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Thread: Entertainment Tonight

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    Entertainment Tonight

    There are parts of the show, I like and don't. But I really like Mark Steines as co-host. He has a lot of charisma, along with charm, good personality, sharp looks, shows professionalism, and yet fun at the same time. He should of been co-host with Mary Hart along time ago, instead of Bob Goen. I found him and John Tesh Boring. I also think its time for Mary Hart to part ways. She's annoying.

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    I like Mark Steines, but I also liked Bob Goen.
    Not keen on Mary Hart, I'd prefer to see Jan Carl take over, although I don't really like her that much either.

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    I love Mark Steines. He's married to a former Miss USA or Miss America, I think (LeighAnn something or other). I like Jan Carl too....of course, I also loved John Tesh...I've seen him in concert and he is awesome..not the type to run up and down the stage, a la Garth Brooks, but still entertaining!
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