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Thread: Michael Jackson on "20/20"

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    What hospital would allow you to take a baby fresh from the womb, covered with afterbirth, home? I find that a stretch. Just because he's scared there might be something wrong with the baby he is not going to let the doctor's check the baby out?
    I was hoping the journalist would have pressed harder on some questions. (plastic surgery)
    I feel asleep half way through, did we find out if the mom's care that they aren't with their children?
    Why take the kids to a zoo to be badgered by press when you have one at home?

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    I asked myself the same thing. How could they let him take that baby? I can't get over how much some people are so called star struck. Even doctors.
    I remember when John Lennon was alive, his account of Shawn's birth and the fact that Yoko and probably the baby were in extreme distress in the delivery room, and the staff seemed more interested in chatting with him. He finally said look you f*ers my wife and baby are on the table do your GD job.
    MJ seems to get away with everything simply because of who he is. Is there not one freakin social services officer who isn't star struck?If he was Joe Nobody those kids would have been taken away long ago.
    The mother of the two should rot in Hell for what he's putting them through. She is the biological mother we know that 100%.
    I wouldn't doubt he paid her cash to have the third one.

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    At one point during the interview at Neverland he says that he had a "relationship" with "Blankets" mother and that she just doesnt want to be identified because of all the hassle the tabloids would put her through... then later when the journalist is interviewing him in Miami he says... That he never met Blankets mother, has no idea who she is and she doesnt know who he is either???? whats up with that?? Did he just bold face lie?? and forgot what he had said earlier?? and why on earth didnt the interviewer confront him about it?


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    Hi, Olivia!
    Like many of the people in this discussion, I, too, agree with much of what's been written.

    I was also surprised at the range of emotions that the show provoked in me. I squirmed a lot, and I like to think of myself as having a pretty high threshold of what makes me comfortable or uncomfortable.

    Like many of you, I alternated between anger :mad:, bewilderment :, and shock :. (Aw, c'mon, if we can't lighten things up with the Faces and have a little laugh, the terrorists have already won. Just kidding.)

    I, too, felt sorry for him: It's obvious that his unconventional life as a child star didn't prepare him for the challenges of being an adult trying to function in an adult's world. (Of course, his brothers were also child stars, and although their celebrity never advanced like his, they're not freaks, either.)

    But I also felt angry at myself for falling for ABC's ploy and devoting my time to this freak-show--by buying into the whole fiasco, I am part of the machine that chases MJ even as I profess to be disgusted by him and thereby feeding these networks into doing more "tell-all" exposes on the man.

    Days later, I'm not sure how I feel. I am just glad that I'm a guy who drives his sedan to work, buys a little breakfast, drinks coffee at his desk, bullshits with co-workers, eats a bag lunch, surfs the Net, fights with clients, and then goes home to a girlfriend, two dogs, and a hot meal.

    For that, I say, "Thank you, Lord," for surely I could be in a worse place tonight..and have been.

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    My Thoughts:

    1. I think that the interviewer betrayed Jackson. I do not believe that Jackson would have done the interview if he knew he was going to be portrayed in the way that he did.

    I am interested to see the FOX version of the interview in which the filming is done by Jackson's crew. I bet he will be portrayed differently.

    2. I don't think that Jackson has done anything sexual with the children that sleep in his room with him. I believe that Jackson does not like sex and I believe that he has no sexual feelings towards anyone. I don't even believe he had sexual feelings for the bearer of his child. I think he just wanted children.

    I also think it is a bit coincidental that "suddenly" the details of the previous sexual abuse charged were released directly after this interview was broadcasted. It seems like a bit of a setup to me.

    We have not heard of any sexual charges from anyone other than this one child. I believe that this charge was exaggerated. I believe that the parents were mad because Michael was sharing a bed with their son which is extremely innappropriate. I also believe that they believe if their son was in the same bed, then something must have gone on sexually.

    3. I do not think that Michael mentally ever matured into an adult. I think that a lot of trauma occured as a child and therefore he wants to constantly relive his life as a child.

    It is obvious from the interview that he does not speak like a 40 year old man should speak. He has the mind and emotions of a 10 year old child.

    I also believe that this is why he really does not have a concept of why people think his sharing a room with children is inappropriate. He believes he is having a slumber party with a friend. He is not thinking "Hey - I'm 40! This isn't right".

    4. I think that Jackson had a mental breakdown. He seemed a bit more stable years back.

    5. I think that because Michael had a rough childhood, he wants to try to give every other child a good childhood. I also think that he honestly believes that he can "heal" people.

    6. I believe that Jackson is very ashamed of his appearence and has an illness where he will never like who he is and what he looks like - prob. due to his childhood and the lack of love he recieved.

    Look at all of the Jackson children - they are all disturbed - esp. the youngest. Most of them have gotten plastic surgery of some type which they feel better themselves.

    I believe that Michael will not admit to surgery's because he is ashamed.

    7. I do believe that Jackson is very strange, to say the least, but I do not believe that he is harmful (Physically) to anyone other than himself.

    I also believe that he needs to go to a psychcologist immediately.

    I believe that his children will have problems as well - because they will never see their father happy with who he is. It will also be hard for them to grow into maturity because their father never grew into an adult.

    8. In conclustion - watching 20/20 just made me feel really bad for Michael due to the life that he has lead. His whole life people have been mean to him and I really think that he wants to be loved.

    Maybe he is better in the little world that he lives in now - because it truly is better than his life in "reality".

    I'm not sure whether or not he is capable of raising children. He seems to love them and every child suffers from problems. It is hard to say when those problems are too much and that those children should be placed into another home.
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    Originally posted by Dustbunny
    At one point during the interview at Neverland he says that he had a "relationship" with "Blankets" mother and that she just doesnt want to be identified because of all the hassle the tabloids would put her through... then later when the journalist is interviewing him in Miami he says... That he never met Blankets mother, has no idea who she is and she doesnt know who he is either???? whats up with that?? Did he just bold face lie?? and forgot what he had said earlier?? and why on earth didnt the interviewer confront him about it?

    Aha, we picked up on that while we were watching the show too.
    I was surprised Bashir didn't press him on that point, but I think he was more concerned with getting to the plastic surgery and sleeping with boys issues.

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    My sentiments exactly, Copperpenny.

    I went into watching MJ's interview prepared to sniger at the collapsing face and crazy antics of Wacko Jacko.

    Two hours later, I left feeling really sorry for him.

    I have never been a big fan. But after watching the show on tv over the weekend, I feel strangely moved to defend him.

    The interview is done by Martin Bashir, who became famous after he got Princess Diana to admit adultery in another tv show.

    Clearly, MJ must have believed that Bashir would potray him in a generous light.

    The first 100 minutes were sympathetic to MJ. Which was why, towards the last 20 minutes of the show, one sensed that Bashir was desperately trying to find a "sexy angle" to his story. He needed some dirt.

    He took a three pronged attack: MJ's plastic surgery, his kids and his lovefor children.

    My thoughts -

    What MJ does with his own face is his own business. Who says he owes the rest of the world an explaination for his surgery? A lot of people dye their greying hair but won't admit it. People inject Botox to clear wrinkles and would lie through their teeth to deny it. So why pick on MJ?

    Bashir tried to attack him having children using surrogate mothers, and for the way he is raising his kids. But is surrogate parenthood a crime? Why doesnt the media hound actress Jodie Foster and ask her who the father of her childre are?

    It occured to me the reason he makes his children wear scarves and masks when they are in public is to protect them from vultures like those who thrive on stories and pictures of them.

    MJ never had a childhood. He is living it now and wants to share it. I could be wrong, but I felt that MJ is sincere when he talked about his love for the children.

    I'm by no means saying MJ is a saint or a role model. Goodness, he's not even normal.
    He has more money and time than he knows what to do with. His children are likely to to grow up dysfunctinal and I feel sorry for them.
    You select the person you want to be with, and then you let that person have the opportunity to select you. -Shayla

    "The mind is its own place, and in it, self can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n." -John Milton, Paradise Lost.

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