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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by psucashcow
    I work in a law office and can tell you that it is a possibility that there was a living trust, but with a child from a previous relationship, I would think that there would be a provision made for her, unless Shannon and her dad were on the outs. As for storing a will, while our attorneys counsel leaving the will with us for safekeeping, the original can be stored by the owner anywhere they want...home safe, safe deposit box (bad choice). If the will is probated, all beneficiaries must be notified, so Shannon would have been notified. I think that the step mom pulled one over Shannon and Boone was probably aware of the deception.
    Could be Sabrina and the lawyer were scheming together. I doubt we'll ever know since it seems that Shannon and Boone's storylines are at an end. But maybe not.

    I think Sabrina Rutherford would fit in very well on Wisteria Lane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florimel
    I think Sabrina Rutherford would fit in very well on Wisteria Lane.
    She'd be too much competition for Edie as the resident bitch!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Sabrina Rutherford seems like a control freak who for some reason really disliked her step-daughter, Shannon. I'm pretty sure that Boone's trust fund was set up by his dad or another deceased relative, not money that Sabrina set aside for her own son, as Sabrina preferred to control Boone by offering him a good job across the country (maybe so he wouldn't be in New York to help out Shannon with a place to stay). I liked the theory that I saw that Shannon worked as an au pair for the French speaking father of her young dance student that we saw early in last night's episode, the one who had offered that "position" to another dance teacher (saw this theory bandied about) as that would explain how Shannon picked up some French and solved her immediate financial troubles when she was 18 and her wicked step-mother cut her off with no warning.

    Jack was in the ER when Shannon's dad died.
    Jack wasn't able to save Boone (Shannon's "brother").
    Jack probably won't be able to save Shannon from this injury either.
    The Rutherford-Carlyle clan should avoid having Jack as their family physician.
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    Shannon IS dead and AL killed her.

    'Lost' Loses Another Main Character
    Thursday November 10 10:58 AM ET

    It would seem to be lights out for Shannon on "Lost." The spoiled Daddy's girl was apparently killed off Wednesday night as the ABC thriller made good on its promise to eliminate one of its characters.

    Hyped by the network as the episode that "people will be talking about all year long," it had indeed spurred lots of chatter even before it aired. Despite mighty efforts by the series' producers to keep secret the victim's identity beforehand, bloggers and other "Lost" sleuths seized on Shannon Rutherford weeks ago as the castaway most likely to be "lost forever."

    Even so, the episode put forward another possible candidate: fellow refugee Sawyer (Josh Holloway). Feverish and weakened from a bullet wound, he fell into unconsciousness during a grueling hike through the jungle interior.

    It seemed he was a goner. Or just a red herring? At last sighting, he was being carried on a makeshift stretcher by others in his party. His condition seemed grave. "Lost" can be a tease.

    But by all indications short of a death certificate, the bell tolled for Shannon. Pushing through the thick jungle growth in frantic pursuit of Walt (Malcolm David Kelley), the vanished child whose image keeps haunting her, Shannon was mistaken for one of the demonic Others and shot by trigger-happy Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez).

    Wounded and bloody, Shannon collapsed into the arms of Sayid (Naveen Andrews), who had just professed his love for her and told her that, by golly, he had seen Walt's vision, too.

    It was just another day on the uncharted tropical island where Shannon and dozens more airline passengers crashed last fall at the same time launching "Lost" into a hit.

    Played by Maggie Grace, Shannon had been depicted as a sexy brat whose checkered past included seducing her stepbrother Boone Carlyle, a fellow island refugee until his death last season in a freak accident. Shannon was left reeling by that loss.

    On Wednesday's episode, Boone (played by Ian Somerhalder) made a guest appearance in a flashback. He was seen comforting teenage Shannon upon the sudden death of her father, after which her stepmother rudely cut off her funds.

    Then trust-fund Boone betrayed Shannon when he announced that Mom had offered him a well-paying job.

    No wonder Shannon wrestled with abandonment issues.

    "I know when we get out of here, you're just gonna leave me," she tearfully told Sayid moments before she was shot.

    "I will never leave you," he said.

    His devotion seemed to be a "Lost" cause.


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    Extended: drawn-out: relatively long in duration
    Shannon was shot and we won't pick up where this episode left off I think, until Nov 23rd. Next week is about the tallies, from the time they arrived on the island. There will probably be no mention of Shannon the entire episode. Hence, the relatively long,
    drawn out time before we pick up where yesterday left off. Not extended in time - still a 1 hour show, I am sorry to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiddler
    Ahhh...found one!


    That definitely doesn't look like a gunshot wound....

    Edit: Here's a better, clearer picture of it...

    You're right, it doesn't. Or more precisely from my point of view, it looks more like an exit wound than an entrance wound from a handgun, suggesting (hopefully) to me that the little witch shot Shannon in the back rather than the front.

    Go mad dog vengeful on her Sayid, sic her!

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    Originally Posted by nilesgirl
    I'm not sure Sayid really saw him. I think he told Shannon he did because she had just gone on about how badly she needed for him, for someone, to believe in her. He didn't want her to feel alone anymore so he said that he saw Walt, too, so that she would know that he really believed in her and loved her.

    Originally Posted by realityfan101
    Sayid saw him. If you replay the episode, Sayid gets this stunned look on his face (I thought he saw the others) and then Shannon turns around and Walt's there.
    Does appear Sayid saw Walt:

    From the official website:
    And as they fall into an embrace, Sayid sees something that couldn't be there. He sees Walt -- and Shannon doesn't know whether to be frightened or relieved. She takes off after him into the jungle and it takes a moment for Sayid to jar himself into action. But that second is all it takes for life on this island to take yet another tragic turn.

    (And notice the ABC site stops short of saying Shannon was shot, or killed, as their recap ends right there.)

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    i still don't believe AL shot shannon, and like the idea with danielle shootin shannon, but then what was AL and crew looking at? maybe cindy?


    maybe Walt killed shannon, he was learning how to throw knives, maybe walt killed shannon, and then AL shot walt? DAMNIT why do we have to wait another 2 weeks to find out!!! grrr @ JJ

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    I can't speak for anyone else here, but I love not knowing the whole story. It makes you question certain things, makes you think. We need more people who are able to think in today's society, there's very few of these people left.

    Anywho, back to last nights ep. I'm glad there was no mention of Jack or Kate. The first 3 eps of this season were very involved with Jack and Kate, so this is a good break. We dont want this turning into The Jack and Kate Show, after all. Besides, we're bound to have a new Kate-centric ep coming up soon. And I'd bet a few bucks that we're gonna have 1 or 2 more Jack-centric eps this season.

    The sidestory with Charlie/Locke/Claire was good. Nothing shocking or compelling, but it was necessary to set up future episodes where Charlie must choose between Claire/Aaron/Locke/herorin. Which one he choose? Tune in to find out!

    Hmm, so out of the 21 regular/semiregular castaways we've had so far in the series (wow, 21 already), this episode featured (in one way or another):
    Hurley (helping Rose with clothes)
    Jack (hospital flashback)
    Mr. Eko (is it spelled Eko? i can never remember!)
    Ana Lucia


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    Quote Originally Posted by tigergirl
    ... extended show - I wonder if that means TWO WHOLE HOURS???
    I would anticipate that this means about 65 min. of story content and 55 min. of commercials.

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