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Thread: Starved on FX

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    Did you notice how his overeater friend recommended the colonic and then everything went sideways when he tried it? And in the preview for next week the same friend recommends shaving his balls, to disastrous results. I can see that as an impetus for humor in the show, that he is always getting into bad situations after following this one friend's ideas.

    I agree with a previous post about how it was sad the cop friend had his table set for two.

    The gal pal plays sadness (expressed as anger) very well too. Was the critical dad her biological father and the one played by that guy from Frasier her "other dad"?

    The show really encourages the viewers to question their own attitudes about weight, such as when the secretary said it was very iffy to call a 5'9" woman who weighs 140 lbs. not fat. Or the very fact that the gal pal is so beautiful and we have to sit and think about whether we'd still define her as beautiful if she weren't that skinny.

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    I was wondering about the gal pal's "parents" too. Maybe the mom had a sex change operation? It is confusing because he made a derrogatory comment about her being a lesbian.

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    I saw this for the first time last night and loved it! I'm probably going to be hooked. I love the quirky humor.
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    I make sure to watch this every time that it's on. It's really well written & touches on those 'topics' that everyone has avoided for years.
    Like sid18 said, stop showing anyone else's struggles in life then (alcoholics, druggies, abusive relationships, etc).

    The last show where he clipped his balls was hysterical!! Especially the phone calls to the doctors & how she wanted him to describe the problem with her.

    This show cracks me up.. it's a keeper for me.
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