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Thread: Third Watch 02/03 - "Collateral Damage, Part 1"

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    This episode will re-air on 1/23 in place of a new episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Collateral Damage, Part 1
    60 min.

    Mia Farrow reprises her role as Yokas' mother, Mona, in this two-part episode.

    While her daughter, Emily (Bonnie Dennison), lies in a drug-induced coma, Yokas stands vigil at her bedside and recalls one of her own rebellious nights as a teen, where she had to face her enraged mother. Also at the hospital is Cruz (Tia Texada), who learns her drug-addict sister (Martha Millan) has been brought in for treatment after being arrested. That sends Cruz and Bosco off to find the dealers who supplied her sister---and that sets off an explosive ending to Part 1. Bosco: Jason Wiles.
    Does anybody know the name of the band and/or title of the song that played at the end of Collateral Damage, Part 2? If so could you email me the name of the song and make sure you put Collateral Damage, Part 2 as the subject of the email message you send. I would really appreciate the info!

    email: eremon1@hotmail.com

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