's smiling at him and suggests they go back inside. Just then the horse comes strolling up. Turns out Sawyer can see it too; Kate goes over and pets it.

    Jack brings Ana-Lucia some tequila on the beach. Alas they have no tonic. (He remembered she ordered tequila and tonic in the airport bar.)

    The computer starts making a beeping sound. Michael looks at the screen and it says "Who is this?" Michael types "This is Michael. Who is this?" The computer replies: "Dad?"

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    I don't think Kate was completely wrong for killing Wayne. If she hadn't done it, he would've continued beating her mom and treating her the way he did. I'm a little surprised that Sawyer saw the horse too. I love it when he calls Kate Freckles. It's so cute. When is the next new episode? Is it next week? 'Cause I thought someone said after this we wouldn't see another new one until January. Someone tell me this isn't true.
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    Pretty good episode. It looks like maybe Walt is in some other bunker on another computer.

    I thought we would see that Kate was innocent and had been framed or something. As far as I'm concerned, she was wrong to kill Wayne and I have no sympathy for her. He never abused her, and Diane is a grown woman. If she wanted to leave Wayne she could have, but she loved him. Kate herself said her reason for killing him was because she hated the fact that he was her father. Well guess what Kate - killing him doesn't change your DNA. Not to mention the fact that taking out insurance on the house and then burning it down, is highly fraudulent. She also destroyed every single one of her mother's possessions. No wonder Diane was so pissed when Kate showed up at the hospital.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nilesgirl View Post
    When is the next new episode? Is it next week? 'Cause I thought someone said after this we wouldn't see another new one until January. Someone tell me this isn't true.
    Alas, it is. But you have to admit....we got a hell of a cliffhanger to tide us over

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