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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliasmq View Post
    I hate holiday breaks in shows and now I have to wait another week and get stuck watching a recap show? Don't the networks know about the FORT? We recapped 2 whole damn seasons in one thread. ENOUGH OF THIS .....ON WITH THE SHOW.
    I TAKE THIS BACK, after watching the re-cap show, it just reminded me why I love this show so much. I 've been a Patrick Dempsey fan for years and he is best in this role. I just hope they can keep everyone's head in one place and keep this cast together. If this becomes ER , with rotating cast members, I think it would lose it's appeal....Christ's I'm getting ahead of myself.
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    Congratulations to James Pickens, Jr. (Chief), Isiah Washington (Dr. Burke) and Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey) on their "Image Award" nominations.

    Congratulations to the cast of GA for winning the "Heritage Award" for Best Television Drama.

    Way to go guys!

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    Ditto That!!
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    Oooh, Kristin from Eonline has a little sneak peek at the SuperBowl episode:
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Got some scoop on the Super Bowl episode of Grey's Anatomy. It will be a BANG-UP job! Literally. There's some sort of bomb scare at Seattle Grace and in the middle of it all, Dr. Bailey's giving birth (and her husband is stuck somewhere with McDreamy), plus, I also hear we'll seem some fireworks from Izzy and Alex ... And that is also the ep. Christina Ricci is guest starring.

    I'm also told there's a nurses' "riot" coming up. Righteous!

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    Thanks for the spoiler Broadway. Can't wait to see it. Oh and btw, I missed the last new episode where I think Derek tells Addison that he fell in love or is in love with Meredith. Can someone quickly update me on what else happened? Anything with Alex and Izzy? These two just crack me up.
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    Tonights show disappointed me a bit, and I have no idea why. Notably absent was the death of someone on the show. However, the heart transplant patient did leave without a new one.

    I liked that George was the one who got to be 'out-of-line' again to the parents of the little girl who has too many parts. And even better that she trusted him to cut her hair and then have the mom walk in and take over. Good Move Mom!

    I wonder how long the horny little dog will last in that household. He doesn't appear to be making any new friends.

    Glad to see Dr. Bailey and Christina work together, if only for the opportunity for Christina to make peace with her decision of choosing not to have the baby.

    I also like the "trout and the trailer" bits. I'd eat almost anything Dr. Dreamy cooked up for breakfast!

    Even with the spoilers, I wonder what will happen between Izzy and Alex if anything. I think I'd almost prefer Izzy to get involved with the heart transplant patient at some point in time. Who knows?

    I guess I'll just have to stayed tuned in.

    Does anyone think there will be anything coming out of Meredith's mothers, new therapy? Where do you think that is heading? Will it allow her to get closer to her long lost love, the Chief?
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    I thought the heart transplant guy was adorable...go for it, Izzie!

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    I was disappointed, too. Last night's show just felt a lot flatter than usual. Maybe I was expecting too much after being put off last week by the stupid recap episode. I do love George, though. And Berk and Christina. Maybe last night's episode felt weak because they weren't the centers of the action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PWS View Post
    I thought the heart transplant guy was adorable...go for it, Izzie!
    Does anyone know who that actor was? He looked very familiar but I couldn't place him.

    I too thought the show "dragged" a little. I really didn't like that Meredith and McDreamy are forced together by her mother and the Chief's involvement. Just seemed "not professional". I know why he's doing it...he loved her once and wants to help but they are M's bosses...seems like a sticky situation.

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    I too thought that the heart transplant patient looked familiar. Couldn't place him however.

    I, for one, LOVED last night's episode. I love how this show has themes, and they really carried the 'new beginnings' theme all the way through. Awesome writing on this show!!

    I think it's obvious that the Chief still loves Ellis Grey and that he is pushing the treatment for her because of how much he still cares about her. It might be a 'bit' unprofessional to get her in the program because she's a personal friend, but don't tell me it doesn't happen every day in this country (ie. doctors doing favors for friends) because it does. The show often reflects real life medicine, and I appreciate that. Life is often full of 'sticky situatons' and Grey's doesn't shy away from that.

    I don't know how I could like this show anymore, unless of course McDreamy and Meredith get back together!

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