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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by cricketeen
    OK, I'm reaching here... In order to prevent an 'explosion', would it be possible to release the pressure via a well-timed mechanical device? Old Faithful erupts at regular intervals.
    Too far fetched?
    It could be 'released' if it was only a geyser, cricketeen. I'm talking about hot springs, like those found in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

    Quote Originally Posted by J.R.
    JR. Quote:
    Originally Posted by DetGuy
    What do people want short of them revealing the whole damn thing? Think about where we were last season and where we are now. There has been a significant amount of movement.

    But, they are creating more questions than they are giving answers. If it stays that way it's going to be a huge mess, there will be too many story lines to follow.
    Exactly, J.R.! I'm beginning to get that X-FILES feeling that I got after they released the "Movie that Would Answer ALL Questions"....yeah, right! :nono By time Duchovney was ready to bail from the show, I was already gone. Aliens, Black Oil, Whose The Daddy....it was great conspiracy while it lasted but the writers lost track of the crumbs they had dropped to head them back to the plot. That's why I admire J.K. Rowling; she has acknowledged that she uses this one website (muggle.net) to go back and pick up plot lines and details that even she has forgotten about, and she's only 1 writer. When you have a show with multiple writers with multiple thoughts of where the show should go, it just fizzles out, just like X-FILES and BtVS did in the last years.

    Writers: Less questions=More interest!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Canada Champ[/QUOTE
    Regarding the monster:

    One possible reason as to why the monster hasn't reared its ugly head this season might be because now the survivors are in the hatch. Maybe Desmond was doing other things in the hatch, intentional or not, that caused the monster to appear. It could be anything, even something as simple as turning the record player on. If I'm right (which I'm probably not, but who cares, its fun to speculate!), then the next appearance of the monster would be when one of the survivors either presses the wrong button/switch, and the monster starts chasing some of the people on in the forest at the time.
    I distinctly remember someone saying that the "monster" was the Island's "Security System". Perhaps the Island isn't feeling threatened at the moment. However, I don't know who or what would trigger the monster to appear.
    Still crazy, after all these shears

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigergirl
    I remember somewhere pages back there was a comment posted from Lindelof (I think?) that
    Click to see Spoiler:
    it was significant that although everyone assumes the crash happened present day, they have never said that it did.
    That seems really significant and I keep turning it over in my brain in conjunction with what we now know from the Orientation film, but I can't quite make the connection yet. Anyone else?
    Sorry if anyone posted this already, but the time frame of the crash definately has to be AROUND our present day.

    Click to see Spoiler:
    The Apple II came out in 1977 (way before my time), Locke said that he hadn't seen one of those in 20 years. And I'm guessing the last time he saw one wasn't the day it came out, so, lets say, last time he saw an Apple II was years later. That would put the show anywhere between 1997 and now

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    Quote Originally Posted by CashMoneySoviet
    Sorry if anyone posted this already, but the time frame of the crash definately has to be AROUND our present day.

    True, but the never have officially said that it was 2004 or 2005, or whenever. They might play this up in later episodes/seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada Champ
    True, but the never have officially said that it was 2004 or 2005, or whenever. They might play this up in later episodes/seasons.
    Another reason why the crash had to happen in 2004/2005.

    It just came to me.

    Click to see Spoiler:
    Hurley was driving a 2003-2005 Hummer H2. The car debuted as a 2003 so he couldnt have bought the car any earlier than a mid to late 2002 . Assuming he had a year to a year and a halfs time to make the investments and whatnot, this places us in 2004.
    Last edited by CashMoneySoviet; 10-13-2005 at 09:29 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLuvs
    ETA: Due to my friends work they have met every cast member from LOST so I am 99 percent sure this is true. Leaving room for the one percent so that I can hurt him if he is wrong
    LOL! You give him hell JLuvs!
    Click to see Spoiler:
    I wouldn't be upset if he was right about this one being gone... Thanks for the heads up!!! And Florimel, I like Sun a lot, too. Hopefully she'll be safe from firing!

    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog
    Probably the writers nod to all of us who obsess over this show on the computer bulletin boards and forums. We are ALWAYS pressing the damn button to get more Lost info!
    I wouldn't put this past the writers at all...But this is fun!

    Quote Originally Posted by getreal
    I see a Sawyer/Ana Lucia connection. She smiled at him when he said he'd kill her. Bad girl likes the bad boy. Even if she can beat him up.
    That would actually be nice...I'm sick of the Sawyer/Kate/Jack triangle...
    Click to see Spoiler:
    This probably doesn't need to be in spoiler mode but just in case...I've been reading that Ana Lucia is supposed to be in a love triangle between Jack, Kate and her...
    Last edited by Lois Lane; 10-13-2005 at 10:54 PM. Reason: Added to message so there's no double post from me tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxxFisher
    I don't know if anyone mentioned this, the song that was in Hurley's dream was "My Conversation". Rose was humming it while she hung laundry.
    was anyone else a wee bit disappointed that we didn't get to see Rose lay eyes on the deluxe whirlpool washer & dryer??

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    HI there
    an update of josh holloway aka sawyer this afternoon hawaii time: nothing much than the original news...just a statement from him or his publicist.


    Posted at 4:36 p.m., Thursday, October 13, 2005

    'Lost' star releases statement on robbery

    Associated Press
    Josh Holloway, who plays con man Sawyer on the ABC castaway drama "Lost," said today he was grateful to Honolulu police for their help after a reported armed robbery at his Hawaii Kai home.

    But the actor who cuts a volatile, angry figure in the series had nothing to say about the robbery itself in a statement released by Touchstone Television. KHON-TV reported that he and his wife, Yessica, were held at gunpoint early yesterday morning by a man still at large.

    "My family and I are fine and appreciate everyone's concerns and good thoughts," Holloway said in the statement. "We are very grateful for the help of the Honolulu Police Department and the support of the local community."

    KHON reported that Holloway and his wife were rousted from bed. The robber took cash and credit cards and then drove off in Holloway's Mercedes-Benz, which was found abandoned a short time later, the station reported.

    There was no indication the robber recognized the 36-year-old actor, KHON reported.

    The Honolulu Police Department referred questions to the detective assigned to the case, who wasn't immediately available for comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riblit
    was anyone else a wee bit disappointed that we didn't get to see Rose lay eyes on the deluxe whirlpool washer & dryer??
    LMAO. Good point!

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    Take a look at this screencap from the preview. Does it look like the leg of 10-year-old African-American boy?

    Gracie: At this screencap site, you can see what you were looking for on the preview. It was a little gruesome to post here, though.

    Lost-media screencaps
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    Quote Originally Posted by riblit
    was anyone else a wee bit disappointed that we didn't get to see Rose lay eyes on the deluxe whirlpool washer & dryer??

    Me I was disappointed. First Hurley tells her there is another way to wash clothes and then we don't get to see the look on Rose's face when she actually sees the very modern washer and dryer. Either they are "saving" the scene for future DVD footage, or... they realized they made a mistake putting such an easily recognizable utility in there with ancient computers. I haven't noticed it in the hatch since, anyone else?

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