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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippedychick
    Awww! Burke is trying really hard to get to know christina and she's just kinda being herself...not really that personal but that's ok! I hope everything goes well next episode omg did you guys see her apartment in it?!
    I think Burke and Izzy are going to get together... they have so much chemistry together.

    Great episode!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueyz28
    I think Burke and Izzy are going to get together... they have so much chemistry together.

    Great episode!
    I was thinking the same thing. They got along so well and seem to respect AND like each other.
    I just have such a hard time feeling something for Christina. She is so closed and uncommunicative that it's hard to really like her (at least for me).
    Who was the actor who saw flirting with Meredith in the bar in the end? He looks so familiar but I didn't watch the credits. I wouldn't mind him becoming a regular, he's cute!! Her questioning him was cute!!
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    I thought that the actor that she let sit down next to her looked way too much like Derek!
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    I loved the George and Izzy thing from the previews.

    I love Alex.
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    The whole episode was very enjoyable for me. It was quite touching between Bailey and Christina when Bailey said that Burke would have made a good father. You could actually see Christina look thoughtful when she agreed.

    I had a good laugh at that visiting surgeon when he realized that Bailey was the infamous Nazi that he'd been barking at her about all day

    I'm so enjoying the relationship between Meridith and Alex... and I'm glad he finally told someone about failing the boards - and gave us a reason why he hasn't told Izzy! I was laughing about the (paraphrasing here) " used up mistress whore" line.

    And we can put the "someone is gay" spoiler to rest now that Joe is officially out of the closet (and I'm glad it wasn't George!). Speaking of George - wasn't his family a riot?

    And hats off to the writers for that goodbye scene between Meridith and Dereck. Very believable.

    I'm sooooo loving this show

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    Quote Originally Posted by riblit
    I'm sooooo loving this show
    Me too!!
    I am enjoying the depth we continue to see in Bailey each week. Christina is really kind of getting on my nerve with her lack of emotion. Please - Burke is H-O-T hot, and they have great chemistry. Time to let her guard down a bit and let him in.
    Izzy and George - - would that not be funny!?!
    Soooo cannot wait until next week's episode!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Bannana
    Please - Burke is H-O-T hot, and they have great chemistry. Time to let her guard down a bit and let him in.

    That said, I don't see the chemistry between Izzy & Burke. She seems to look up to him, if anything. But he was very nice to her last night. Loved when they were both sitting all alone at the table and he wouldn't get up from the table even though she said he could go.
    Love George. At first I was all on George's side re: his family. But I like the way his dad turned it around. They both have to learn to accept eachother, I guess.
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    I did see a little bit of a spark between Preston and Izzy last night. I also saw a spark between Mer and Alex but I think both are just them finally becoming really good friends. Alex is finally showing his heart a little bit. I think George was right in getting angry about the whole family thing. The father and the brothers were making too much out of the "tradition". George told them every year that he didn't want to shoot a turkey but they forced it on him.
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    This show breaks my heart. Why did Holden have to die? I was hoping he would wake up and see his son standing over him.

    Alex has more chemistry with Meredith than he does with Izzie and Burke has more chemistry with Izzie than he does with Christina. I am glad that they didnít make a big deal about Joe being gay.

    I am not sure how I feel about the Shepherds getting back together, so whatever. Given what she went through, the first question Meredith should have asked the guy in the bar was, ďAre you married" not "Are you a brain surgeon"? The fact that her ex was a colleague was not the reason the relationship didnít work. She will never learn.

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    We'll see how much feeling Meredith has left for Shepherd next week when that guy she met at the bar is a patient.

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