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Thread: B.E.T. Awards

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    B.E.T. Awards

    Hi, did anyone watch the BET Awards? If so, what did you think? I loved the show, loved Will and Jada! What did you think?
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    Will & Jada were funny. Most of it was cool, but there were some really awkward moments;
    Michelle of Desntiny's Child missing that first step,
    The Fugees when they first came out (it felt awkward even though i was jumping up and down),
    Will & Jada's lap dance,
    Missy & Ciara accepting their award
    hardly any of the winners there to recieve their award.

    Some of my fav. moments;
    Destiny's Child lap dance,
    The Fugees after the first song,
    Will & Jada entrance and rules for the awards show,
    Will & Jada's interview skits,
    John Legend winning Best New Artist,
    Toni Braxton and Faith Evans performance,
    Gladys Knigts performance
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    I have to agree with you, most of the award recipients weren't even there. Will and Jada were hillarious, their skits were very funny. I am mad that Usher won best male artist, I think that John Legend should've won. I was also dissapointed by Ciara's performance. Omarion's performance was hot. I liked Missy's performance and John Legend's and Mariah Carey's. Everything else was good. I really enjoyed them as usual, just like every other year.
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