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From ilovekristin: What's coming up on Grey's Anatomy? George likes Meredith, so he's Noel (nice guy) to her Felicity.
Don't you worry about poor Georgie. He'll be gettin' some very soon--and not from Meredith. From that encounter, he'll even get a gift that keeps on giving. (Yes, that kind.)

From tvjunkie1577: How many eps of Grey's Anatomy are left for the season, and have you got any scoop for us?
The Spoiler Riddle about Grey's Anatomy is true. Two doctors will do it, and one gets pregnant. Hmmm...

From indygirl1438: I'm assuming that it won't be Meredith who gets pregnant?! That seems like it would be too obvious.
Not Meredith

From jimbo: Could you give us one hint on Patrick Dempsey's big secret on Grey's Anatomy?
Sure. Doctors don't wear jewelry. And that can be a little misleading. Does that hint ring any bells?