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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambikins
    Sawyer's Slut

    Sayid's Shack Job
    Although I Sawyer. Who could resist Sayid's Shack Job?!
    If you need me, I'll be waiting in the shack!

    But seriously, I fell asleep! Again! I made it to Jin and Echo seeing the others walk by, then when I awoke, it was to see Invasion. In my sleepy confusion, I couldn't understand how Jin was speaking English and when did a sheriff get on the island, and then I opened my eyes! ARGH. Now I have to wait until Saturday to see if they replay it!

    Then to top it all off, after that mention of "Buffy" in a previous post, I had this weird dream about what went wrong on the island. The scientists were studying vampires, they lost control of them and the vampires started killing people, the hatches are all connected because that is how the vampires could travel w/o being affected by the sunlight. Next thing I know, I'm in the dream-Jack stabs one in the back with a pencil he found in the hatch and everyone takes off running. I scared myself so badly I woke up!

    Anyway, from what I saw-I really liked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nilesgirl
    Lea, I love your avatar.
    Thank you.I got it off of a greating card I bought at Target of all places. Did anyone notice when Jin and Ekko were hiding from the others someone else was hidding by himself in a seperate place? I don't know if I saw it wrong but he looked like Desmond to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justafan1
    What I didn't hear what Mr. Aiko said to JIN before he saw Michael?
    He said something to the effect that he had lost the tracks and was going to go back and look for them
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    As soon as Sun lost her ring, my mom started shouting at the screen "You buried it with the bottle!!" We both laughed hysterically when she turned out to be right, because she doesn't get into this nearly as much as I do.

    I thought Mr. Ecko was going back for the cap to the water skin.

    I also thought that Goodwin was a member of the tail section survivors who was killed by an Other. Which brings up the question for me - is it just coincidence that the tail section survivors also know them as "The Others"? Does it mean they've also had contact with Danielle, since she was the one who introduced that phrase to the main group? It seems odd that they would both independently come up with the same phrase.

    I thought we saw the same three or four pairs of legs pass by three times and I was completely confused by that. I definitely don't think the teddy bear was Walt's because when they grabbed him off the raft he wasn't carrying anything (or at least nothing that big!) I'd be in the camp that says it's Alex's...although...didn't Danielle give birth on the island after the crash? In that case, would she necessarily have had a large teddy bear with her, since she would have expected to be home by the time she gave birth?

    I too thought the episode was a bit slow, but in a good way. I like that they go back and pick up storylines, especially this one. It's nice to see the soft, pre-gangster days of Jin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jette66
    This was the impression I got also...that Jin was asking if the "Others" were responsible for Goodwin's death.

    Also...in regards to how many "Others" walked by when Jin and Ekko were hiding...I thought I counted at least ten to twelve pairs of legs.
    jette66: I definitely counted twelve sets of legs, as did my two roomies, sitting on the couch next to me. However, I agree that they replayed the shot at least once, because the smears of mud were 100% identical on one of the woman's legs. So, if we split the difference, there were probably 6 others.

    Quote Originally Posted by xjeff99
    I think we will eventually see a teddy bear in a flashback within the next 2 episodes that relates to someone either on the plane or a connection back before the plane (like desmond/jack). just a thought.
    I doubt the bear is Walt's. First off, when he was stolen from the raft, he was grabbed and pulled off, leaving NO reaction time for Walt to reach behind him to grab his Snuggles (TM) teddy bear. Secondly, if the bear had ANY importance to him, he would have mentioned it to his dad and it would have been one of those things that a Desperate Daddy would have gone to Sawyer for, to see if he had found it. Lastly, I don't know too many pre-teen boys who lug stuffed animals around with them. The legs of the person hauling the bear around looked to me more adult stature vs. child. The bear could be a dead child's and it's the parent of the child who is dragging it along, as a memory.
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    I like the backstory of Jin and Sun. This show does a good job with character development.

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    I like the character development as well. The backstory wasnt what made it slow; we get those every week. It was actually the island activity or lack thereof that seemed slow. A lot of vapid dialogue and wandering in the jungle. I thought one of the great parts of the show was when there was complete silence and all we heard were the sounds of the island, panning around to see Jin and Eko in the bushes and then the legs of the others.

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    Miss Understood
    The bear could belong to the child of Danielles that was taken, maybe the child is grown up but still has his bear?

    I think there is going to be a "twin" thing going on some how, a cloning or something. I read where there was a clue about this on the boat that took walt, there was a set of twins on there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lea
    Thank you.I got it off of a greating card I bought at Target of all places. Did anyone notice when Jin and Ekko were hiding from the others someone else was hidding by himself in a seperate place? I don't know if I saw it wrong but he looked like Desmond to me.

    I thought the same thing-- at first when they showed just they eyes on one person hiding, I could have sworn it was Desmond!

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    Ok, I just rewatched that scene twice and I don't see another pair of eyes anywhere! Maybe someone else who recorded it can check in case I'm missing it.
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