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Thread: Into The West

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    So did anyone see the finale?
    What a sad story, but it was very educational.

    I just wished some of the characters stories were given closure. I mean, what happened to Abraham Wheeler, Jacob's oldest son. We never heard of him again, nor did we hear what happened to Kerri Russell's character or her son.
    What happened in the finale? I was really sorry only to see the first couple of episodes of this.

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    I watched the finale, and also thought it was very sad, and very touching at the same time. I liked how the family's history was interwoven at the end. But, I also would have liked to see what happened to the other characters, who just seemed to vanish. Maybe that's how it really was in the Old West, before telephones and e-mail. If you left your family for parts unknown, your life continued without the family knowing what happened. Just a thought.

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