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Thread: Strong Medicine

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    Strong Medicine

    The new season of Strong Medicine premired tonight. I thought it was pretty good. I've always love Rick(y) Schroder. He plays Lu Delgado's new partner at Rittenhouse Women's Clinic. But I don't get what happened to Patricia Richardson (Dr. Campbell) and Philip Casnoff (Dr. Jackson). Both are missing from the show now. Were they fired or did they quit? I think it'll be a good season. Lu getting mugged was a bit cliched, but alls well that ended well. She agreed to marry Jonas - he's so hot. I wish they'd explore the relationship of Nurse Riggs and the intern (Kayla Morton). Nurse Riggs (Josh Coxx) is gorgeous too.

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    I'm with ya. I don't know what happened to them either. I was surprised that Patricia Richardson was gone, I thought she was very good. If anybody has any info, please share.
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    I got lucky to catch the season premiere, and was not surprised Campbell was gone - the presidential administration was seeking her out to be surgeon general or something, but I was suprised (not unhappily) that Dr. Jackson was gone. I didn't think he added much to the show, and brought it down a bit.

    I usually like Ricky Schroeder, but was taken aback when he says an out loud prayer before each procedure/surgery. I think that is a bit over the top, and pandering to the way this country is swinging...and wonder if they will approach how this may clash with a patient who is not Christian? or is an atheist? Many would not be comfortable with that, and while I love the show, I didn't like that addition jumping out at me a few times during the show.

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