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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    Did the girl give up her baby as well?
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    I really like tonight's episode even though it wasn't as funny as some. It gave you more indepth look into the characters. Like Alex, actually has a heart. And Christine has difficulty being wrong, ever. We now know Izzie's secret, and Meredith now knows more about her mother and the Chief. Also, we see that George is just an amazingly wonderful person all around. But he still ends up in bed with two girls, and no sex ! Great last line to end the show on.

    PWS Izzie named her daughter "Sarah". Her parents named her "Hannah". Sarah/Hannah is now about 11 years old and Izzie isn't sure where she is living. Izzie modelled lingerie in order to pay for her university education.

    AmyLee I dont' think we really know if the young girl gave up her daughter, but suffice to say Izzie had a profound effect on both the girl and the mother, pointing out that what is best for the baby girl should prevail. I would suspect that the smart daughter give the baby up for adoption, and then continues with her education so she can get herself out of the trailer park. And that the mother realized that this is a smart unselfish thing.

    I didn't see the preview here in Canada. But here, a Code Red is when there are no ambulances available anywhere. Not only are the emergency rooms full and not accepting, there are no vehicles to get anyone. We just had that condition here in the City on and off over two days. It's scary. So I don't know if that is what a Code Black is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleybone View Post
    I recognized the actress who played the woman with the leg infection as the one in the Yoplait "shoe-shoppin'-in-chocolate-covered-heels... good" commercials
    I knew I recognized her from somewhere - thanks Marleybone!

    I loved the perky new supervisor, particularly when she dropped the perkiness & laid down the law in the OR. She's tougher than her gooey image seems at first. Well done.

    I don't think Alex really showed much of a heart last night - he wanted to do the other surgery not because of compassionate reasons but because it was a cooler surgery. I love how the doctor kept praising his sympathetic leanings and he just stood there smiling like the Cheshire cat while Christina got more and more frustrated.

    Izzy with a child - didn't see that coming.
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    Another great episode!!!!!
    I love how Meredith and Izzie climbed into bed with George. Meredith turned off the light, and the room is dark. Then we hear George say - does anyone want to have sex?

    Meredith crying on McDreamy's shoulder was a great scene!! It showed how much she loves her mother. "I just don't want her to die alone." Made me cry along with her. McDreamy looks to me like he is having a difficult time staying away from our young intern.

    What are the chances that the flesh eating bacteria will be back next week - and may have something to do with the code black? Just a thought...

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    Since Grey's Anatomy started, I've been trying to figure out where I had seen the bartender before. Finally, last night, it dawned on me - he was the finace from "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance"! What a trip.

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    One other theme from last night was that the nurses struck and George couldn't bring himself to cross the picket line--he's a union man--his mom was a striking teacher at some point when he was a kid. So the nurses kept sending him in with messages for the doctors about the patients, things that would n't be on their charts like patient x lies that she's been to the bathroom successfully but she hasn't, she just wants to go home and then she's back in 2 days.
    I don't think Meredith has quite realized that her mom and the chief were an item years ago, but she is definitely beginning to be surprised by the level of friendship and how perky her mom gets when he's there.

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    I loved last night's episode - shed some tears, laughed - all the things that make a show great for me.

    Izzie with a baby - I wonder if that will come up again in the future. Probably at some point. I'm glad she gave the girl some hope at a better future for herself and her baby.

    Meredith and Dr. Shephard - great moment in the closet - both wanting to kiss but knew they couldn't. So far I respect that she isn't being "the other woman" and having an affair but don't know for how long either of them will be able to keep away from each other.

    Christina - I like her but sometimes she really is cold and uncaring. Only because of the way she cried when she lost her baby did I see her human side. And when she apologized, she redeemed herself and she was so funny about it - she barely whispered it but the fact that she DID do it is what counts.

    The woman that died with her daughter and friends around - we should all be so lucky when it's our time. And Meredith realizing that she needs to spend more time with her own mother was heartwrenching to see.

    All around a great episode!

    Oh, and I think someone mentioned earlier upthread that a code black is
    Click to see Spoiler:
    a bomb
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGM35 View Post
    Meredith came upon the old lady at the beginning and intubated her b/c she was having trouble breathing. Then her friends (old ladies - really cute too) came in and said she had a DNR on file and was dying and Meredith went and put a tube in her. They had to then wait for her daughter to come and sign the forms. When you saw M crying, the old lady had just died, and she called the time of death, and then she realized her mother may be lonely, and die alone. Earlier she had seen the Chief with her mother at the nursing home. She tells the Chief later that she saw him and he asks her if she minds his visiting her. She asks if he thinks she is lonely, he says yes, and she says for him to keep visiting her. Got to run to bed now. I'll write more in the morning!
    This wasn't meant to be a full recap. I left a lot out like the Izzie secret and the new "Bailey".

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWS View Post
    One thing I missed tho... I think I heard Izzie saying she supported herself through school doing something unlikely like being a dancer??? Can anyone clarify for me?
    So that was why Izzie was saying at the end that they don't know everything about each other.
    Izzy modeled lingerie for Bethany Whisper ads. In the 4th episode she is outed and magazine photos of her are posted all over the place, plus a patient with prostrate cancer refuses to let her examine him because he has seen her photos. She gets fed up and starts stripping in front of everyone in the locker room, and tells them something about when they are paying back their 6-figure student loans she will be debt-free.
    Everyone knows about the modeling so I think when she said they don't know everything about each other she was talking about the baby. This is the first time it has come up in the show.

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    I know that Izzie used to be a sexy model for one of those Penthouse style magazines or something. I don't remember her model name but in season 1, Alex infuriated her by copying the picture of her (from a mag) and posting them all over the hospital.
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