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Thread: Lost - Season 2

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    'm not sure why Hurley's friend was so disappointed that Hurley won the Lotto. If a friend had won and didn't tell me, I would've been surprised but happy when I found out. Now, if he continued to make me pay all the time, that'd tick me off!
    Consider this though... Hurley quit his job after Randy made the crack about him being "made of money"... which, having won the lottery, he now was. He suddenly realized that he didn't have to keep the job, so he quit! His friend didn't have the benefit of knowing this - and thought Hurley had quit "on principal". Admiring this, he quit too. You could see that Hurley was upset about that - but still didn't say anything.

    I'm not surprised that his friend was put out. He was suddenly realizing that while Hurley might not have needed that job - he did

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    Oh you! I was just logging on to say the same thing. Additionally, he said more than once that they could to apply together for a new job and keep working together. And Hurley said nothing.

    Hepcat - I am on board with your last post.

    Maybe the tailgaters group whittled down from 23 because they couldn't live with miss AL Leathervest and ran off to join the Others so they could talk.

    Hope Kate got all that melted chocolate off her butt.
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    heh did anyone notice that hurley's friend is the kid from The New Guy. haha that movie was hillarious. maybe in another flashback he'll give Hurley the "eye" for not telling him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by getreal
    Of course, a wet fart in a shower also smells like sulphur, so she might've been just making excuses to explain the smell to Jack ...

    Thanks for making me spit diet pepsi through my nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great theories, everyone - I have one thing to add about Hurley's friend being peeved about the lottery thing. Hurley had the perfect opportunity to tell his friend that he won before he quit his job. Now the friend thinks Hurley quit because he didn't need the money, and Hurley "let" his friend quit and think that they were just two jobless losers spending the day pretending it was ok, when in reality, Hurley wasn't pretending at all. He was all set - at least in the friend's eyes. Make sense?

    Riblit - just realized you have the same thoughts above - great minds think alike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cricketeen
    Another clue or something we should dismiss? I lived with well water for years. Untreated, it had a sulfur smell; once filtered and through the softener, it was gone. No biggie.
    We have sulfer water now. It comes from deep wells, so they obviously have a well on site to supply the water.

    Sulfer was used in earlier times for sickness. It has antibiotic qualities. Also it was known in the bible as "brimstone". Also it has pest control properties both by burning it and by ingesting it. I just read a book set in the middle ages that had a physician that talked a lot about sulfer.

    And pioneers and Indians in early Florida found out that by drinking sulfer water over a long period of time kept mosquitos from biting them.
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    Doesn't seem like too many new theories were raised this week, or at least, not as many as usual.

    So, thought I'd post something completely off topic.

    Watching Hurley enter the code at the beginning of the show last night got me thinking... I noticed he entered the code with around three minutes remaining. I'm not a button pusher, unless I could confirm that there was imminent danger if it wasn't pushed every 108 minutes, and that being said, if I did in fact decide that pushing the button would keep me alive, I don't think I'd be waiting for the timer to count down to under three minutes before entering the code. Definitely wouldn't let it get down to under a minute, too much pressure, the alarm too annoying, etc. Maybe after six months I'd like variety and decide that I needed to push the button every 60 minutes, just so it wouldn't feel like the computer was telling me what to do, heh. I have to admit to being fairly anal at times, so I am already guessing that I would hit execute with the same amount of time remaining each time, not much variation, if any.

    Just curious as to how much time left on the timer would be remaining before you guys entered the numbers - 10 minutes? 30 minutes? more? any time you happened to walk by the computer? always the same time remaining each time you hit execute?

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    I see your point, Mozz. You'd have to start experimenting in some form if you had nothing else to do. And who is the computer to tell you what you can and can't do?

    Mozz, yelling at the computer: "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by riblit
    I'm not surprised that his friend was put out. He was suddenly realizing that while Hurley might not have needed that job - he did
    Yeah, but knowing Hurley, he'd give the kid a year's salary or more to alleviate some of his guilt. It's not that difficult to find a job in the fast food industry. The turnover rate is so high that they're always losing people and hiring new ones. (And while he may have quit in solidarity with Hurley, he did it because he wanted to. Hurley didn't try to get him to quit with him. I've quit jobs I hated and didn't think badly of my friends who didn't quit with me because work is work.)

    I completely understand why he kept his mouth shut. I won a bit of money a long time ago--nothing like that--just a tiny amount and still everyone wanted a piece of it and it makes you feel weird having to deal with it. I think Hurley knew that winning that Lotto would have consequences...

    And thanks to whoever pointed out that the friend was the guy in that movie. I was trying to figure it out...he's such a weird looking dude--he's almost a caricature of a man!

    And Mozzz, I'd never hit the button. I figure that if that's the only way I could be kept alive, I'd rather die than be a slave to the computer (although given that I'm on the computer all the time checking this board, maybe I already AM a slave to it)...I'd just eat all the food I'd been hording and die fat and happy. That said, I don't think hitting the button is keeping anyone alive. It's more like an experiment to see how long people will follow orders when they're under duress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mozzz
    Just curious as to how much time left on the timer would be remaining before you guys entered the numbers - 10 minutes? 30 minutes? more? any time you happened to walk by the computer? always the same time remaining each time you hit execute?
    Having been "educated" by TV that timers must always be stopped when there are less than 3 seconds left, but before it gets to zero I am sure I would hit Execute with 2 seconds left everytime.

    At least that's when I stop my microwave when I'm heating leftovers...

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    Comments about dwindling 23 in the tailsection down to smaller numbers....

    What did Danielle say to the group about the Others? Can someone with that episode on tape go back and tell us? They were frightened and they felt the need to hide (in the hatch) to protect themselves. So they went to get the nitro/dynomite to blow it up....What if the Others came for whatever reason and took the survivors one at a time? So those 23 lost one, then two, then more....?

    I don't think its going to be cannibalism either. But I think the Others may be so mean and violent that they have obviously made this tailsection group suspicious and more barbaric in the treatment of each other which is why, when jin, Sawyer and Michael floated to the beach they attacked them. Who would expect more people to float up on the beach this many days after their plane crash?
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