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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    I'm getting the feeling that Derek needs to be someone's "knight in shining whatever." and that's why he never looked at Addison the way he looks at Meredith, which as a basis for a long-term relationship may not be a good thing (for Meredith or Derek). Or maybe it will. Who knows, but he definitely seems to have a need to fix this broken little bird. What happens if she gets to where she's not broken anymore.

    As for the correspondent show that the "Denny" actor is going to be on. I didn't get the impression that it had been put on hold. Isn't it supposed to start in May (or whenever the summer replacement shows start)?
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    Okay, I guess if you want to talk about real life rather than TV life, it's totally believable that spurned wife Addison will hook up with Alex. He exhales testosterone and she feels unwanted.

    Haven't we all been there? They will hook up.

    Meredith is FINALLY free of the one person who made her feel so worthless, all these years. (Parents have a way of doing that, eh?) And yet, Derick killed the mom, truth be told... OK, it's somewhat inspiring that a mom would put her own body into cardiac arrest, or stroke, or whatever, just so she could rescue her daughter from the "beyond"...

    but on the other hand, who believes that farce of a story line? No mother who said the things she said to her daughter in previous episodes would have enough conscience to die just so she could save her daughter in the afterlife. That storyline was NOT believable. Everybody wonders where the "jump the shark" moment will be in a series. That was it, I'm sure. How much more TIDY and CONVENIENT could an episode be?

    The actions of the mom were completely inconsistent, the surgeon actions were impractical, and the rest of the characters were simply in the way.

    Am I the only one who thinks 3 episodes of bomb guy would've gotten the network twice the ratings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireflyer;2255571;
    Am I the only one who thinks 3 episodes of bomb guy would've gotten the network twice the ratings?
    Not at all! Hello! I would've taped those episodes!

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    How many weeks now since the Chief died his hair to go on the prowl? Actually, I guess he said he did it for the ladies rather than an aid to get the ladies, but it amounted to the same thing for me. Maybe just a couple of weeks, but not one head got turned toward him that was new?
    Not to nitpick, but it just happened the morning of the ferry crash - so, it was just that day. Of course, it doesn't help that this three part episode feels like it started 2 months ago, so it's an easy mistake.

    I still love the show. Yeah, it's hokey at points, but this show has never been like ER where the focus is evenly distributed between patients and doctors. GA is about the hospital staff and how their patients compliment what's going on in their lives.

    Even though I've never been a Denny fan (I've always wanted Alex/Izzy together) it was nice to see him again. The moment where Ellis and Merideth passed each other in the hall was a tearjerker for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi;2255912;
    Even though I've never been a Denny fan (I've always wanted Alex/Izzy together) it was nice to see him again. The moment where Ellis and Merideth passed each other in the hall was a tearjerker for sure.
    These days Alex is too good for Izzy. He's the one gaining maturity while she's slipping into highschool mode with her temper tantrums about Callie.

    Something that bugged me about last episode was when Izzy told Burke Christina was gone, he automatically said "She left in the middle of her shift?" Izzy didn't say Christina left the hospital, only implied that she wasn't waiting around to see how Meredith was doing. Why didn't he assume she might have gone to work to keep busy? I'm probably reading too much into it but it bugged me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi;2255912;
    Not to nitpick, but it just happened the morning of the ferry crash - so, it was just that day. Of course, it doesn't help that this three part episode feels like it started 2 months ago, so it's an easy mistake.
    Thanks for tossing me the face preserver.

    Same day, huh? Thanks for letting me down, sucky memory o' mine.

    You kindly exaggerated with the 2 month feeling, but truly it seems like it has been awhile, probably because there's so little else happening lately that is heading in a direction I'm cheering about.

    Of the three coupling's of late, only Meredith and Derek's is one that appear at worst benign.

    George and Callie's seemed dead on arrival as a couple, and then there's the additional non-coupled fact I'm figuratively still waiting for him to mount a tower with a rifle at some point, the cracked nut. I held out hope initially for Christina and Burke, but both alternate in demonstrating their intent to sabotage any lasting chance they might have at having a happy relationship together. Not that I care that they are happy, theirs seems more of a contractual support coupling than one where they are bonding from love or affection, I'd just like them to cross the t's and dot the i's in clarifying manner so that they can arrive at a method of existing in mutual compartmentalized misery rather than undercutting the relationship that enables them to realize how freaky they are compared to other folks that express emotion differently.

    I'm at a point I just want Izzy to go away and stay away.

    Though Addison may end up in sexual or emotional embrace with Alex at some point, I don't believe it will be Alex that comes between Addison and Mark's establishment of a relationship. Not overtly. He's making it clear enough that he finds her attractive if not outright desires her, but I don't believe he'll be the one initiating broadening that appreciation into something touchy touchy.

    I'd like to see more Bailey focus and more on the chief. I don't see him going anywhere now that his wife has severed their marriage, and hope his role expands without bringing his wife back. Good day to that baggage.
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    I also enjoy your posts Leftcoaster. up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom;2255424;
    For me, there are a number of possible culprits for the current situation:

    1. The Isiah Washington drama has distracted Shondra.
    2. She was never really prepared for this level of success and is breaking down a bit under it.
    3. She's started listening to people, like new co-producer Marti "Noxious" Noxon, who have sold her on the idea that the best tool to use to tell a story is a sledgehammer.
    4. She's been too intent on her next project. Be that a new show for the guy who plays Denny (shelved for now) or an Addy spinoff.
    5. She never quite had the focus or priorities we assumed. Perhaps she lucked into the earliest success of the show and hadn't written things to excess merely because at that point she was just winging it. But now? Now she's trying to hard and is desperate.
    6. Or perhaps she isn't desperate and DOES consider these latest shows her triumph. Perhaps success has gone to her head.
    Pretty fine offering of projected possible culprits.

    There's only one that I'm inclined not to possess any empathy over; the being too intent on her next project choice. Even then, I'll allow room for possibly viewing even that sympathetically based on other possibilities (or realities) not mentioned.

    I don't know how many hats Shondra Rimes is wearing at present, or how capable she is in performing adequately in all those various roles. The Peter Principle or a variant comes to mind projectedly thinking of someone in her shoes; it is the rarest individual who performs on a superior level in everything they do. At some point most people will be faced with a task they don't possess the personal knowledge and skill to deal with effectively beyond delegating the chore to another; another skill where many fall short of dealing with effectively.

    I'm not personally all that sympathetic toward Rimes over the Isiah Washington drama, because I believe that it involves a situation representing more than something that narrowly defined, coupled with my impression that she and her staff pooched it by attempting to sweep it under the carpet and move on in forced nice-nice mode rather than airing it (all built up grievences), instead allowing the wound to fester until it later ruptured and pestered the show once again.

    Maybe in Shondra Rimes opinion the show is right where she wants it and there's nothing that needs tweaking or rescue, thats possible, and she'd certainly be entitled to feel that way in her position. Just because any individual viewer like myself takes a look at a show like Desperate Housewives and realizes that a show that was must viewing just yesterday figuratively has now become unwatchable either because of a change in the show or a change in that viewer, it doesn't mean the show is history; otherwise Housewives would be a memory for all, not just for me.

    Its easy to imagine the success of the show taking her and others by surprise; in fact I'd expect that in most cases surprise at success would greatly overshadow expectation of it in a new show considering all the variables in play. A possible? probable? majority of them being outside the area of control of those that are realisticly restricted to giving their best effort then hoping, desiring, or crossing fingers (and maybe toes) that the show's a hit. As a potential investor, I'd put plenty of space between me and a huckster trying to part me with my cash by insisting that this show was a sure thing gold mine.

    So yeah, I can appreciate the possibility that she and her crew might marginally be in over their heads at least temporarily, but if that were the case it would strike me as the worst possible moment to start diluting the product and leeching off the primary show through the donning of distractedly divided loyalties represented by spin-offs and other projects.

    However, if thats just the nature of that beast, the way business in that world is done as in 'Ready or not, produce it when there's someone willing to pay', I'd be more understanding.

    Rather than the show changing too dramatically, it may in my case be me. The more I think about what appear to me to be the obvious available storyline routes available, the more restricted the show seems.

    These characters, these or similar shifting relationships among the current faces, how far can it go in any direction without getting so constricted to feel as if there isn't enough air to breathe, little life left? I was imagining the other day thats likely what sunk Meredith. She physically verbalized a similar question at an unfortunately ill timed moment; while she was under water. {"Glub glub glub glub glub glu..?!!"}

    An understandable enough lapse in awareness of current surroundings, considering how spacey Meredith appears at times, but that is one Oops! moment that would be difficult to easily recover from with just a blush.

    With the relatively small character base, its difficult to project positively about them going too positive or too negative or switching back to and fro between the two. The marriages and couplings, they can't have too much happyness attached to them, it would constitute a drag on the show. But so would going too far in embracing being in the dumps, as represented by my desire to see George and Izzy snuffed. They've carried the darkness beyond anything that entertains besides imagining various ways of crafting their demise. I'd say they are both beyond redemption, but Meredith was dead for a couple of hours even if they didn't officialize it by verbalizing time of death, and so far she looks none the worse for her experience. George and Izzy could stop on a dime and do a complete reversal towards becoming more likeable if the show chose to do so, and though it would seem beyond incredible that they'd do so based on the character or lack of it they've been showing for awhile now, I guess sometime down the line even I could change my mind about them if they changed for the positive. I just neither anticipate them doing so nor having an appreciation for what they provide the show except negativity.
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    Ha. Brilliantly bitter post. I liked it!

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