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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lea
    Hurley was missing.
    ....no. No he wasn't. Him and Charlie were with Kate playing golf on the beach when Jack came and challenged Kate to a 3 hole game or whatever it's called.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiddler
    ....no. No he wasn't. Him and Charlie were with Kate playing golf on the beach when Jack came and challenged Kate to a 3 hole game or whatever it's called.

    What happened to the golf course they made? Are they afraid for everyone to go back there to play now?

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    just read on another site that the crossword puzzle was Gilgamesh and some other dude named Ekido or something like that. Apparantly they are two people with differenty backgrounds (ones a savage, raised by animals, and one is kinda normal) that grow a great friendship i guess......maybe a foreshadow to Locke and Eko?

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    Yup, Ana-Lucia had problems. That still doesn't make it right for her to act the way she did. She's nuts.

    Loved, loved, loved the ending. After dh went to bed I played it back again four times. The whole episode I kept saying I would be REALLY upset if they didn't show Bernard and Rose together.

    Also - did anyone else catch that when they had the Ana-Lucia's guy in custody, her mother said something about they caught him in Echo Park. But is it Echo or Eko? I doubt it's a coincidence ...

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    After dh went to bed I played it back again four times.

    those numbers are insidious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by poutymouse
    I'm not sure about one of Jerry's girlfriends or not (although now that you mention it...) but ... she was Drew Carey's girlfriend on the final season or two of the Drew Carey Show.
    Ah, that's where I've seen her! I was getting her confused with "Schmoopie." We almost missed the last season of Drew because they did not have it on a regular schedule or advertise it. I always liked that show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bethw12000
    Yup, Ana-Lucia had problems. That still doesn't make it right for her to act the way she did. She's nuts.
    I so totally agree. I really hope she is the next to be drug off by the mysterious beast. I am tired of her charector already

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada Champ
    But the fact the she was pregnant makes her story a little more sympathetic I guess.
    I agree on paper it does, but it's hard for me to give it any emotional weight because of AL's acting. She's got that furrowed brow and dead-eyed stare in almost every scene.

    I thought it was a ho-hum episode, but reading everyone's comments made me like it a little more. The whole portion of the episode where she was holding Sayid prisoner made no sense. I didn't buy that she was that strung out, and surely she's bright enough to see that it wouldn't accomplish anything.

    I have to agree with those of you who said it looked like they were setting up some common ground between AL and Sayid, possibly for future romance. (Ewww!) Sayid didn't seem that internally tortured to me last season, despite his past as an officer and all that. I guess we're in for some soul searching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bell
    i think ALs violent nature came into effect after she got shot. i still dont think she was like this before. i guess this is how she deals with her traumatic experience.

    i do see a sayid-AL relationship in the future. maybe not 'loving' but and understanding of each other. we saw that tonight. where she said she's 'alone' and 'dead'. and sayid too said he was dead inside. maybe both will go searching for the 'others'.
    My personal take on it is -- they had the man in custody and they had a confession. If he had gone to trial and been acquitted by our often demented justice system, I would not have had a problem with her going after him and doing what she did. But, she purposefully lied so he could be released and she could kill him herself. JMO

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    What a failure Ana-Lucia has been. And Lost was doing so well until her. I agree with hepcat, the problem is the acting (the writing isn't that good either, the motivations for that character are a little off) She's just...pissed off all the time and it's beyond being about her tormented little soul, it's just childish. Even the other characters were going "Uuuh. yeaaaaaah...I'm gonna gonna go ahead and leave now." I also agree with hepcat that the whole standoff between her and Sayid seemed a little manufactured for both characters, especially Sayid. I could understand if he used Shannon's death as the angle for his "I'm already dead" attitude, but he actually went back to the tortures, something we had been led to believe that he had already dealt with (and from his attitude and actions, it seemed clear he had made major progress coming to terms with it). It just seemed odd that he would mention the tortures as his major downer with Shannon's body around the corner.

    I didn't understand the last shot between Jack and A-L. It was so dramatic, was the only significance that he had met her at the airport bar prior to their flight? It's hard to make it exciting that someone is now sure the tail-section had survivor(s) when Jack already heard her name being mentioned, and when we already watched Rose find her husband.

    I think what this series needs to get back on track is to demote A-L to a resolved character status, so that we don't have to deal with a flashback for her and her furrowed brow. And of course, we need more numbers/Dharma initiative content! When I think back about the orientation video, I realize they have such a golden backstory to work with, and I really don't understand why they bother with a character like Ana-Lucia.
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