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Thread: E! True Hollywood Stories/Family Affair: The Anissa Jones Story

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    E! True Hollywood Stories/Family Affair: The Anissa Jones Story

    I am writing a book about the life of Anissa Jones, "Buffy" on Family Affair. A few years ago I was watching E! True Hollywood Story/Family Affair: The Anissa Jones Story and was stunned to find out that E! got her story wrong.
    I had had a crush on Anissa when I was a kid, and though I was over it by the time I was twelve, she has always remained very special to me. I knew enough, and have learned enough additional information, to know that the show was intentionally misleading and at least 50% wrong.
    I have made it my mission to correct E!'s misinformation and set the record straight.
    I seem to be the only person who cares enough to right this wrong, but I think the truth has its own value; and though it seems that I might be a Don Quixote, any honorable person deserves to have their honor defended. I will defend Anissa's honor, because it is the right thing to do. Any honorable person would do as much.

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    wow. if you feel this strongly about it, then good for you!

    what did they get wrong about buffy in the "true hollywood story?" i always watched family affair and heard that buffy died of an overdose.

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