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Thread: The Lance Krall Show

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    The Lance Krall Show

    didn't see this posted already...


    yall most likely remember him as “Kip the Gay Guy” on Spike’s Joe Schmo Show.

    Like most of America, you’re probably wondering, “Where the hell did these people come from?” Our story begins in the metropolitan South... Lance Krall graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in film making and theater and found himself uninspired with the relatively conservative Atlanta theater scene. Soon, however, he and a handful of determined actors helped found the Whole World Theatre company. Specializing in offbeat original plays and improvisational comedy, this scrappy midtown theater quickly became an Atlanta landmark. Over a six year period, the cast performed as many as five sold-out shows a week. During this time, Lance and fellow cast members -- including Sarah Baker, Phil Cater, Annie Humphrey, Rob Poynter, Michael Sweeney, Loren Tarquinio, and Anna Vocino -- tested the limits of the improv comedy form. This experimental approach would eventually take their comedy out of the theatre, filming man-on-the-street pranks to play back during live shows. Out of necessity, Lance trained himself to edit these street sketches on the then up-and-coming Macintosh platform, Final Cut Pro.

    In 2000, Lance made the inevitable move to Los Angeles. A few months after arriving, he was cast as a series regular on the Steve Martin-produced “The Downer Channel,” for NBC. After only four episodes, the quirky sketch show was taken off the air. Feeling disappointed and a bit empty by the show’s short run, Lance decided, just for fun, to shoot his own sketch comedy show. As his Atlanta friends began to trickle out west, Lance began to build a library of original sketches, shot with his small digital video camera and edited on his iMac. Eventually, there were enough sketches to put together a 30-minute sketch comedy show that Lance titled (for lack of a better name), “The Lance Krall Show.” After landing the role of “Kip the Gay Guy” on Spike’s Joe Schmo Show, Lance was approached by Spike TV to develop a new project. Lance brought his homemade pilot to New York and played it for the Spike executives. A few days later, Lance got the call from his manager, Rory Rosegarten -- Spike wanted to do eight episodes of The Lance Krall Show! Better yet, they were going to give him total creative freedom on everything from content to casting. Lance immediately contacted his fellow Whole World Theatre cast members to offer them a once in a lifetime opportunity to star on a show with their friends, and to get paid for it!

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    I saw the promotional ads for this show...but I missed its premiere..some of the bits and pieces of I've seen aren't that bad...

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